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Wilbur Hot Springs is now open!

We're delighted to share that Wilbur Hot Springs is now open, and our first guests since March arrive today. We're so excited to welcome you again!

The Wilbur team has spent the past few months preparing the hotel, standalone cabins, and secluded campsites for your return. 

We have plenty of wide-open spaces for ample social distancing, and COVID-19 Protocols in place for your peace of mind. Wilbur has a wide range of outdoor activities, from our geothermal waters, chlorinated swimming pool and reading nooks, to hiking, biking and wildlife spotting on our 1800 acre nature preserve. 

We've made a few changes to the Wilbur Experience to keep everyone safe. We invite you to read more about Wilbur’s Commitment During COVID-19.  

Ready to relax? There are a just few limited spots remaining for July:

In this edition

What's new at Wilbur? From owl boxes to our meal program, from honey bees to flume upgrades... The Wilbur team and our brilliant volunteers have been busy preparing to welcome you again.

Read on to find out about all these improvements, and get a free yoga gift from us to you. 
Owl is everyone doing?

After being shut off from the outside world since March 21, we are as excited as ever to open Wilbur back up to all of our wonderful guests and get back to the best that life has to offer.

When you arrive, you will notice many changes that have taken place since March, and you will notice many discrete changes if you pay close attention to some details, but numerous changes you will not see unless you get out and explore the wonderful nature preserve. I have already written an article about the care of the ponies that we went through, and you can see them on the preserve as happy and healthy as ever! (Please remember – DO NOT feed the ponies! The sugars in their diets are causing irreparable damage!)

One of the fun projects we began just past the cemetery is our new apiary. We have close to 20 boxes, and bees are swarming all around diligently creating our very own Wilbur Honey! If you get a chance, take a short hike out there and watch with fascination thousands and thousands of bees coming and going. Don’t get too close unless you have on a bee suit!

Another project that we are proud to have created is our new owl habitat. It was a lengthy process, as we spent numerous hours dissecting the information about the types of owls we have, the types of boxes that we need, and where they should be properly placed, then ordered them, then the country shut down while the boxes were in transit and through the mass confusion, they got returned to the warehouse and it literally took two months to get them back on property...

Regardless of the snafus, we were able to find a wonderful large field on top and behind Manzanita Hill that is the perfect habitat for our barn owls, which can have as many as 12-16 owlets in one brood! We missed the mating season due to the shipping delay, but the box is up and eagerly awaiting a family to check it out for next breeding season.

In addition, we also have two screech owl boxes, which get placed in trees. We already know where one couple lives in a canyon just across from our workshop, and these boxes should be placed 50 acres apart, so we checked out several locations and settled on two perfect spots to create those habitats.

Wilbur Hot Springs is so much more than the healing waters, and being able to help create habitats to support wildlife is as rewarding as any endeavor I have been involved in throughout all my travels. We have so much more to do, but the ponies, the bees, and the owls are a terrific start! Please pay them a visit when you discover the changes at Wilbur and the Nature Preserve.

~ Ray Golden, General Manager
Thank you, volunteers!

One of the projects we have on our to-do list for our annual closedown is maintaining the inner workings of the flumes. If you've ever wondered what it looks like underneath all the wood planks, here it is!

We couldn’t have done it this year without all the amazing volunteers. Thank you for everything you contributed--your skills, talents, creativity, ingenuity, your excitement about community, and the overall positive vibes you brought to Wilbur this year. We are deeply grateful for you, all!
Guest Reflections

"Every time I discover some new and fascinating wonder at Wilbur. One time it was tiny frogs everywhere. Another time is was millions of dragonflies at sunset - magical. Another time it was so much frost that it looked like snow! Or the icy rain - each drop - on your body after the really hot flume. Seriously, every time there is new magic - along with a sense of familiarity that spans time."

~ Michele S
Our gift to you

In challenging times, yoga keeps us grounded. Our resident yoga teacher Sarana Miller has kindly gifted a virtual class to keep the Wilbur community connected.

Practicing Resilience - An Hour-Long Yoga Practice with Sarana Miller

PASSWORD: saranayoga.resilience

Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay Safe. Namaste, Sarana

Want more? You can also join Sarana's livestreamed classes on Sunday mornings via

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Getaways, self-care, and time spent in nature are more important now than ever. Wilbur Hot Springs has been a time-honored refuge for those wanting and needing to slow-down, unplug, spend time in nature, connect with others, and reconnect with themselves.

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