March Newsletter

Every year at Wilbur Hot Springs, many of you, our guests, walk out to the Nature Preserve, past the Geyser, and stop at the Wishing Tree. It’s a mid-size Live Oak that sits atop an old ruin from the mining days. You inscribe a wish or prayer on a note and tie it to the tree.


It’s early February, but Spring is definitely in the air!

Amy and I have finally been able to get out and explore off the beaten path here at Wilbur the past few weeks, and there are tremendous amounts of really interesting finds for those willing to get their boots a little dirty. Flowers are beginning to bloom, the growth of thicket hasn’t propelled itself out of the dormant phase quite yet, and many historic sites are easy to spot.


Guest Chef Weekend and Art Show with Lead Chef/Artist Marion Cascio & Chefs/Artists Rachel Fann and Ginny Ray
February 21-23

Come fill your bellies and nourish your souls with this special Guest Chef / Art Show Weekend. Marion Cascio, Rachel Fann, and Ginny Ray will delight your taste buds with a bounty of delicious food, as well as tantalize your visual senses and fill your hearts through their creative art collections.

Call now to make your reservation (530) 473-2306

Guest Chef Weekend with Chef Bodhi Cole
March 20-22

Chef Bodhi creates beautiful nutrient dense meals using organic and local ingredients and pasture raised meats and dairy. She specializes in gluten-free baking and working with food sensitivities. She believes that clean, vital food is essential to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. When Chef Bodhi is at Wilbur, she uses produce from many of the farms in the neighboring Capay Valley. At home in West Marin, she runs a private chef company called Blooming Spoon.

Sarana Yoga Retreats
April 10-12, May 1-3, May 15-17, September 18-20,
October 9-11

Please join us for a weekend of breathing, chanting, meditation, asana and soaking in the healing mineral waters of Wilbur. Come strengthen your practice while relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind. We’ll step back from our daily routines and retreat to this sacred land, home to healing waters that have been used for renewal for centuries. Students will practice yoga on Wilbur’s beautiful yoga deck, cradled in nature with the sounds of the breeze and the creek. We will begin each day with chanting and pranayama, followed by breakfast and then an active morning session. In the afternoon there will be time for bathing, hiking, massage and personal reflection time. We will gather in the late afternoon for a restorative yoga session followed by a delicious dinner.


“I’m not a full believer in “healing energy,” but in the weeks after visiting the resort, my acne ‘disappeared’ and I had a lot more energy and motivation. Five weeks later and my skin still feels smooth as glass.”

 -- AJ S.
Wilbur Hot Springs, 3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Wilbur Springs, CA 95987, United States
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