Subject: COLORADO: Oppose Ballot Proposal Affecting Livestock Farmers

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Hi Friend,

Please contact your two Colorado representatives to express opposition to this potential ballot initiative, 2021-2022 #16 Laws Concerning Cruelty to Animals

Tell your Senator and your House Representative that there is a Title Hearing on this initiative on Wednesday April 7, at 9 am and that you oppose the initiative.

This initiative prohibits slaughter of livestock and other animals unless the animal has lived one-quarter of its “natural life span” as defined by the regulation, including 20 years for cows, 8 for chickens, and 15 for pigs. This would negatively impact small producers who cannot afford to maintain the animals for the legislated time period. In addition, slaughter and processing at these late stages produces meat that is tougher, less tasty, and may not be accepted or sought out by consumers.

The initiative also prohibits any “sexual act” with an animal as aggravated cruelty to animals. This could include the use of artificial insemination, common in animal husbandry. It appears that opponents of cruel animal practices are improperly using their ballot initiative to govern how and when livestock are produced, and when livestock are slaughtered, grossly interfering with the generally accepted practices for the raising, slaughter and processing of livestock. If this initiative passes, it would have greater impact on smaller producers who lack the financial means to keep livestock for the timeframes provided for in the legislation.

See below for action step and please share with your family and friends in Colorado.   

Alexia Kulwiec
Executive Director
Cows and cattle dog

Call or email your own Colorado House Representative and Senator asking her/him to OPPOSE initiative #16. Calls are best so please call if you can.

Tell them that there is a Title Hearing on this initiative on Wednesday April 7, at 9 am and that you oppose the initiative. Give reasons why you oppose this initiative.

Find out who represents you HERE.


Find the full text and other initiative details HERE

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