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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books November 27
Planning Today for Success Tomorrow:
helping students choose their college or trade school major and career

by Moses McCutcheon, Jr.

This guide teaches students how to decide what they really want; truly knowing that is the first principle of success!

More than 50 percent of all high-school seniors don’t know what they want to be or do after graduation. An effective career-development program enables students to plan for future success. Career-development training saves time and money. The earlier career development training begins the better. Career planning should start with family planning.

This book was written to help parents and schools to guide middle-school and high-school students to make the transition from school to a successful life.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Education

ISBN: 978-1432700133

an amazing story of a little black cat

by Leyla Atke

The author was inspired to write this book by a remarkable experience she had in the summer of 2006. She formed a profound bond with a young stray cat called Charm. All was going well, but the cat’s natural curiosity took over, so he eagerly explored the neighborhood. One day, the author noticed that Charm was missing and she began looking for him. The cat was nowhere to be found.

This is a tender and loving story of a small cat that is found, lost and found again under very mysterious circumstances.

This book provides an opportunity to think about the miracle of life and to consider life after death. This very personal account of the author’s experience is accompanied by her poignant illustrations.

Atke shows her gift of being first and foremost a storyteller. Her words and art are simple yet imbued with love and expression. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Honorable Mention, Non-Fiction – Animals, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; Finalist, Children’s Non-Fiction, International Book Awards; seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

ISBN: 978-1939484338

Outsmart Your Brain:
the insider’s guide to life-long memory

by Denise M. Kalos, Ginger Schechter and Allison McKeany

Memory is not something that should diminish with age. No one is ever too young to start developing healthy habits that can have a long-term impact on cognition.

People of all ages will benefit from the easy-to-follow and practical advice in this book. The experts at AffirmativHealth have been working with people living with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as those at risk of developing those conditions, for several years. They have treated hundreds of patients with remarkable success.

The team at AffirmativHealth began their journey as part of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. They have reviewed literature from all over the world and the best research has been consolidated to develop this easy-to-follow guide to life-long brain health.Memory loss is not something that just happens as we age; memory is impacted by years of lifestyle habits. AffirmativHealth is a personalized and precision medicine practice. This book explains how diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, socializing, brain stimulation and behavioral changes and habits can have a positive impact on memory.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS, MarketWatch, NBC, Wallstreet Online, Yahoo Finance

Category: Health & Fitness

ISBN: 978-1734572421

What Do I Do?:
a step by step guide for friends and family
to support anyone who has lost a child

by Kimberly Calabrese

People feel helpless and are unsure about how to help and what to say after a friend or family member has suffered the loss of a child. This book gives a powerful insight and offers specific instructions needed to become the support system the parents and siblings will require in the first year. That support can powerfully impact the healing process.

The author wrote this book because when she needed it to share with her family after her daughter died, it didn’t exist. Her daughter Paris died when she was just six months old. During that painful time in her life, she didn’t have much support because her friends and family didn’t know what to do. So she chose to pretend it didn’t happen, moved to another state, and buried Paris’s death deep inside her heart for more than ten years.

She later discovered the harsh reality that the loss of a child can never be forgotten. She has since dedicated herself to healing others who have suffered loss. The purpose of this book is to enable people to help grieving parents beyond sending flowers and dropping off a casserole.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Health, Family & Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-1948604444

Rearranging Change:
how you market to an ever-changing world

by Steve McChesney

This book is like having a business marketing coach available 24/7. It explains the different communication styles that people relate and react to, and teaches how to apply them in business.

The book includes innovative marketing strategies to target any audience. There are copywriting techniques that will definitely get results. There is essential advice for any business involving sales, marketing or copywriting of any kind. In relation to copywriting, the author teaches how to be concise and easily understood; how to convert readers into paying customers; and how to overcome writer’s block.
With regard to marketing, readers are taught to communicate effectively and given a full understanding of
features and benefits. The author describes what really motivates people.

Rearranging Change is a book that will reshape the way people think about marketing and advertising. It is written with the reader in mind. The information is relevant, easily understood and exciting to apply.

Short, concise chapters... full of valuable information... easy to read... — OnlineBookClub

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS, MarketWatch, NBC, Wallstreet Online and Yahoo Finance

Category: Business

ISBN: 979-8632295680

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Selling through Your Heart
by Shirlene Reeves

This comprehensive step-by-step guide designed exclusively for business people, salespersons and entrepreneurs is focused on boosting sales and generating a more substantial income. It addresses issues such as market competition, meeting sales quotas and overcoming the anxiety of building a viable business.

The wisdom and teachings in this book will help to strengthen business knowledge. The author provides tips on tapping into universal support, and adds valuable insights on how to implement and achieve the success of a million-dollar blueprint.

