Subject: Are you observing clearly what is really going on, or are you taking sides?

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Greetings fellow travellers,

Energies are coming together into clusters from this weekend, sparking off all kinds of new activities, igniting measures and forging alliances that may or may not turn out to be exactly what we bargained for. It will be hard not to engage, take sides. As usual, the more we are pulled toward this way or that by the cosmic tides, the greater our propensity to experience some degree of conflict.
No, nothing is as it seems. We want to know what's going on, be informed, but the current lunation's emphasis in GEMINI means trickery and duplicitousness are afoot. Information is being artfully twisted when ruler MERCURY, now conjunct a retrograde VENUS come into square with NEPTUNE. People's naivety and wishful thinking are foolishly seduced into the sweet deception and outright fraudulence that is currently riddling through the hearts and minds of many, content to be kept blissfully in the dark, fed on a steady diet of propagandised fear and mind-control, nourished only with the contrived madness of carefully selected sources.

The cluster of planets PLUTO/JUPITER/PALLAS ATHENA/SATURN, retrograding in Capricorn/Aquarius indicates just how thick and planned out the conspiracy is. It exists. The insidious design to say nothing about an issue that should be generally known exists in all of us. It is a rich, powerful, yet dark and foreboding sense that the world we once knew is at its most profound, most conclusive stages of corruption and decay. We can harness this energy to help play our part in making tremendous changes or we lose control entirely, let it transform us into horrible monsters.

As human beings, we conduct ritual ceremonies to celebrate joyous tribal festivities, seasonal turning points and significant personal milestones. Our customary observances create a forum for the release of our most complicated feelings of ecstasy or trauma, so we do not have to carry those feelings around with us forever. We also gather as a tribe to muster our collective anger, rage, take it to war against any perceived threat or oppression.

When sacred rites are being fundamentally denied, people begin to behave erratically. Squares from CHIRON, ERIS and URANUS in Aries/Taurus will soon be joined by MARS for the second half of the year when the war god enters his fiery domicile himself to go through his own ritual retrograde.

Only NEPTUNE stands between the two tribes.

We are only two weeks away from eclipse season.
If you believe in rituals to mark a special event, then the NEW MOON, only hours away (Fri 17:39UTC) from exact alignment at 02°♊05', provides the most auspicious opportunity to conduct a ceremony all of your own, make a strong intention and celebrate the jewel of infinity in a single most potent moment. Your meditation can become a device by which you can repair and reconstruct your own neural and emotional pathways.

Sit somewhere peaceful. 
Purposely, begin to deeply breathe your Self back into your centre. 
Feel your mind and spirit come together, in complete alignment throughout the spine of your entire body,
Bring your being into complete stillness…
Allow yourself to sit, ask spirit to sit with you, within you be guided to formulate a clear intention,
create mindful coherence between body and soul
Accept that you must soon launch into action, 
become a conduit for the great cosmic intent
play your part in a way that most strongly resonates
through you,
for you,
and for all around you.

Blessings to you on this New Moon… xx

Deepest gratitude goes out to all the cosmic travellers who choose to dance with me on this New Moon. Below are my individual blessings to each of you, complete with Sun-sign/Rising-sign guidance and this lunar month’s intention:

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