Subject: The Insider Track | ULA Today October 2017

ULA Family,

Here we are, entering the 4th quarter of 2017! It’s truly hard to believe!!!

As we approach the holiday season, I want to challenge you to position yourself to give your loved ones a holiday to remember this year.

Maybe your kids have wanted something for a while: the newest shoes, video games, trend-setting tech toys…or, for the older kids, a new phone, or maybe even a new car. Additionally, maybe your spouse has been wanting a Louis Vuitton bag, a dream vacation abroad, or maybe even a BRAND-NEW HOUSE! No kids and no spouse? No problem! Focus on something big that YOU’VE been wanting, and make it your goal to get it for yourself!!!

Whomever or whatever it is, let me tell you this: “I can’t afford it” should NEVER be your excuse!

If that is your answer, then you need to work harder. Period.

If you properly utilize your training AND your support system, and you are willing to work really hard, then you should be able to provide all of the above and more.

The temptation can be there to get some cash in your pocket and slack off. But don’t! That kind of behavior WILL NOT get you where you want to be. You have to put the effort in, day in and day out.

Your spouse, your kids, maybe your parents: For many of you, their support is vital, and THEY are the reason you can do your work to the best of your ability.

They deserve the world. YOU deserve to possess the opportunity to provide it for them.

I’m here to remind you, you’ve GOT that with this career.

Whatever motivates you, find it. Realize it. Say it out loud and repeat it. Write it on sticky notes and put it in your car, on your mirrors, on your bedside table, as the background on your phone. JUST DO IT.

Make this your best quarter yet: "YOUR GRAND FINALE" of 2017.

Don’t stop, slow down, or slack off. Step it up.

It's the ONLY way to success!

The September Leader Board

ULA September Numbers Are In

  • Gabe B. $20,029
  • Andy C. $19,053
  • Kent S. $17,527
  • Will N. $15,586
  • Matt H. $13,947
  • Damon D. $13,906
  • Will E. $13,562
  • Julie S. $13,550
  • Kevin Y. $12,905
  • Antwan S. $11,956
  • Casey C. $11,755
  • David H. $11,548
  • Joe R. $11,419
  • Rob J. $10,462
  • TeZ M. $10,419
  • Paul D. $10,419
  • Kevin S. $10,387
  • Liquid Life $173,783
  • Remedy Financial Group $101,245
  • A2Z $70,250
  • The Dream Team $61,953
  • Providence Family Insurance $48,390
  • 419 Financial Group $38,246

Congratulations to the Leader of the Month!

Leader of the Month:

Mark J. with $24,933

Alberta Qualifiers:

Chad L., Keith J., TeZ M., Kent S., Mark J., Damon D., Casey C., Andy C., Gabe B., Joe R., Rob J., Will N.,
Matt H., Mike B.

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