Subject: Come March In The Fremont Fest Parade!

March With Us In The Parade!!
Fremont Fest Is Almost Here! 

Is your costume ready??? How about a float? Dress up or come as you are, but either way, we’d love it if you and your dogs marched with us!Here’s how it will go: We gather starting at 9:30am on August 3rd at Beaumont Middle School in the parking lot. Kids traditionally decorate their bicycles/dress in costumes, and families sometimes build floats on wagons. Prizes for Best Kid Costumes and Best Floats will be given out at 9:45am, and every child that participates will get a prize ribbon. 
Dogs (and sometimes their people) dress in costume, and prize bags will be given out before and during the parade by Christine for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place costumes, Best Coordinated Dog and Human Costume, Miss (or Mr) Congeniality, Best Doggie Smile, and Most Enthusiastic Marcher. The parade will leave the parking lot at 10am sharp, and will travel to about 52nd ave. Every dog that marches will get a free doggie Ice cream back at the store!

This 33rd annual Fremont Fest will be super fun!  Lots of food, tons of vendors, a Kid’s Zone loaded with games and activities as well as a bounce house (all kids play for free), and this year, a “Popup Party” from 11-6 in the Amalfi’s parking lot which will include live music, full bar, food, yard games. All ages (adults $5 kids free with adult).
At Green Dog, we’ll be having a storewide sale, and we’ll be hosting One Tail At A Time dog rescue in front of the store in a tent space that we’ve donated to them. Don't miss their raffle with a great Green Dog Gift Bag worth $50 as a prize! 
 Reminder: The street will be closed to all traffic on this day, and it’s difficult to park nearby.

Be Careful of the Pavement Temps!!

As the Festival day progresses, the temperature of the road surface gets hotter and hotter. With more than 125 vendors out on the street, it's easy to get distracted and forget about how hot that blacktop might be getting for your dog. Last year the pavement got to 145 degrees, a temperature that can cause permanent damage to their pads. 

HERE"S THE RULE: Press the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 full seconds. If it's too hot for the back of your hand, it's too hot for your dog's feet.

We do carry LavaSocks summer booties! Swamp coolers cooling vests are the very best thing to keep them feeling cool, and the Gold Paw Sun Shield t-shirts are helpful too.

Newsletter Special: Mention the Newsletter at the register before the end of July and get 15% off of any Swamp Cooler, Sun Shield T-shirt, Musher’s Secret, or LavaSox summer boots!

Buddy Block!

A product that took us a long time to source was a good Sunscreen for dogs, as so many of them have undesirable ingredients. This one is made in Oregon by the founder of Lovers Not Fighters Pit Bull Rescue. Apply to snouts, bellies and other areas prone to sunburn. Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming. Organic and made with: Love, Shea Butter*, Carrot Seed Oil*, Red Raspberry Seed Oil*, Candelilla Wax*, Non GMO Vit. E, Non-Nano Titanium Dioxide. (*Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed). Proceeds benefit Pibble rescue efforts! 

Newsletter Special: Mention the Newsletter before the end of July and get 15% off of any Buddy Block Sunscreen!

Raw Fermented Chicken Feet!!

Doesn’t this sound delicious? Dogs think so! B
rought to you by Answers Pet Food, these little beauties are packed with nutrients, especially cartilage. Cartilage is rich in collagen, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid - three things that are immensely supportive to your dog’s joints, skin and coat. They also make the perfect dental treat! Your dog will crunch through the skin, little bones and cartilage, scraping the teeth and massaging the gums. Not only that, but the fermentation means that not only will good bacteria be protecting the chicken feet against bad bacteria and making them a safe-to-eat treat, those probiotics will also be getting right to the gum line helping to fight the bad bacteria in the mouth. Bad bacteria can cause inflammation of the gums and a breakdown of the bone and connective tissue in and around the teeth. Your dog will be so excited to try this organic and humanely raised treat! These raw feet are even cheaper than the dried chicken feet in our chew section. They come in a box of 10 which also has a frequent buyer card (buy 10 get one) that we keep track of for you. 

Store Special! 
For the month of July, These boxes are 50% off! 
Thanks to Dog River Pet Supply for letting us use this hilarious photo!
Cheristin Flea Control For Cats! 

Finding safe and effective flea control for cats has always been a challenge for us. Cats are much more sensitive to the chemicals and even essential oils in flea preparations, and many insecticides simply cannot be used on them. We of course prefer to reduce the use of pesticides/chemical exposure whenever possible, but many less toxic options for cats either don’t work well, or they’re simply not pleasant for cats (such as topical repellents, which have to coat their hair, which they generally hate!) Indoor cats without dogs in the home can sometimes go without constant flea treatments, especially when using a product like Fleabusters (a fine nontoxic powder that is sprinkled on and then swept into the fibers and which lasts in carpets and protects against fleas for up to a year even with normal vacuuming). Of course doing frequent checks with a flea comb to help ensure that they remain flea free is critical. Indoor/outdoor cats are a greater challenge during flea seasons, as they’re more likely to be directly exposed to fleas every day. 

