Subject: Wastepicker rights during COVID-19, Story of Plastic EARTH DAY premier, #BringYourOwnBoxChallenge and more...

15 million informal waste workers and their families risk losing their livelihood due to the current pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way we handle our waste and its impact on those that are most vulnerable to its exposure. For millions of people who make a living in the informal sector, isolation measures that guarantee their safety pose a dramatic threat to their livelihoods. People in the informal waste sector who do not have formal recognition and protections from their municipalities-- are now facing a grave threat.

#breakfreefromplastic changemaker Magdalena Donoso at the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives says, “...the responsibility of governments is an urgent demand: it is essential to pass immediate alleviative measures of social protection for these workers, ensuring a minimum income that covers their basic needs for food, housing and medicines until their work is restored to normal.” 

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And the results are in!

Greeners Action’s recent survey reveals that over 100 million single-use plastics for takeaway meals are consumed every week during the COVID-19 lockdown in Hong Kong. Their #BringYourOwnBoxChallenge is urging the public to buy takeaways with their own reusable containers. 

Host an online community screening for The Story of Plastic - the first feature-length documentary revealing the TRUE costs of plastic pollution!

The Story of Plastic’s call for systemic change is more important than ever. Engage your communities and other stakeholders by organizing your own online screening of the film, hosting a Q&A or discussion, and calling for action in your community or country.

Join the Earth Day Meme Contest!

This Earth Day, let’s join forces to crowdsource ways to mainstream the concept of Zero Waste on social media! #breakfreefromplastic members GAIA and Post-Landfill Action Network challenge you to create memes to communicate the broad significance of our movement. 

What does COVID-19 mean for zero waste globally?

#breakfreefromplastic member Zero Waste Europe investigates the impact of the global pandemic on their work, for the consumer, and for the zero waste movement on a global level. Their statement emphasizes the importance of compassion, solidarity, and care during this worldwide crisis while demonstrating a positive pathway to a Zero Waste future. 

Webinar Alert! 
A Burning Healthcare Discussion: COVID-19 Waste Incineration 
April 24 16:00-17:30 (GMT+8)

Join #breakfreefromplastic Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia and the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals in a webinar that will showcase good practices of hospitals in the region that are dealing with COVID-19 related wastes without resorting to incineration. 
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