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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis
An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate with It.
– Roy Eugene Davis
Today the world is facing a unique challenge, and corresponding opportunity.  The advent and rapid proliferation of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is changing the quality and experience of life for most of us. This is a powerful demonstration of how intimately interconnected we all are. In the face of this epidemic boundaries dissolve at all levels; national, ethnic, economic, ideological, and religious. 

While we may continue to see it spreading globally over the next few months the number of individuals actually infected remains quite small relative to the overall cases of flu that are normal for this time of year. The great majority of those who do become infected will experience fairly mild symptoms. 

A much greater impact is being felt as a result of reactions to the virus: attempts to contain it on local and national levels, attempts to treat the growing volume of patients, and a growing fear that is fueling economic unrest and personal anxiety.

There is no cause for alarm.  The challenge for each of us is to make necessary adjustments to lifestyle, self-care, and mental-emotional balance. It can be very uncomfortable to be facing uncertainty in many different aspects of our lives, and yet this presents us with a great opportunity to awaken and learn to move in harmony with evolutionary processes.

We can benefit from this opportunity on two levels.

First, the external: the current situation is a wonderful reminder to see to our own Self-care routines. In order to enhance our immune systems and support health and well-being these practical actions can be useful.
  • Get enough quality sleep. This is the most important thing we can do to insure strong immune function, physical well-being, and clear thinking.
  • See to good nutrition. An organic, vegetarian diet in harmony with our body’s requirements and the season supports optimal physiological function.
  • See to good hygiene. Wash hands regularly; avoid touching the face; clean surfaces, phones, keyboards, and other devices regularly.
  • Get regular exercise. This also supports immune function and clear thinking.
  • Spend more time alone. This is a great time to temporarily reduce the number of social interactions and activities that may not have real value, or tend to be distractions and ways of just passing time. See this as an opportunity for a personal retreat, a time of study and quiet introspection.
  • Stay connected. While working to reduce the transmission of the virus we should also be reaching out to friends, neighbors, and those who are isolating themselves because of fear or being at greater risk. We can call, text, message, Skype, and send cards and letters to let them know we care, are thinking of them, and wishing them well.
Second, the internal: we have the opportunity to see how much we are influenced by emerging circumstances and events. More insidious and impactful than the physical toll the Covid-19 is taking, this virus has infected mass consciousness and it has compromised our “operating system,” bypassing objective thinking, defaulting to fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt. The result is economic chaos, panic buying, paranoia, and increased stress with its negative side effects. 

This is a good time to be reminded of the truth, to perceive our interconnectedness with all life on the planet, to experience a deeper sense of connection with our own essential nature, and our relationship with ultimate Reality (God). The following routines can be especially useful now.
  • Meditate on a regular basis. Sit in silence until restless thoughts, cares, and concerns become less dominant in awareness. Let go of memories and anticipation of future events, just allow yourself to “be” for a time. This can be therapeutic and transformative.
  • Pay attention to how you are thinking, feeling, and acting. If you notice that you are experiencing fear, worry, or other negative states, look within to determine what you are holding in consciousness that may be contributing to this condition and make the necessary internal adjustments in order to change.
  • Remain positive and optimistic. All of life is growing out of the expressive aspect of ultimate Reality. It is ever evolving, well-ordered, and imbued with innate intelligence. It naturally nurtures and supports itself, and each of us is an individualized expression of it. As we learn to trust, and fully cooperate with it, all of our real needs are met and we are directed from within to serve in ways that are fulfilling and enriching.
  • Be grateful. Pay attention to what you have now, and be aware of the many blessings that constitute our moment to moment reality. Countless millions of people are working for you; growing your food, making clothing, enabling communication, maintaining infrastructure, and taking care of the many supportive details that enhance your life. The beauty and wonder of nature, the seasons, sunrise and sunset, flowers, trees, little creatures, all resonate with life and can bring us joy if we are not distracted with cares and concerns about an uncertain future. 
  • Practice compassion. Avoid the tendency to criticize, complain, blame, and judge. Be aware that most people are suffering, acting from their fear and anxiety and are doing the best they can.
  • Pray for the well-being of others. Our consciousness is an inseparable ray, or aspect, of greater mass consciousness. The thoughts and feelings we hold in our consciousness make a contribution to our shared consciousness. We can send our blessings, thoughts of peace, harmony, and well being to all beings in this realm and beyond. We can see everyone as healthy, happy, prosperous, fulfilled, and fully awake to their own innate divinity.
The world is full of distractions. There are enough opinions and information inundating us now. We must be careful not to simply react to appearances.

There is nothing to fear. 

Take good care of yourself, see to supporting your immune system, be practical in avoiding exposure to the virus, and above all know that God’s grace and the intelligence of divine order are ever working for the good of all. Its ways are mysterious and miraculous. The future is unknown. In part it is being written by our actions in these moments. Take responsibility for helping to create a positive, healthy, prosperous, joy-filled future.

Love and unceasing blessings,
Ron Lindahn

Center for Spiritual Awareness
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