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April 2020

This month we want to share 
what is important for us,
as healers,
as individuals,
as citizens,
from our hearts,
with love,

 A special gift from us to you
Dear friends
We thought that a meditation about love would be welcome during these times.
The Foundation is happy to offer you one.
The meditation invites you to imagine yourself surrounded by loved ones and enjoy this bath of love.
Do it and share it as much as you feel.
Enjoy !
Thanks to the medical profession
This month we all wanted to write something close to our hearts about what's going on on the planet right now.

For my part, I wanted to pay tribute to the medical profession.

We are healers and work with the idea that everything begins in consciousness and we have had the opportunity to give you our perspective as healers.

We are also citizens.

I grew up in the hospital environment since childhood and I know the lifestyle that this generates for the family, the devotion of my mother for her work, for the sick. Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, without her etc.

We have many participants who come from the medical world in our classes, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants. No doubt they are also using our tools in their work to help the sick right now.

The healers work on their scale with distance healings, meditations, the medical profession is on the front to help in the physical world all those who do not necessarily believe in the powers of healing and who need these physical treatments.

I would like to wrap them in love and light and invite you to do the same.

When Martin Brofman was in the hospital, I brought gifts to the department where he was - candies, cakes - and one day Martin suggested giving them stickers. We have a set of stickers with various messages: "love heals", "live your dream", "angel on mission", "create your reality", "in love with life" etc.

I brought a whole bunch of them for them to choose from and the only one that was taken in full was "Angel on Mission."

There are many angels in the medical profession - a profession that is done to help, to serve, just like healers. Same devotion, same love for one's neighbor.

So thank you, simply.

With love
Next classes - depending on the news
COIMBRA, Portugal - 25-26 April - Body Mirror System Class with Anne-Birte Christensen
ERETRIA, Greece - 13/17 May - Level 1 Healing Intensive - Philippe Hannetelle -

LONDON - 16/17 May - Vision Workshop with Annick Brofman -

ATHENS, Greece - 30/31 May - Body Mirror System Class with Annick Brofman  - FB

RUFFIEU (01-French Alps) - 5/9 August - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle -

TRIMURTI (83-French Riviera) - 12/16 August - Healing intensive level 2 with Annick Brofman and Philippe Hannetelle -

MONTPELLIER, France - 21/25 October - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle  -

All places, all dates  on
A time of awakening

In this particular moment of existence, it is again important to recognize our creation. We are each a creator, our thoughts are energy and the energy flows in the direction in which we focus our thoughts.

What is happening in the physical world is the result of our creation, everything we have projected and given energy to and "when events such as now occur, they seem to be directed by forces beyond our control, although apparently in accordance with what is supposed to happen, in accordance with a certain pattern and order, we say it is karmic. Sometimes we use the word destiny to describe the force that moves us in that direction."*

Since all the effects or seeds of our past actions, our karma, can be changed through healing, meditation, concentration, inner light and right actions, there is no such thing as fate. You are the creator of your own destiny.

We have reached a key point in our evolution, where we have destroyed the living, without heeding any warning, and "part of karma is that force that seems outside of ourselves, taking us towards the achievement of our goals, but set in motion by what we have done in our consciousness. And on the way to these goals, there are two variables, our actions and our perceptions. They also set in motion forces that also seem to be outside of ourselves."*

Before you act, you have freedom, but after the action, the effect of that action will follow you, whether you like it or not, it is the law of karma. All the vibrations we send out come back to us. It is not in terms of good or bad, in terms of punishment, it is simply a mechanism so that we understand the message and we can change.

"Sickness, health, failure, success, inequality, equality, early death, long life, all this is the fruit of the seeds of actions that we have sown in the past. They bring us into the world with more or less goodness or evil in us.
Thus, no two people are the same; each one has used his free choice to do something different from himself. That is why some people suffer for the slightest reason. Others become angry at the slightest provocation. And there are those who eat all the time without any self-control. Each person has made himself the way he is. Don't blame anyone if you suffer from illness, financial problems, emotional distress. You have created the cause of the problem in the past and you must be more determined to eradicate it now.
Everything is vibration and the bad mass karma that has accumulated precipitates wars, diseases, poverty, devastating earthquakes and other such calamities. In times of negative vibrational influences, therefore, the individual must face not only his personal karma, but also the mass karma that affects the planet on which he lives."**
This is what is happening now and everyone experiences this in relation to what they need to understand and heal within themselves.

So, take this moment with calm, meditate, bring clarity to your consciousness, focus on clear goals, decide that you no longer want your actions to be motivated by fear, guilt, or to get something from someone, sit in the driver's seat in your consciousness, make the decision to have more compassion and acceptance towards yourself and towards all others, raise your perceptions in the heart chakra. 

When all is fine, few people think of going inside, into their consciousness. Now many are housebound and again they have the choice: to spend their time with the news, movies, games, become nervous, aggressive with others who live with them, etc. or to meditate, to calm down, to be in the moment, to develop compassion and kindness. Take advantage of this opportunity that you have created, whether you were conscious of it or not. You are out of your comfort zone for this reason and the only thing you have influence over is your state of consciousness. Come out of this experience more awake than when you are entered into it.

If you want a different world, create it.


  * Martin Brofman
** Paramahansa Yogananda
The symptom of the month :
 The lungs are related to the heart chakra, associated with the element of air. A person’s relationship with air therefore reflects their relationship with love. Difficulty breathing in can be equated with difficulty letting in the love, and difficulty breathing out can relate to difficulty expressing love.