The author explains how to develop an abundant mindset, how to communicate effectively, how to build a sturdy foundation for any business, how to market products and services and how to sell them by following the three steps of her sales waltz. As an interactive feature, the book has spaces for readers to make notes and answer questions while reading the various sections.

Easy to understand, relatable and interactive — OnlineBookClub

Honors: Winner, Career, Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Winner, Sales & Marketing, Independent Press Award; Winner, Sales & Marketing, New York City Big Book Award; Finalist, Business: Sales, International Book Awards; seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1944335953

The Steep Side of the Marble
by Jones Deady

This novel is set in the southern United States. The main body of the story takes place during the Hooper family reunion at a rambling estate.

The book explores the perils facing the human heart; the lies, secrets and vanities at this wealthy family gathering. The main protagonist is Lily. At the age of 15, she is a force; witty, tough, precocious and determined. With her mother at her side, she will bring down the house and perhaps return dignity to the family name.

The story has a gothic and eccentric tenor swimming against a stream of argument, alcohol, pretension, a great secret and the powerful personalities of three elderly matriarchs.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN 978-1950544202

Closer Than You Think
(Book One of the Broken Minds series)

by Lee Maguire

Bryce Davison is a psychologist. His work, helping others, provides a respite from the dysphoria that troubles him in other settings. Something is amiss, though. Cracks are beginning to appear in his psyche. He’s troubled by events from his past —one from years ago and one more recent. If that’s not bad enough, his marriage is on the rocks. He’s finding it more challenging to get through his days. Depression, anxiety, loss and grief are the companions surrounding him each day. Night is the worst time for him.

Bryce understands he must deal with his emotions and work through the difficulties. Then, out of the blue, other things begin to happen; unnerving things — a scent on a pillow, cryptic email messages, phone calls, items out of place, the sense of being watched or followed. Does he have a stalker or has sensitivity crossed into paranoia?

As the days go by and the threats become more palpable, Bryce knows he’s in trouble. Worse than that, others are targeted, including a troubled patient in the residential treatment center and Bryce’s elderly mother. Lives are at stake, including his own. Can he get it together and save those close to him, or will others die before he becomes the final victim?

The characters are nicely woven and engaging. The author’s insight into psychology was intriguing and added a depth to the setting and characters of the novel. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0999411209

Feeling Good:
living low toxin in community and everyday life

by Cheryl Meyer

In this book, the author encourages people to imagine finding the ‘magic’ pill that will erase misery and keep them and their loved ones safe; to imagine feeling great and knowing that they are living a life that best protects them and their families; to imagine not worrying anymore about their health.

She explains that the ‘magic’ pill is not a pharmaceutical; not an over-the-counter drug. Instead, she describes how people can protect their health by implementing the tips in this book about living low toxin. This involves boosting the immune system through a daily routine that eliminates toxins. Instead of processed and fast foods, there’s a diet of wholesome organic foods. It also involves reducing stress levels by doing short exercises.

We don’t live in an isolated bubble; we live in a community. We don’t choose the ingredients used in restaurants, and we want to enjoy socializing with friends and family who are still eating the standard American diet. We travel and have choices for food that we didn’t prepare and don’t control. This book provides the blueprint to maintain a healthy life. It’s never too late to start making health-conscious choices that you and your loved ones can live by.

A step-by-step, comprehensive guide... well-written, positive, informative — Readers’ Favorite

Category: Health & Fitness

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Winner, Health – General, Beverly Hills Book Awards, 2017; Winner, Mind-Body-Spirit, Living Now Book Awards, 2017; Winner, Health/Medicine, New Apple E-Book Awards, 2017


Course Design Formula:
how to teach anything to anyone online

by Rebecca Frost Cuevas

This book introduces and explains the Course Design Formula®, a research-based instructional design process that promotes excellence in online course development. Integrating best practices from cognitive psychology, instructional design, learning theory, information processing theory and more, the formula helps people create high-quality learning journeys for your online course participants.

The author, an award-winning teacher and online-learning expert, developed this formula in order to help creative thinkers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs design engaging and effective online courses that deliver real transformation.

The formula helps people to build a course better, faster and more effectively than others who are not using a research-based instructional design process. The guidance in this book will make the online course creation process fast, fun, effective and simple to apply to a specific content and target audience.

Packed with actionable and practical advice... it's particularly relevant for today's virtual world. — Goodreads

Honors: Finalist, Education, Indie Book Award; Finalist, Education, National Indie Excellence Awards; (Education); Finalist, Education/Academic, International Book Awards; seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Education

ISBN: 978-1732782310

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