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Hello Friend

Your exclusive 3 month trial awaits

It's that time again! But, before I crack on I can confirm that this is the final ever trial for SP2A that I will email you about. As of next Wednesday I won't be emailing you about any such offers in the future from them- mainly as this is now the third 3 month trial we have done together and it's fair to say I think my current list will have been exhausted after this one. You are receiving this email as being on my general list- many of you will have joined the trial before or indeed will have joined, so you can just ignore it. 

However, if you haven't, and wish to trial what I consider the best tipping service of their kind I have ever seen, you can read on... it will be worth your time...

SP2A Special Offer  

This could be THE tipping service you have been looking for, and now you get the chance to road test for a full three months, with a money back'd be mad not to consider it... (and you don't need to take my word for it, scroll down for the testimonials below) 
Ian at SP2A has agreed to run another exclusive special offer just for you :-
  • 3 months full access to SP2A’s Daily + Elite Tips + Mention horses from 1st June through to End of August 2018. (you will start receiving tips the day after you sign up)
  •  50% discount for this three months. 
  • Exclusive money back guarantee: If their tips fail to make a profit to industry SP (no fancy unattainable evening prices here) at advised stakes (mainly ½ point EW and ¼ point EW) from 1stJune-31stAugust, you’ll be entitled to a full refund on request. 
If you know you want to join already, head HERE>>>

Why Should You Join This Trial? 

If you’re serious about your punting and trialling one of the best tipping services around, I hope you’ll take the time to read what follows.  
SP2A are the best tipping service of their kind that I have seen to date since 2013 when I started blogging, with a unique approach that ensures maximum confidence when it comes to long term profit. 
Of primary importance to me are the people behind any service, and Ian is first rate. I have worked with him for over 6 months now. He is diligent, honest, open to constructive feedback (as we all should be in this business) and cares about the customer and giving the best service he can. So, that box is ticked. There are many a scoundrel in this game, and people you can trust 100% are hard to find. I trust him 100%. 
The approach… SP2A is unique in that it is not just one person ‘tipping’. Ian has spent 7 years building up a crack team of elite tipsters, all with their own specialisms and approach, that tip exclusively to SP2A. He is always looking to improve the team. He tips himself, has mentored some of them, and each day provides you and I with a selection of tips. (details on the expected number of tips/the approach are on the page HERE>>>

This portfolio approach means that Ian can maintain a level of consistency in profit, and can tag tipsters in and out, depending on the time of year and their form. This isn’t our concern necessarily, as we just receive a few horses to back each day, with expert logic explained. But, personally speaking, it has given me confidence in the long term success and also would explain why they have maintained around a 20% return on investment to industry starting price (bigger at BFSP) since the service started. That is mightily impressive. 
If you are going to add one tipping service to your portfolio, in my opinion it should be them. 
This is your chance to find out for yourself over a 3 month period for low risk. You can even paper trade if you wish. As yet they have never had a 3 month losing spell to SP and have only had back to back losing months only a handful of times, over 7 years or so. 
The Results
The first thing to say is that SP2A proof independently to Racing Index, recording results to SP and BFSP. That alone is rare in this game. 
On the first trial we did, from Oct to December 2017, tips to ½ a point EW, to morning advised prices, won around +165 points. Or +330 points to 1 point EW. It was a mad period of profit. 

+£1680 or so to £5 per point EW. (£10 bets) 
2018 hasn’t quite lived up to those heights as yet. No surprise really, as that level is just silly and unsustainable. Many tipping services would be more than happy with that amount of points over a whole year! 
To BFSP, ½ point EW, the Daily Tips and Elite Tips are on +16.5 points after commission. Not bad, and much better would have been achieved if you have access to bookie accounts. 
At the start of April, after taking on board constructive criticism, Ian and the team starting formalising/proofing what are called their ‘mention horses’. These were formally danger horses mentioned within their excellent write ups, but where appropriate are now tipped to ¼ point EW. 
Since the start of April these are on +58.75 points profit (to ¼ EW) to BFSP. Those results do include the 160/1 BFSP winner of the 1000 Guinneas, but are decent if you ignore that. They look like performing as well as their usual ‘tips’. 