If there is difficulty breathing through the nose, which is related to the root chakra and the person’s relationship with their mother, it reflects difficulty letting in the love from the mother – or difficulty letting in the love at home.

If the difficulty breathing is due to tensions in the throat, it reflects tensions in the throat chakra affecting the flow of love - difficulty expressing emotions or difficulty communicating, that is resulting in difficulty letting in the love.
Meditation "Love and energy" by Martin Brofman      

A way to strengthen your immune system, nourish your heart center and feel connected, not isolated, is through the meditation "Love & Energy" by Martin Brofman.

Thanks to the Brofman Foundation, it can now be downloaded freely and shared using the link offered at the beginning of this letter.

Share these with others as well.

Especially now meditation is so important for your health and balance on all levels.
This meditation by Martin Brofman and Roop Verma is an invaluable gift and I am so grateful to both of them.
The positive effects of meditation have been known worldwide for centuries and science has also confirmed the positive, mental, emotional effect on your health for several years.
We live in a world in which we are exposed to more and more challenges, stimuli and distractions every day.
It becomes existential for us to maintain a stable, inner center and calm. Meditation helps you to keep your focus and concentration on the essential in your life.
In this meditation "Love and Energy" you imagine yourself being surrounded with all those who love you and to bathe in this love.
You feel safe and loved, even in times when physical contact is not there and you feel the deep connection and love.
I wish you much strength and loving energy in this time of challenge and transformation.
Stay healthy and if you need healing support, then you can also ask for a distance healing.

Much love and energy from Viola

Encouraging the good functioning of the immune system  
Before the measures taken in France, in the different meditation groups
where I intervene, we have directed our energy towards the clarification of
the aspects of consciousness associated with the heart chakra.

In the reality of the Body-Mirror Method, the chakra in the center of
your chest is associated, among others, with the lungs, the breathing,
the immune system. These parts of your body react to what is happening
in your consciousness about perceptions of love from people close to
your heart and relationships. So the idea is to feel in harmony with these aspects of consciousness to encourage a harmonious functioning of the immune system.

From the point of view that everything begins in our consciousness and that we are creators of this experience that is physical reality, currently, the attention of the whole world is encouraged to focus mainly on changes in the heart chakra area.

Do you feel at peace with people close to the heart?
When you think of this (these) person(s): mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, child are there any unpleasant emotions that come to the surface?
If so, you can encourage more peace by going deeper in accepting what has happened or what is. Of course, accepting does not mean agreeing, condoning or resigning.

You can encourage yourself to:
- accept your loved ones and their behaviours even if you do not agree
with them.
- accept yourself and your behaviours, adjusting those that no longer
serve you.
Acceptance is synonymous with love.
Accepting encourages more peace.

You can also use the meditation provided by the Brofman Foundation as a gift at the beginning of this newsletter, to clarify the level of consciousness corresponding to the heart chakra and the immune system. 

You can meditate on the heart chakra and also on the other chakras using this process from the book "Anything can be healed" by Martin Brofman:

With more peace in individual hearts, we will be able to nurture more collective peace. And this will also be reflected in the physical world.

Success story and testimony of the month
I am writing to you after almost a month since the class.
It is true that confinement leaves us a lot of free time.
I have been thinking about writing to you for a little while to express my thanks for this moment shared with you and the whole group.
I know that I still have a lot to do but the first results are there.

Coming to the class as a hypermetropic and astigmatist with a slight squint with the corrective lenses G = + 3.5 and D = + 4, I came out without a label and especially by seeing a lot better. Lots of realizations and I got closer to myself. By reassuring the little girls and young women hurt in me, who were looking for love outside and acceptance.

The week following the class was wonderful. I clearly saw the faces of people and the details of the environment that I had been neglecting for ages.
Pleasant sensations around my eyeballs and especially the feeling of safety and self-confidence.

What surprised me a lot was that all this inner joy could not be shared with my family or with my companion. I felt the impossibility of explaining it and also no openness on their part to hear the news. I listened to this intuition and barely raised the subject.

I continue to practice relaxations and affirmations and I learn to function and express myself without inhibiting my needs.

This path is so interesting and raises questions that I thought I had passed. I see once again today that as soon as I live and I express myself in agreement with me, wonderful things happen.

I'm sending you big kisses
A. P. France
Presence and heart connection
It’s right now a time with many challenges but it’s also providing the possibility of new experiences.
Last Saturday I walked through the forest to the beach, it was a beautiful sunny spring day, 7 degrees Celcius. More people than usual had found their way to the beach to enjoy the nice weather, to play and many also not to be at home alone. It was obvious that people intended to be there for hours, as most of them had brought blankets, warm clothes and food.

Some had come alone, there were couples, children with a parent and small groups of young people (not more than 3 together ;) People kept respectfully distance to each other but greeted very friendly.
A farther and his son had made a fire and were toasting sausages, one was reading the newspaper,
a woman was relaxing enjoying the sun, one was drinking coffee, a mother and her two kids spent hours finding stones and placing them in small stream to see how it separating into two streams…

It was as if the world had slowed down. It was a magic moment with a peaceful atmosphere, calm minds, people being present with what they were doing and with each other, even with them to whom they didn’t have a verbal or physical contact. It was obvious, that that afternoon there were many open hearts feeling the connection to the others on the beach. I was touched being a part of it, felt the joy in my heart. It was like a group meditation brought into praxis in daily life ;)

Let’s be aware of having more of that presence and love in our life, even when we again take up our daily routines. And then of course we’ll add a live chat, a hug and a laugh 

Much love Anne-Birte

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