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Your Creative Edge 2018 - 2 places left
Tea and Tarot with Vanessa Sage
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A Petite Post from your Proprietresses

Love is in the air - isn't that what they say this time of the year? Well, we certainly love what's going on at The Purple Ink Cafe this month. 

We are super excited about the women who have gathered together for Your Creative Edge 2018. There is still room for two more. So, if you have been sitting on the proverbial fence, hit reply to this email and let us know that you're in!

We are getting the cafe extra spiffed up for The Purple Ink Cafe Presents on Wednesday, February 7 when we invite you to have afternoon tea with Vanessa Sage. Vanessa will be helping us nourish our souls while sharing how to intuitively read tarot cards. Pull out your fine china or your favourite mug, bring a tarot or oracle deck, if you have one, and get ready to indulge in a fun and insightful circle. 

And, of course, we'd love for you to purchase our cute little e-book. This book extends some of the ideas shared in our free e-course. We include activities to spark your creativity that take 1,2 or 5 minutes. Hence, the title 1, 2, 5 : Everyday Ways to be Creative. Plus, we've organized the activities not only by the time they take but also by what you may need energetically.

Monday mornings are always special when we can share some Creative-Work and Inspired Play with you. Dates for February are Mondays, Feb. 5, 12 and 26. 

With Purple Ink,

Kathy & Mary
The Purple Ink Cafe Presents ...

Tea and Tarot:
Take Time to Nourish Your Soul 

Vanessa Sage Ph.D

noon PT/ 3 pm ET

Pour yourself a cup of your favourite tea, grab a deck if you have one (an oracle deck will work!), as we get ready to spend an hour nourishing our souls with Vanessa Sage. Vanessa is the founder of Sage Priestess Certification and the upcoming Intuitive Tarot School.

She will share ways to establish a relationship with your deck, and show how this deceptively simple deck of cards can be used to gain insight and understanding into your everyday life.

Please join us for this FREE, timely and interactive afternoon. Wednesday, February 7 at noon PT/ 3 pm ET. To register CLICK HERE. (Can't make it live? Sign up for the replay)

Vanessa Sage's work focuses on self-compassion, inner-bravery, and discovering the mystery in our everyday lives. She offers spiritual and business mentorship, Priestess training, and tarot readings to help you enchant your everyday, bring your imagination to life, and listen to your wild soul’s calling! She has a PhD in cultural anthropology, and spent many years studying Buddhism, pilgrimage, and alternative spirituality as an anthropologist of religion.

You can find her at and
and follow her on:
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This is the part of a series of Free, Fun and inFormative events held at The Purple Ink Cafe that showcases some of the wonderful people who are already part of the cafe's community and new friends who have something interesting to share. These events are experiential and a way to learn something new, meet interesting people and, above all, make some time for your creative self to have some fun.
Your Creative Edge 2018

Are curious about how to gain steady, sustainable momentum towards your goals? Do you have a business or business idea that is close to your heart? Are you looking to connect, create and collaborate with other women entrepreneurs?

YCE isn’t all about profits - it’s about enjoying the process as you make progress toward your goals. It’s not high pressured and you can’t get lost in a crowd. It is for women with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to succeed using their own measure of success.

YCE is an 8 month program, spread over 10 months, that is part circle, part workshop, part master mind, part coaching and all action!

We start February  7 at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT.

Want to chat before committing? We get that and we'd love to meet with you. Email us to set up a meeting time.

To learn more CLICK HERE NOW!  

1 - 2 - 5: Everyday Ways to be Creative

Our first E-book is chock full of ideas for things you can do in one, two or five minutes. Thing that will bring a smile to your face, a boost of energy, a sense of connection and grounding or, maybe, just a sigh of satisfaction.

At only $8 we think this is an affordable investment
for your creative health. Click on the image to purchase your digital copy.

Some examples (with our own artwork!):
In blind contour drawing you look at the object you are drawing, not the paper or pencil creating the drawing. It is a way to see, really see, something. Perhaps, to see and therefore, experience, things in a way you haven't before.
You can do this anywhere, with any medium, even on the side of the newspaper funnies page.

Contrary to what your grade school teacher may have told you, doodling is a good thing. It can aid in focus, help thinking and problem solving skills and be a moment of creative bliss.

You will find the same benefits with 1, 2 or 5 minutes!
Creative Clutter Clearing:
a KMI Master Mind

Clearing clutter doesn't have to be a dreary and lonely experience. It doesn't need to be stressful or overwhelming. Find the joy as we explore creative tools that produce insights and Aha's, dive deep into the collective wisdom of the group and make meaningful progress while we take clutter busting action on each call.

Join us for one, two or more calls. For dates and details click here.

Creative Work - Inspired Play
This is a chance to get to something important, not just urgent.  We meet most Monday mornings at The Purple Ink Cafe through the magic of Zoom at 11:30 ET.  We collectively hold space for each other as we work independently on our own things. It's a mingle of creative inspiration, gentle accountability, fun and friendship. And it's free!  Sign up for reminders here.  

Upcoming dates: Mondays, Feb. 5,12 and 26

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