A few years ago when Otis (our senior indoor cat) started clawing his hair out and quickly developed big scabs and bald patches, I started going through his coat with a flea comb, but couldn’t find fleas or flea dirt. It was a challenge as his hair is long and dense. We had to put him in a little fleece sweater to keep the damage of his scratching to a minimum, which he hated (but he looked so cute!) Finally after a few weeks of constant combing and brainstorming about other causes, I found a single flea and was relieved - at least it opened up a way to help him. Clearly he had developed a case of flea allergy dermatitis and it was critical to get rid of them. The topical repellents were nearly impossible to use on his very fine fluffy hair, and he really seemed to be offended by the smell of them. I went to my holistic vet at
Two Rivers Veterinary clinic and she recommended Cheristin flea treatment for cats. It is a tiny tube of liquid that you put on their skin at the base of their skull, and it’s free of the many scarier side effects that other big name flea treatments can cause. I found it easy to use and it started helping right away. (I also applied Fleabusters powder to every carpet in the house, including under the couches, to ensure that any fleas that were already in the house wouldn’t survive, including the eggs and larvae that were likely there) and it cleared up our problem. The next month he scratched a little and I gave it again, and haven’t had to use it since, though I keep some on hand just in case. Liz, one of our employees used Cheristin on her very health-compromised cat who had terrible skin issues, and even she had no issues with it irritating her skin at the application site (though we knew it was a possibility with her especially). We wished we could carry it!

Cheristin has traditionally only been sold through vets offices but it has never required a prescription. Other holistic clinics in the area also have carried it, including Irvington, Lombard and Kenton Vet. We kept checking with the company and finally we were told that the company has decided to let pet supply stores carry it, and we ordered it in as soon as we were able. (We just have a few 1-pks right now and a bigger order is on its way.) 

Newsletter Special: Mention the newsletter before the end of July and get 15% off of any box of Cheristin, or any container of Fleabusters powder!

Don't Be Frightened, Be Educated!

We've researched deeply and written 2 posts about this issue - (this second one contains a link to the first one):

Read both and then teach your friends. :)
Stand Up For Your Right to Feed Minimally Processed Fresh Food!

- Your right to choose how and what you feed your pets is at risk. 

- Answers has filed a lawsuit against the FDA, suggesting that the FDA is unlawfully targeting raw food companies in order to eliminate them from the market. 

- We've already lost one of the best and safest foods ever made, Rad Cat, to the unfair punishment by the FDA for policies that don't comply with federal law. 

- They're asking for you to sign a petition supporting their efforts! Click here
Neighborhood News!

- The new juice bar next to Love Hive and Prince Coffee, "Happy DayJuice Company", should be open this month! It really looks great in there so far!

-Andy at Blackbird could use your support! Daruma Sushi recently closed, but he's got big plans to open a Puerto Rican restaurant called PR2 in that space. Andy's a Puerto Rican native who learned about authentic PR food from his grandma. Andy was actually picked to host Anthony Bourdain on a visit to Puerto Rico for his "No Reservations" show, and has hosted several PR food pop-up nights since. He wants to open a restaurant as a tribute to both his grandmother and to Puerto Rico, and to be able do something good for Puerto Rico; a portion of the restaurant’s annual proceeds will be donated to Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico's Food Bank. Donate to his Go Fund Me campaign and get some great bonuses in return! More here

PCC Class - Take a class in catio design and construction! Take a whirlwind tour of catios around Portland with instructor led discussion about the designs and details at each location. At the end of the tour they will discuss design elements and the construction methods used to create them. Sat 9/7,

Wilshire Park Playground Fundraiser at the Wiggle Room - Help raise funds to purchase new toddler equipment for the Wilshire Park Playground by coming for a day of fun, music, face painting and a silent auction! Sunday, July 28th, 9-5 They say, “Your child's admission fee will contribute toward purchasing the new equipment. For every admission-paying child you will receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win a gift card donated by a local business. In addition to all of the fun that The Wiggle Room has to offer every day, this event will include live music performances, face painting, and a silent auction with items donated by local businesses and neighbors. Admission also includes the tasty food and drinks and fun play space that has made The Wiggle Room a family favorite in our community. Half of all proceeds collected that day will be donated to our cause, and this will be augmented from funds we raise from a silent auction. If you have an item or service that you would like to donate to our auction or would like to volunteer to help with the event, please contact us ." Note: Once FOWP finishes the playground, they’ll be working on the new dog park!

- Check out this great blog post by our friends at Clean Air Lawn Care about chemical pesticides and herbicides and our pets, with great info and interesting analysis about how these chemicals make their way into the home. (Their lawn service uses solar powered equipment and organic fertilizers - Mike and Christine have used it for years) 
Please Join Us and March in the Parade!! Prizes! Ice Cream!

Thank you as always for supporting independently owned small businesses in Portland like ours!
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