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EUROPARC Federation eNews
March 2018

Dear readers,

Spring has arrived bringing refreshed energy for this new cycle. We hope you are feeling energetic too, as in this issue we bring you some great events and training opportunities that you can not miss. Besides, the call for the European Day of Parks 2018 is open and you can start organising your activities! 

This month we introduce you Bárbara Pais, our communications and marketing manager. Throughout the year, you will meet each one of EUROPARC staff member, who will bring you the news in their native languages. It's our special way to celebrate diversity, in this European Year for Cultural Heritage!
In this issue...
> IMPACT Interreg Europe: Good practice from France

> ESPARC 2018 - registrations are open
> European Parks Academy: Training for professionals
> Call: IUCN green list testing phase

> Member Looking for partners!

> Manual "Old-growth Forests: Characteristics and conservation value" by EUROPARC Spain

special: TransParcNet Meeting 2018
“Bridges over troubled water – Nature protection of river landscapes”
TransParcNet Meeting 2018

We are very pleased to invite you to the TransParcNet meeting 2018 - the annual gathering of members of EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme and specialists interested in cross-border cooperation.

We will focus on „Nature protection of river landscapes” in transboundary regions and learn from the experiences of Podyjí and Thayatal and other areas, enjoying the scenic views of the deep Dyje/Thaya river valley, large forests and vast heathlands.

We also seek your contribution and experiences with river landscape protection and all the aspects. The official opening of the TransParcNet meeting 2018 will take place on Tuesday 5th of June at 17:00 in Retz, Austria. Register before April 15th. 

Programme and registrations available at:

News from your BRUSSELS representation
European Protected Areas & Sustainable Agriculture
EUROPARC Position Paper

EUROPARC Policy Office in Brussels and the members of the Agriculture and Protected Areas Commission, launched EUROPARC Position Paper on European Protected Areas & Sustainable Agriculture. The document aims to contribute to the current debate on the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform for the period after 2020, while underlying how the Protected Areas can be valorised by the new CAP.

The EUROPARC position paper “European Protected Areas & Sustainable Agriculture: Working in Partnership for Biodiversity and Rural Development” introduces the role of Protected Areas, illustrated by many successful examples of collaboration with farmers from the EUROPARC network, and reinforces the need for new, better-integrated approaches and more innovative funding mechanisms at regional, national and European level. It builds on 5 key-strategic points, outlining concrete ways how Protected Areas’ potential to integrate EU agricultural interests with environmental concerns can be tapped within a reformed CAP framework.

Marine Protected Areas
Ocean Mirror: Update on MPA Policy & Practise

Marine Protected Areas must be effectively governed, managed and networked across borders – but what resources are there to support MPAs practitioners in tackling these challenges?

We bring you an overview on the current standards and the latest policy updates: the EU Environment Good Environmental Status, the recent guidelines launched by the WCPA Freshwater Protected Areas Task Force and the IUCNGreen List, and the work in the Mediterranean that's being developed by the MedPAN-network and the UNEP.

Public Consultation
EU Initiative for pollinators: your expertise is needed

The European Commission is running a Public Consultation on the EU initiative for pollinators (running until 5 April 2018), to collect views on the decline of pollinators. The questionnaire covers the causes and consequences of pollinator declines, potential mitigation measures and the EU dimension to the problem. 
Tourism & Growth 
Tourism Sector results & the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year

The Tourism Task Force of the European Parliament (Committee TRAN – TRANSPORT AND TOURISM) had a special meeting on 27 February 2018 to analyse the tourism sector’s key results and trends in the EU in 2017 and looked at its main future challenges. 

The 2018 EU-China Tourism Year, officially launched in Venice, IT, in January. This year will be the occasion to develop mutual relations and initiatives in the tourism sector, and EU will be “guest of honour” in all tourism fairs in China, in order to attract more tourism flows from China to the European countries. All these initiatives will be illustrated on the website of the year

European Day of Parks 2018: 
Call for a joint celebration with the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Cultural Identity is rooted in the connection to the land. Look at your local traditions, at the stories your landscape tells, at the crafts, literature , and art, at the architectonic styles, or even at the food you eat… Cultural heritage it's in our Nature! The challenge for this year is to organise events in and around the 24th of May to increase the connection between our natural heritage and cultural identity!

Start organising your events!
We’ve created the brochure "Guidelines for Parks" to help you developing your activities, and promotion tools in 22 languages...! All materials are available at

PANORAMA Solutions for a Healthy Planet
Call for Solutions

At the occasion of European Day of Parks on 24 May, IUCN will promote a different success story from European protected areas each day of that week! Inspiring solutions to Protected Area management and governance will be shared through IUCN’s social media accounts, and will stay available as “solution” case studies on the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet web platform. 
Solutions can relate to aspects such as tourism, restoration, community engagement, transboundary collaboration etc. If you have a success story from a European PA to share, please submit it directly on the PANORAMA platform by 20 April. Read other solutions from European PAs on the PANORAMA platform here.
EUROPARC Annual Journal
Protected Areas In-Sight

The new visions and new values for people and Nature in Europe;
examples of new management models for Protected Areas based on community involvement; and a special section on Overtourism, are the main highlights of this edition! 
The journal is available in English, German and French. It's full of inspiring stories from our network and important tools for all protected area professionals.

