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  • Sales volume year over year is currently down 7.8%
  • #of Sales according to the MLS were down 2.9% 
  • The average selling price for Saskatoon in the month of October was $331,889 and in October 2016 it was $342,956. 
  • Houses in Saskatoon are currently selling at 96.9% of their list price. 
  • Average Days on the Market are 54 days.
  • 712 New Listings
  • 1,967 Active Listings 

  • Sales volume year over year is currently up 4.2%
  • # of Sales according to the MLS are up 10.1%
  • The average selling price of a home in October was $294,832 and in October 2016 was $311,705.
  • Houses are currently selling at 95.5% of their listing price. 
  • Average Days on the Market are 71
  • 240 New Listings
  • 1,022 Active Listings
Snow Shoveling Tip 

Before going out to shovel spray the shovel with Pam, WD40, or a nonstick spray.  This will help the snow slide off and make shoveling a little easier.
December 2017
Saskatoon Market Update - Boyes Group Update - Tips and Tricks
Boyes Group Update 

During the month of October our office sold a combined count of 53 listings with the average list price being $341,632 and the average sale price being $328,630.  As an office we are continually growing, both in agents as well as contacts and clients. At Boyes Group Realty we have ongoing education and training and strive to better ourselves.  We also know and understand that we would never be able to do this without our clientele, friends and family and we are extremely gracious for everyone who has supported us in our careers.  

∼The Greatest Compliment You Can Give Us Is A Referral∼

The home buying process has many steps along the way when searching for the perfect home. Realtors are essential when it comes to finding the right home but what about finding the right mortgage? Should a buyer use their bank, or should they use a Mortgage Broker? Riel Syrenne, an experienced Mortgage Broker with TMG The Mortgage Group and a Top 75 Canadian Mortgage Broker, says you should always use a Mortgage Broker and he is here to explain why.

As a Mortgage Broker, we have access to Banks (a good chance I already do mortgages for the bank you deal with today), Credit Unions as well as all Canadian Mortgage Companies (Lenders). My job for every client is to compare the options of your current bank, with all other options in Canada to make sure that you not only get the lowest rate, but also the most flexibility for extra payments, and the smallest fees in case you need to make any changes. These options always have promotions going on as well which can mean lower rates, free lawyer fees or cash back for you, the client. The only way a buyer can know they are getting the best options in Canada, is by speaking with a Mortgage Broker.

A misconception we hear a lot is that the process will be easier with their Bank because they have other products with them already, this is rarely true. Every bank has their own rules when it comes to Income guidelines, credit guidelines and qualifications. In a perfect world, a client would qualify for every option in Canada but because all banks have different rules, it is common that certain banks are much better than others depending on your situation. Every scenario is different and the only way to know all of these options, is by using a Mortgage Broker.

I would never recommend that a Buyer limits their options by only looking for homes on one street, or only looks for homes built by one specific builder. You always want to explore all options in the market and make sure the home fits the needs and lifestyle that suits you. This is why using a Realtor is so important as you have access to all options in the market. The same goes for your financing, having that “one street” mentality, and only being presented with one set of options is never the best road to take. As a Mortgage Broker I will always make sure that you save money, and that mortgage has the best options in market as well!

Riel Syrenne | Mortgage Broker
cell: 306-260-9918 | fax: 1-877-559-4744
2-2175 Airport Dr, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7E1

2016 CMP #1 Saskatchewan Broker
2016 CMP Top 75 Canadian Brokers

Welcome Mark Warbanski to Boyes Group Realty
Mark Warbanski, REALTOR®
With Mark's father being an RCMP officer he has moved numerous times and lived in a number of small towns throughout Saskatchewan.  
Because of this he is knowledgable with transfers, relocations and just sensitive to the situation of packing up a family and moving.
Mark also enjoys his rural living and because of this he has educated himself on purchasing Farms and rural properties.
Mark most recently comes from a management position in a Uranium mine and excited for his new career in real estate at Boyes Group.  He looks forwards to working with many clients in years to come and is available to answer any questions that you may have.
Check out the new company website at