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Hi Friend,

As a digital nomad there is one thing you absolutely must do.  That is to get fully immersed into the world of BitCoin and crypto currencies. Fail to do this at your own peril and you'll be left behind. That's all there is to it. 
To get a crash course on this I have 2 videos you must watch. 

#1...Watch this short video. Very powerful. You can surely figure out how to leverage it to your advantage. Click Here

#2...This video on BitCoin will help you see why this is so important and why big money is getting involved.  Must Watch! 
#3...Then we have this video on how BitCoin is more political and economic power for the people and less for the governments and central bank controllers.  This is very important as well.  Click Here if freedom is important to you.


Here are details on how to get started:  

If you don't already have BTC sitting in a wallet, this is what you must do first. 

#1... Set up a wallet and get some BitCoin.  You can purchase portions of BTC in any $ amount. There are many companies who do this.  
I suggest; 

a)  Trade Coin Club.  You can use TCC strictly as a wallet to buy, hold, send and receive your BTC.  
You can also put some BTC into 'Auto-Trading' where they will trade your BTC and in addition to the appreciation of the BTC value which you are likely to experience, you can also earn trade profits on top of that.  This is purely passive profit making. 
Then, you can refer other members to TCC as an affiliate and make serious BTC in commissions in addition to your value appreciation which is in addition to your passive trading profits.  
That's pretty much makes this a no brainer, doesn't it?  
Click here to start   It costs nothing to register a free account and use it only as a wallet! 

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you'd like to do your own trading, you can do that too from the TCC platform! 

b)  is a versatile wallet offering Gold, USD, EUR, BTC and other currencies you can purchase or exchange right inside your own wallet.  I have a wallet here also.  They are very popular and it could easily take a couple weeks to get through the approval process.  But get started here and let it take it's course. 

c) / is easy, instant and they don't require KYC documents or verifications plus there are no limits on purchases as it's a peer to peer exchange where members buy and sell to each other.  Get set up here for sure.
d) is a big one based in Luxembourg which I recommend over Coinbase which is very popular but is US based and already under attack by the IRS. 
Once you're set up with BitCoin, there will be several opportunities open up for you.  One thing at a time. 
Don't worry about timing.  The key is to just 'get started'! 
More later


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