Subject: PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°34' SAGITTARIUS: The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is out there... if you care to listen?

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Greetings fellow travellers,

Are these simply the most exciting times we are in? If you sit still, you can literally hear the rumblings of this epic moment shaking the foundations of all history and past culture underneath your feet. 

We are seeking some truth, and as we enter the new paradigm of consciousness, it is interesting to watch the shift between those willing to move forward with a sense of curiosity and those still clinging, somewhat desperately by their confounded beliefs to the crumbling ruins of the past.

In less than 24 hours, a PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE will form at 15°34′ SAGITTARIUS, receiving a supertight T-Square from MARS 15°♓52′ – planet of war, fire, fury, aggression and defence and a semisquare from SATURN 01°♒24’℞, the planet of restriction, limitation, fear and control…
These eclipses are part of the same SAROS series that last occurred on exactly the same dates in Jun/Jul of 2001. They include the Jun 21 Solar Eclipse, 00°♋21‘ (Annular), and the Jul 4 Lunar Eclipse 13°♑38′ (Penumbral).

Here are some things we definitely know about eclipses:
  • Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth all come into direct alignment.
  • They can be total, annular or partial (Solar), or total, partial or penumbral (Lunar).
  • A Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) forms within 18.5 degrees of one of the Lunar Nodes (points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic).
  • A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Full Moon (Sun/Moon opposition) forms within roughly 12 degrees of the Lunar Nodes, as the Earth comes directly between the Sun and Moon. The Moon appears dark red while in the Earth’s shadow.
  • The actual shadow phase of eclipses lasts between 3-4 hours from start to the end.
  • There are usually two Solar Eclipses a year, preceded or followed (and sometimes both) by a Lunar Eclipses two weeks before/after.
  • Eclipses actually follow a strange pattern called a Saros Cycle which repeats every 19 years. Consecutive Eclipses belong to different families of eclipses which last between 1200 and 1600 years and contain from 69 to 89 eclipses. There are 38-42 Saros Cycles active at any given time, each at different stages of their evolution. The pattern of Saros Cycles is very complicated.
  • The closer an eclipse falls near the Nodes (by conjunction/opposition) the more powerful its effects upon us.
  • The exact degree of the eclipse leaves an astrological ‘memory’ which then becomes triggered/activated by transits, either prior or after the event. (eg. observe effects as planets cross 18° Pisces 57′.
  • Eclipses merged with any other transiting planets (eg, conjunction to Chiron) tend to infuse a strong flavour of that planet’s energy into their usual effect.
  • The ‘usual’ effect of the eclipse is to leave a phenomenal impact on our individual lives. Matters affected by the astrological natal house of your chart where the eclipse falls seem to get enormous attention.
  • Effects actually start to show months before the actual eclipse, staying in theme for up to 2 years, and manage to irrevocably transform our lives and lifestyles.
  • If an eclipse aligns with one of your planets then this is a significant moment in your life (according to the nature of that planet.) The proximity of the alignment increases the potency. Check which house in your chart is ruled by that natal planet, and any aspects made by that planet. It is possible, if this is a highly significant ruling planet (rules Sun, Moon or points on the Asc/MC axis), or holds many aspects, that this is an important time which could transform many aspects of your life.
  • Eclipses on your Sun are critical. If one falls on (or near) your birthday, know this will be a critical year for you (Sun rules your basic life-force and your entire identity structure). The sign/house/aspects of your natal Sun provide more distinct clues on how exactly you may be affected, but health, confidence, decision-making power and general vitality are critical factors to watch during Sun contacts.
  • Eclipses on your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars will also be felt most personally, and the flavour of the eclipse (Solar/Lunar – North/South Node) will add weight or embellish the potency of the event in different ways. Solar eclipses activate or energise a latent form of expression and thus augur a life-changing new field of experience for us, whilst Lunar eclipses force us to reflect on key internal/emotional turning points and often indicate major endings. Eclipses tied to the North Node are more about receiving, South is more about giving.
  • Whilst New Moons are generally a good time to initiate/launch an event or enterprise, Solar Eclipses are NOT such a good time for this. Anything started now (or just prior) stands to be ‘eclipsed’ by a seemingly unexpected environmental/circumstantial factor, creating a “rain on the parade” effect.
  • Always remember that the intense power of the Sun, combined with the physical proximity of the Moon is what makes lunations feel like a totally personal experience, and whilst these celestial events affect you in a most personal way, their highly illuminating effect during eclipses brings those personal affairs to shine much brighter out in the open than usual.
Those who joined us live on the Cosmic Bus know that we just enjoyed a very lively and interesting discussion on this lunation series, the first of several discussions over the next 3-4 weeks in our unique webinar series. This introduction provides a much more intimate understanding of both the cosmic and earthly processes going on, particularly from an evolutionary and the more mundane, geopolitical and personal perspective. You are, of course, invited to view the entire replay as part of your monthly Cosmic Tribe subscription.
Our live discussions are a general accompaniment to the essential core readings provided to each of you here in the form of 12 Empowering Horoscope Messages for this lunation.

Our lives are transforming throughout and as a result of events coming to a head through this intense eclipse period. As we sail through these next few weeks it may feel like you can hear the passage of time, of all of life passing you by. One person exits, another emerges. One thought flits away and another immediately takes its place. One memory bids farewell and another one is conjured up, out of the blue. The days roll out in procession, slowly wearing us down until we are subtly, surely become remade.

Everything is in a state of flux. Nothing is still. Time becomes lost and dissipates into the sea like dead grains of sand, worn down from sides of cliffs – structures that once held up the towering dynasties of our past civilisations, one after another giving way and vanishing into the abyss.

We are privileged to be here, at this epochal present moment. If we care to listen, we can hear the sound of time itself, dying.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon eclipse xx

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