Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today September 2017

Hey ULA Team,

September is here, which also represents the onset of fall, the changing colors of the leaves, cooler weather, and a few months closer to the house being finished. It’s got me thinking about how much I have to be grateful for – and, in more specific terms, the gift of gratitude.

You’ve heard my story a million times by now, so I won’t reiterate it here! There is something to be said, however, for recognizing an unexpected twist in circumstances or events as a possible blessing in disguise. This conscious recognition is referred to as “advanced gratitude”. It is a unique ability to identify and appreciate the unfortunate events in one’s life because of what has been gained from them. Boy, does this ring a bell within me!

What I am learning is that to develop advanced gratitude, I have to start being thankful every chance I get for the good fortune in the present. To some of you just starting out in the field, you might look at me and think that’s easy, considering the success that has come my way via this business. But trust me, I remember the hard stuff.

Robert Emmons, author of Gratitude Works!, challenges me to daily remember when I “got through the worst day of my life, got through the trauma, got through the trial, the temptation, the bad relationship…and made my way out of the dark.” Remembering where I’ve been strengthens my resilience, which allows me to cope more effectively and to find the good in everything, no matter how hidden it may seem.

Experiencing difficult life situations forces us to ask the hard questions: Who am I? What kind of future do I want to have? What makes sense to do with my time on earth, now that this event has stopped me dead in my tracks?

Maybe you’ve been with ULA for a while now, and you are steadily growing and gaining success. Maybe you are just partnering with us, and the former “trauma” or hard place is still fresh in your mind. Maybe you are like I was – hoping to sell enough policies today to pay for your power tomorrow.

I challenge each of you, no matter your situation, to develop advanced gratitude. Know that the worst moment in your life might turn out the be the very best.

For me, it led me to ULA.

I am so grateful for each and every one of you, and challenge you to keep pushing forward…but, never lose sight of where you came from.

Remember, I’ve got your back.

I’m especially thankful for your hard work in August, and can’t wait to see what September looks like!

Here’s to another great month,

The August Leader Board

ULA August Numbers Are In

  • Gabe B. $27,018
  • Mark J. $23,293
  • Kevin S. $22,934
  • Rob J. $21,211
  • Johnny W. $20,359
  • Casey C. $20,094
  • Mike B. $19,088
  • Kent S. $18,162
  • Matt H. $16,065
  • Damon D. $15,167
  • Kirk A. $14,971
  • Michelle P. $13,941
  • Andy C. $13,861
  • TeZ M. $13,667
  • Joe R. $12,937
  • Marty H. $11,870
  • Todd T. $11,626
  • Remko B. $11,278
  • Shawn R. $11,146
  • Antwan S. $10,820
  • Erika H. $10,738
  • Sebastian A. $10,364
  • Liquid Life $211,304
  • A2Z Infinity $100,782
  • Remedy Financial Group $85,455
  • The Dream Team $70,913
  • Providence Family Insurance $54,489
  • 419 Financial Group $45,716

Congratulations to the Leader of the Month!

Leader of the Month:

Gabe B. with $27,028

Alberta Qualifiers:

Chad L., Keith J., TeZ M., Kent S., Mark J., Damon D., Todd T., Andy C., Gabe B., Joe R., Rob J., Will N., Matt H., Mike B.

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