Subject: URGENT: Alaska – Increase Access to Raw Dairy Products

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House Bill 22 (HB 22), also known as “an Act relating to shared animal ownership; relating to the sharing and sale of raw milk and raw milk products” passed out of the Community and Regional Affairs committee with a unanimous vote of approval. The hearing is off to the House Resources committee on Friday, April 16, at 1 pm.

Currently, Alaska law allows the distribution of raw milk through the herdshare agreements but the regulation allowing this is interpreted to ban the distribution of any other raw dairy products via herd shares. HB 22 would change that to allow the distribution of all other dairy products through herdshare agreements.

Under the bill “a part-owner of a shared milk-producing animal may share raw milk or a raw milk product produced from the milk of the animal only

(1) with another owner of the animal who has provided the part-owner with at least two means of contacting the other owner in the event of a foodborne illness;
(2) if the raw milk or raw milk product is produced exclusively by the owners of the animal; and
(3) if the raw milk or raw milk product is provided directly from one owner to another owner.”

HB 22 prohibits any person from selling raw milk or a raw milk product.

Please help support freedom of choice.

Alexia Kulwiec
Executive Director

Call or email members of the House Resources Committee asking them to vote YES on HB 22. Calls are best but please do both; it is especially important to call if you are a constituent of any member. You can use any of the Talking Points below. Member contact information is listed at the end of this email.

Testify at the hearing on Friday, April 16, at 1 pm. Call the legislative teleconference phone number below and ask the operator to transfer you into the House Resources committee meeting for testimony on HB 22.

It’s best to call towards the beginning of the meeting as it sometimes takes a few minutes to be transferred to the meeting. Once you are transferred in, you will be able to hear the proceedings.

When it is your turn to testify, the Chair of the committee will call on you by name, you will be unmuted by the moderator and given an opportunity to speak to the committee. Depending on the number of testifiers, your testimony may be limited to 2 minutes.

The teleconference numbers are:
From Juneau: 907-586-9085
From Anchorage: 907-563-9085
Anywhere else in the State: 844-586-9085


1. The bill would increase consumer freedom of choice by expanding the dairy products consumers can legally obtain.

2. The bill would enable dairy farmers to make a better living by increasing the kinds of dairy products they can distribute to consumers.

3. Raw dairy products have an excellent overall track record for safety.

4. Passage of HB 22 would keep more of the food dollar in the community with the increase in locally produced products consumers can obtain.


House Resources Committee showing District and session phone numbers for each; for more detail on each member, you can click links HERE

Email for the committee:

CHAIR: Rep. Josiah Patkotak [None-40]

VICE-CHAIR: Rep. Grier Hopkins [D-4]

Rep. Zack Fields [D-20]

Rep. Calvin Schrage [None-25]

Rep. Sara Hannan [D-33]

Rep.George Rauscher [R-9]

Rep. Mike Cronk [R-6]

Rep. Ronald Gillham [R-30]

Rep. Tom McKay [R-24]


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