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Women as coaches and why, past as well as upcoming ones,
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Dear Leaders,

An equal world is an enabled world, isn’t it? Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. Individually, we can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements. Afterall, it is on each of us to create a gender equal world. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day’s let us resolve to fight for gender parity, celebrate women’s achievement and support #EachforEqual. 
When I first heard, ‘women make better coaches’, from a trainer, I was not perplexed. I had seen the innate potential in women to inspire and coax one to become a better version of themselves – the women in my life had done that for me. Later, as part of our coach training and mentoring, we were encouraged to always ask ourselves, ‘what would it take to get more women to learn to coach and practice coaching?’. Unfortunately, at least in this part of the world, there seem to be more men getting into coaching than women. Or shall we say that the overwhelming majority is not women, yet. 

What makes women natural coaches? At least most of them?

One of the concepts integral to our work at Regal Unlimited is ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’, just as Carl Rogers speaks of it in the context of therapy. While one may agree that it is possible to always have some regard, positive or negative, is it possible to keep it always ‘positive’? Is it even humanly possible to operate from an ‘unconditional’ space at all? At Regal, the journey of becoming a coach to being a coach is to tap into that unconditional positive regard.

Of course, the much-talked about unconditional love is a notch above that – perhaps possible only at a deeply spiritual, divine level. Maybe an avatar can demonstrate unconditional love. May be not humans. ‘We are only humans’; I often hear from my fellow coaching colleagues. Even though what we do is almost divine – coaching and maximining the human potential in both personal & professional front – a coach, and a good one at that, can only have unconditional positive regard for her coachee, and not unconditional love.

And that made me wonder how are women so naturally disposed to become better coaches? Is she capable of unconditional love? Well, a mother is the closest to demonstrate that unconditional positive regard/love. But here again, it is only for her child. So, it is really unconditional? May be not. But there is no denying that she is way ahead of everyone else in this department. And maybe that’s how it is easy for her to be a good coach! Going beyond IQ, to EQ and SQ (spiritual quotient), perhaps she can unconsciously tap into the feminine/Shakti/Yin energy, which makes her stand.

For men, it is an attribute that needs to be built over time, making coaching a holistic skill that can be learned
Here is something to ponder upon - What would help us to tap into that loving energy, for the benefit of the coachee, client?

PS: Dog parents would have experienced unconditional love from their dogs.

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Are your goals your own?
As each year comes to an end, and the new year dawns, there is so much of hustle and bustle about the goals that you’ve achieved and the new goals that you are to set for yourself. There is tacit stress that has started to build around something that was once so much fun and motivating. Most of the time we are measuring ourselves on an invisible scale against others, often feeling the need to speed up to keep up.

What intrigues me is whether the goals that we set nowadays, are our own or ones that are socially accepted at our age? I gave myself some time to debate that thought and gain some clarity. I realize that I have always believed that setting goals are very important at every stage of life. They help motivate our choices and decisions, giving us the clarity to work towards reaching our potential. However, the goals that we aspire to reach should be true to what we value in our life and also help us move towards being self- actualized individuals. It should not be a checklist that has been socially agreed upon. That takes the fun out of goal setting. And who said goal setting really have to be a “serious” task?
Lakshmi Sithambaram, ACC

Coaching as a leadership Approach/Skill
A leader has the responsibility to inspire the hearts of her people & make them follow her vision like it is their own. However, the ownership doesn’t come naturally for an employee, till they totally buy into the vision and take accountability of the outcome. Where the traditional leadership approach often fails to inspire accountability, “coaching” as a leadership approach seems more effective in infusing sense of ownership organically.

“Coaching” as a leadership approach fosters a culture of partnership and collaboration. Creativity is met with no resistance. It further encourages transparency, trust, teamwork & authentic conversations, making it a dream workplace. Less turnover, better results; consistent performance becomes a by-product of such positive environment. Leadership which has “Coaching” as the core component makes cultural transformation possible, where more people are motivated to think like coaches, eventually leading the focus to shift from managing deficiencies to developing competencies. This skill helps the organisation move forward, faster, efficiently & cost-effectively. Leadership should be all about empowering enabling people and “Coaching” as a leadership skill, is a promising way forward.
Priya Deepak

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Monthly Muse Art (February 2020) for our community was focussed on Marketing. The journey from a good to great coach is based on coaching and managing the business practice of coaching. Rahul presented ‘Marketing Mindset’, and Avantika shared her thoughts on ‘Top 5 Lead Generation Tactics for Coaches’.Be a good role model and ensure the success of every woman becomes the inspiration to other.

Monthly Meetup

We had a guest speaker, an experienced, global HR leader, Badri, sharing his thoughts on “Organisation Re-design, People Congruence”

ICF Chennai Chapter – Corporate Coaches Connect

We celebrated Valentine Day at Chennai, with fellow coaches and corporate leaders, professionals. We were happy to be associated with the event as the sponsor. All for the love of Coaching.

Chennai ICF Coach training on Jan 25th and 26th:

A glimpse into the magic we create... ICF coach training at Chennai over the weekend of 25th & 26th Jan started with a new batch beginning their coach training journey with Subash CV, MCC (ICF) & an exclusive team of RegalCoaches


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