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Four Phases of New Moon Mandalas
Holiday Gift Idea
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A Petite Post from your Proprietresses

However you choose to celebrate, or not, during this time of the year we are sending you our very best wishes. Here at The Purple Ink Cafe things slow down a bit. But, in the background, we continue to hum along. Plans are coming together for our first year long program: Your Creative Edge 2018. It's  part circle, part master mind, part think tank and part training/workshop. This year long, online adventure is for action oriented women soul-o-preneurs. If you're interested, hit reply to this email and let us know.

Also in the works, Januarius: A Taste of New Ideas. This is your way to experience the unique KMI Master Mind™ model with different facilitators on a variety of topics. 

Have you signed up yet for December's monthly community gathering? We are hosting April Miller McMurtry, of The Moon is My Calendar. It feels like a wonderful way to close out this year's program.

We will only meet once for Creative Work, Inspired Play on December 4th. Why not join us to get a feel for it and consider how you can fold it into the new year. You get more done, with more fun!

Scroll down for some other goodies we offer, including our first E-book which will be available mid month. Whoo hoo!

We hope you get to slow down and enjoy this time of year. Even if it's just a minute at a time. Even if it's just to stare out the window at falling snow or a garden bursting into bloom. Wherever you are and whatever your tradition, we wish you peace and joy.

With Purple Ink,
The Purple Ink Cafe Presents ...

Four Phases of Moon Mandalas:
exploring the creative process and 
the energetics of the lunar cycle
April McMurtry
Founder of The Moon is My Calendar and 
Creator of The New Moon Calendar Journal

We are excited to host April Miller McMurtry as she guides us on a journey through the four phases of the moon to create a colorful mandala and set intentions on the new moon. April will introduce you to a four step process of intuitive mandala making that you can adapt to almost any medium. She will speak about the how each lunar phase connects with a unique step in the creative process. This is an intuitive process so the focus in less on the look of the finished mandala, and more on the transformation that occurs when we work with our hands.

Please join us for this FREE, timely and interactive afternoon/evening Wednesday, December 6 at 4 pm PT/ 7 pm ET. To register CLICK HERE. And please pass this newsletter and or link along to friends who may be interested.(Can't make it live? Sign up for the audio replay which will be available for 48 hrs)

April Miller McMurtry (Mick - Mur - Tree) is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and self-publishes the New Moon Calendar Journal​. She is also a visual artist, mama, teacher, and creative lunar coach. Her work reflects her passion for nature-based cycles, personal mythologies, and symbolism. April has more than fifteen years experience working in education as a classroom teacher, workshop facilitator and program coordinator at home and abroad. She loves to support people on the path to growth and transformation.

Visit her website for tools and inspiration to access the wisdom of the moon in your life. Connect with her on Instagram: @themoonismycalendar and @paintingessence
This is the part of a series of Free, Fun and inFormative online gatherings held at The Purple Ink Cafe to showcase some of the wonderful people who are part of our community and new friends who have something interesting to share. These events are experiential and a way to learn something new, meet interesting people and, above all, make some time for your creative self to have some fun. 
Give the Gift of Easy Creativity to Yourself, or a Loved One, with our E-Book  1,2,5: Everyday Ways to Be Creative

Coming in mid-December! Our first E-book chock full of ideas for things you can do in one, two or five minutes. Things for which you don’t always give yourself enough permission. Something that will bring a smile to your face or a fist pump or, maybe, just a sigh of satisfaction.

Because it is true that sometimes it just takes one, two or five minutes to conjure up those feelings!
Are you looking for some creative coaching?

Both Kathy and Mary are Master Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coaches. We consider LIFE to be a creative process and coaching as an opportunity to add an intuitive, supportive guide to your adventure.

Curious? Visit our website to set up a complimentary call.

Kathy: Growth and transformation in the next phase of life

Mary: Imaginative Ideas & Innovated Strategies for Inspired Action

Creative Work - Inspired Play

This is for you if you want to get something done. We meet most Monday mornings for an hour at The Purple Ink Cafe through the magic of Zoom at 11:30 ET. We collectively hold space for each other as we work independently on our own things. It's a mingle of creative inspiration, gentle accountability, fun and friendship. There is no cost! Sign up for reminder here.

December: Monday, the 4th

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