This is what I like about SP2A, always wanting to improve on what is a brilliant service already. 
1 point EW at BFSP on all daily tips/Elite Tips/Mentions horses in 2018 to date would have won you +267.51 points, after commission. Not bad. :) 
When we reach the point when none of us have any bookie accounts left, it’s reassuring to know that the profits are still bloody good to BFSP! 
The good news is that the Daily Tips, which have had a lull over the last two months, are due a big spike. So, for me, you’d be joining at the best time as it’s always best to join any service after a lull, rather than a profitable period. It could be a very profitable summer. 
What do real people say? 
You don’t’ need to take my word for it, and why should you.  
Around 70% of people who have joined either Trial 1 or Trial 2 have stayed. That tells me plenty as to just how much people have enjoyed the service, and it hasn’t just been about the results but also a belief in the future - thanks to their approach/diligence and historical results.  
Those of you who are my members will have seen the positive comments on various daily posts. 
Nick M, who has been in my members' club since the beginning and is a regular contributor, informs me he is on +£4,155 in profit since joining on the first trial in late September. That was from £10 per point in 2017, then £10 EW from the start of 2018 for ‘tips’ and £7.5 on ‘mentions’. That is his own personal approach, with decent results I’d say! 
Martin C is a fellow member also, and a professional punter who has added them to his portfolio. On his own unique approach to staking he is +84 points in profit since joining and is happy. 
You want more convincing to join this exclusive 3 month trial? 
Ok ok. 
Below are a few more comments sent directly to Ian (who owns SP2A and tips himself), that I’m sure the senders won’t mind him/me sharing….
Fantastic results today from you guys. Think its important to recognise the positives and today was certainly one of those. 
I think you do a smashing job and the service you provide has been the best, not just on results but engagement with members, attitude towards long term profit and the 'stable' approach to tipping. It's certainly been the best value for money service iv’e encountered. - M P
Having had the 3 month trial I realise how wrong I have been doing things.
I guess I was the average stereotype punter.  Betting on all sorts of racing at any time including AW....:( I was sceptical about joining another tipping site as you know they all promise the world yet rarely deliver. Your approach was something different from what I was used to. It took me a while to get used to backing several horses in the same race as we know only one can win. My mentality was that after betting on the first horse the rest of the bets were "already beat" I was used to betting win only and only on one horse, regardless of price. The idea of several horses in the race and betting them e/w was new to me.
The results have been excellent and the idea of if you don't win then don't lose is a great philosophy. I agree it's better to keep loses to a minimum while maybe getting a small profit.
For the first time I have had a positive betting balance for the 3 months....:).  K G
Apart from the initial discounted price in January I have not previously subscribed to any tipping site as I use my own judgement and, as discussed earlier, Geegeez for form analysis. However, I have been impressed with the honesty and apparent genuine transparency which pervades your operation and as such have decided to take a full membership - T K
It was a complete no-brainer to be honest, and i think the normal pricing structure is very much on the generous side too. One of the best things i've ever done is to take up the trial, and along with another three subscriptions to other services, i now have the portfolio i have been looking to obtain for a number of years.
Profit aside, which of course is key, i have been really impressed by the transparency and clarity of the service, there is no rubbish spouted, no excessive bragging about winners and then nothing to say when a bad run hits. The tone of your messages certainly strikes a chord with me on a number of levels, in terms of views, what you are looking to achieve and the direction you want to go with the service.
I think the communication is excellent.
It has been an extremely enjoyable three months, and of course the accrued profit has helped, but i would have probably re-joined anyway even had it been a losing period, as i can see the approach, the logic and the selectivity mean the service is very well placed to make profit in the long run, and at the end of the day that's what it's all about.  P I
As I have said before, since joining in late September, I have been blown away by the brilliance of every aspect of your service and, to be truthful, cannot remember ever before backing so many big-priced winners and making such a steady stream of profit.
In that time (exactly 6 months, I think) you have given out 589 full tips and 65 of those have won to give a win-only profit of 135 points for an ROI of 23%. How can anyone argue with that - especially as those profits are even higher with a 1pt e/w stake on each selection.
In addition, I have made plenty on top by backing your selections in combo bets, having half or quarter-stakes on the mentions and slightly increasing stakes for Cheltenham (purely my choice, of course). S K
I am currently on the discounted trial through RacingToProfit. There is little doubt that I will be subscribing once the trial is complete. I have been punting for over 30 years, and thought I had seen it all, but SP2A is a revelation. I am a long term profitable punter with my own methods, but knowing how things can and do change I am always on the look out for a quality service to add to the portfolio.
Your selection process in races I would never look at with horses I have never heard of is brilliant. Add to that concise but superb logic behind the selections and you really offer something very rare and that is a service that is genuinely unique.
Many Thanks from a happy punter. S W
Pretty good feedback I'd say! You can join them all HERE>>>
If you are not convinced after those glowing testimonials, then you never will be.
By no means will this approach be for everyone. Clearly it isn’t. But this is your chance to dive in for 3 months and give SP2A a chance to prove themselves. You could just risk the sign up fee and paper trade, or start with a £500 bank and bet £5 per point. (which may be wise. There is all the time in the world to build up stakes) 
For many of you reading this you won’t know what you did before SP2A. For some of you, it won’t be for you. But I hope you give them a go. 
And, this could be your last chance. 