CEETO Interreg Central Europe
Partners meeting in Budapest

During the last 12th to 13th of March, partners of CEETO Interreg Central Europe project hold their first Technical meeting in Budapest, Hungary. The meeting, coordinated by the Region Emilia Romagna and organized with the support of Nimfea, was aimed at identifying which tools/practices are applicable/transferrable to CEETO region and PAs. More information here.
IMPACT Interreg Europe EUROPE 
Designing new management models for Protected Areas
Good Practices from France

IMPACT project is approaching the end of its Phase 1. Partners are finishing their action plans, incorporating inspiring ideas from the good practices collected
Last month, ENRx partner organised interesting study visits to three Natural Regional Parks: Parc naturel régional des Caps & Marais d’Opale, Parc naturel régional de l’Avesnois, Parc naturel régional Scarpe-Escaut to showcase how they work in partnership with a large variety of local private & public stakeholders. Among which, EDEN62, public entity in charge of the management of fragile nature areas; Rivages Propres, an entitiy that provides insertion teams to work in natural areas; Lycée Bavay, a high school that offers a voluntary Biodiversity educational program for teenagers; Biodiverlycée and Gîtes de France participating in Nature & Wellness programme amd Showcase garden - a supporting local plants program. 
For more information about IMPACT project, please visit IMPACT Interreg Europe Website.

Opportunities & Training
The finalists for the 2018 European Nature 2000 Awards were announced...
...and now you can vote on your favourite!

The European Commission’s Natura 2000 Awards recognises the time, dedication and efforts Europeans invested in nature protection within the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. The Award aims to raise awareness about Natura 2000 and the role it plays for safeguarding our natural heritage and in promoting social and economic well-being. 

The 25 finalists in five categories – Conservation, Socio-Economic Benefits, Communication, Reconciling Interests/Perceptions, and Cross-Border Cooperation and Networking – will now be assessed by an independent jury. Meanwhile, everyone is invited to vote for his or her favourite finalist to win the European Citizens’ Award
Online voting closes on 22 April 2018. The winners will be announced at a ceremony hosted by Commissioner Vella in Brussels on Thursday 17 May 2018. The event is open to the press and the public. Please register online if you wish to attend.

Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships
Opportunity for Protected Areas staff under 35 & Students

Are you under 35 working in a Protected Area, NGO or Governmental Agency? Or you are still a student or recently graduated who would like to work for Protected Areas? Then, this might be an excellent opportunity for you!
 Each year the EUROPARC Federation, with support from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S., awards three Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships to promising young conservationists, who are committed to working for the benefit of Protected Areas. Each scholarship is worth €3.000 and enables successful applicants to undertake a study visit on a particular theme to one or more Protected Areas in European countries. 

The 3 successful applications will be awarded at EUROPARC Conference 2018, in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.
Registrations are open for the EUROPARC Spain Conference

ESPARC is the most important event in Spain for Protected Area specialists, organised every two years by EUROPARC-Spain and relevant local partners. This year will take place in Picos de Europa National Park, between the 23-27th May. All information about programme and registrations here.
Webinar tomorrow
Large Carnivores: strategies for a better coexistence

While wildlife return in Europe is seen by many as a great conservation success, it brings some new challenges too. Conflicts can be minimised through prevention, education, training and awareness raising and in this webinar, we bring you successful strategies that were implemented by Protected Areas and NGOs in Estonia and Italy. The webinar is co-organised by the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores.
European Parks Academy
Training for Protected Area professionals

The European Parks Academy 2018 (EPA) is an international training for protected area professionals, organised by IUCN´s World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), the research institution E.C.O. and the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt. The training takes place in Klagenfurt (Austria) between the 16th-28th July 2018 and is is divided in 3 modules - Communications & Branding, Ecological Monitoring and Management of World Heritage Sites. All information at
Open call to Natura2000 managers:
IUCN Green List testing phase

To determine the feasibility of the application of the IUCN Green List Sustainability Standard to Natura 2000 sites, IUCN is carrying out an EU-funded LIFE Preparatory Project. As part of it, IUCN is issuing an open call to Natura 2000 site managers, inviting them to apply for the testing phase of the project. Selection of Natura 2000 sites identified for inclusion will be based on a number of criteria. 

How, why and when to apply? Read more about it here. 
Member looking for Partners
RE3 for healthy soils
Parco Nord Milano 

The RE3 proposal deals with the international challenge of limiting soil consumption and aims to promote, test and validate environmentally and economically sustainable and integrated strategies for green areas regeneration. 
Any organisation who may wish to take part in the proposal and work with us to co-plan and detail the project idea can contact 

Good to know

“Old-growth forests: characteristics and conservation value” 

The “Old-growth forests: characteristics and conservation value” manual – also available in English – provides an exhaustive review of the scientific state of the art on forest maturity and its different meanings, and synthesizes the most significant and observable characteristics of old-growth stands. 

The Manual was developed by EUROPARC Spain under the project RedBosques, a 3 year Life project, focused on Old-growth Forests in Spain.
Junior Ranger Programme Guidelines

EUROPARC Germany has just launched the "The Junior Ranger Programme Guidelines" - a guiding document for German Parks, but also a source of inspiration for the Junior Ranger Network across Europe.
In Germany, the programme was developed in 4 pillars - to offer children different ways to join the Junior Rangers. The document is available in English here.
World Fish Migration Day
Connecting Fish, Rivers and People

April 21st: the World Fish Migration Day 2018 (WFMD) will be celebrated all over the globe through a wave of local events
In every country, organisations host their own events – some internally, but mainly open to the public. What matters most is to create experiences that reach people and make them aware how fish migration matters to our eco-system and to communities’ livelihoods. Read how you can join the celebration here.


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