Subject: FutureNet Cafe Franchise: How Do You Like YOUR Coffee?

Umm.. I'll take cream and sugar!!

Hey I'm back again! This is Curt and you should know my last name by now.. (hint: Miller)

A few days ago I showed you how is starting it's own leasing service. That would be enough good news to last a good while.. but I'm not done yet. In fact - not by a LONG shot!!

The idea of is to have as many different outside revenue streams coming-in as possible. This is what they need, as a company, to make sure that us affiliates can get well-compensated. I expect to make a ton of money with this company, as do most of the other affiliates that I know!!

And Along Comes A Cafe Shop Franchise From

I like both the powdered OR the liquid creamer - even BOTH at the same time - plus some sugar. You know what REALLY gets me excited, though? I would love to be the owner of a FutureNet Cafe store (yes, another FAN page I made on the site!) here in my location, where I live at.

Yes - this company is the REAL deal. We get to position ourselves as PARTNERS with this company.  What? Can't afford to pay to get your own franchise? If you join now and start to build your FN team, position yourself into as many matrices as you possibly can, and get yourself some adpacks - you'll be on your way towards getting there.

We are already in the social media game. You KNOW how powerful that can be for your pocketbook, I hope  ;-)... but just think of how BIG this company will be when we have our own worldwide leasing service and cafe franchise!!  

Facebook doesn't have either of these - yet has 1/6 of the world's population using their website. We can take it beyond that, I truly believe. Well, there are some things that I have yet to tell you about, so you actually don't have all of the information yet. Hey! I can't tell you everything at one time.. I like writing these emails and need things to talk about.. haha 

Keep and eye out for my NEXT email. It gets even MORE exciting.. but til then..

To your MASSIVE success!! 

Curt Miller
600 E. Lloyd St.
Ebensburg, PA 15931

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss

600 E. Lloyd St., Ebensburg, PA 15931, United States
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