After this next trial period, depending on how many stay, Ian may decide to take stock and stop recruiting. In all honestly I don’t think this is likely and it would be marketing bulls*t if I said he will never accept any more new members.

But, there is always a chance that he says enough is enough and is happy with his membership numbers. Protecting morning prices is paramount (although as discussed the BFSP results are brilliant) as is customer service. 

Having talked to him about this today, he thinks there is room for 120 more subscribers long term, but would like this trial to be on the 50-75 region, so he can assess again in a few months time. It could be that come the autumn doors are closed and then it is one in one out.  
So, don’t miss out. And remember, I suspect they are about to have another of their crazy profit runs, like October-December, so this could be the best time to give them a go. 
You can find out more, and how to sign up HERE>>>
There are options to join via a Paypal button, or direct bank transfer. 
Be patient and Ian will confirm your sign up ASAP. You can trust him. And if you have any problems you know where to find me. 

(Any issues you can use the contact form HERE>>>
So, if you want a tipping service to add to your portfolio, this could be just the one for you. You can join myself (they are the only service I follow daily, outside of my own content/members comments) Nick, Martin, Martyn, Kevin, Tom, Pete, Steven and Steve HERE>>>

It's been an enjoyable, profitable and educational journey for us all so far, and long may it continue. 

Tips are sent out by email every morning, usually between 8-9am, and also posted in a password protected area of the website. 
Thanks for reading, and here's to what I hope will be a very profitable 3 months (fingers crossed!), albeit whatever bank you start with, you should be prepared to lose it all, as always.

Please only join if you are serious about making long term profits and do not expect immediate big wins. Winning at racing takes time, perseverance and patience. But with SP2A, based on the last 7 years or so, you won't go wrong, even to SP!  

This offer will close on Tuesday, at the latest, so don't delay. 

Put your trust in SP2A HERE>>>

All the best, 

p.s I will email out some free tips from them on Saturday, as a thanks for reading. We did this last week and they found a 11/2 winner and nearly a 20/1 winner of the big race, that lost out in a photo. Agonising, but great fun. 

p.s Take a look HERE>>>, I don't think you'll regret it and it 'could' be the best tipping service you ever join, or indeed the best service full stop! :)  

You may unsubscribe or change your contact details at any time.