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Summer 2021
Everything is possible

This month we invite you
to take advantage of the summer
to meditate,
to experience
the unlimited nature
of your being.
Our Zoom open guided meditation will continue in September
There will be no meditation during the Summer but we will be back at the beginning of September. 
Interview with Annick Brofman, Greek magazine

Translation :

Q: Your husband and inventor of the Method, Martin Brofman, was diagnosed with cancer in the '70s. He was given only two months to live. Yet, he healed himself and proved the doctors wrong. Are there more cases like his that you know of?

A: When he succeeded in the ‘70s it was not so common but now a day it is more. We have participants in our classes who get healed of cancer using healing. Even the medical world is more opened than before. We have a project with a clinic in France to validate Martin’s work concerning the inner cause of symptoms.

Q: How did you learn about the Method and decide to get involved?

A: In the ‘80s. I was working as a social worker and after a rather catholic education, I was not satisfied with answers given by religion about the meaning of my life. I was on a quest for answers than would make sense. I wanted to have a more spiritual path. I was also interested in healing with my hands. My secretary had attended a class with Martin and she brought me to a class. Et voilà !

Q: What illnesses can someone heal following the Method?

A: We work with the idea that anything can healed – any symptom. Our basic point of reference is that everything starts in the consciousness, everything. Illness is only showing a reaction to a situation in which we are unhappy. We each have the possibility to heal ourselves and others. We are in the driver seat of our life. We can release tensions and come back to balance whatever the symptom. We are unlimited and healing is a perfect way to experience this unlimited nature of our being.
This is why we say that the tools are for healing but also for inner knowledge.

Q: Is self-healing possible for everyone, or do some of us respond better and some others not at all? Why is that?

A: Healing is for everyone. Anybody can heal. Healing has many ways. Some work at it and for some it is just spontaneous.
What is common to every single healing is a transformation. A way of being and thinking results in a symptom – a different way of being and thinking heals the symptom.
The process of healing implies a process of transformation.
Healing works when people do this transformation, consciously like in our classes or spontaneously like in hospitals when they rethink their life and take new decisions.

Q: How do people respond to the Method?

A: Usely they love it!
The think is that our method is very simple. People are used to complicated theories about how difficult and long it has to be to heal.
We teach that they are free to be who they are and be great healers and heal themselves.
A healer does not need to be perfect to be a healer. If it was the case, there would not be a lot of healers on the planet! They just need to have a good heart and love the person they heal. Love is a major ingredient in the process.
For the person being healed they just need to be open to the process of transformation. They do not become someone else, they come home. They had lost sight of themselves and they come back home.

Q: A very important part of the Method has to do with the chakras. Why are they considered so important for our health?

A: They are connected to the physical body with the nervous and endocrine systems and each chakra is connected to a certain part of the body. They regulate the flow of energy in the body and they allow us to read the body as a map of the consciousness to find the inner cause to symptoms.

Q: There are 2 days and 5 days "Body Mirror" workshops scheduled in Greece.
What should a participant expect by attending?

A: Heal any symptom they might suffer from. Understand the inner cause. Experience giving healing to others and see how simple it is. Get answers about the meaning of their life. Experience lots of love. This a life transforming experience.
Q: Is there any "homework"? How much of our time do we have to dedicate to ourselves in order to stay healthy or heal?

A; No homework, just vigilance to keep being determined to be happy!
Summer Classes and more
CHAMPEX (Suisse) - 7/11 July - Healing Intensive LEVEL 2 with Annick Brofman and Philippe Hannetelle

NICE - 28 July/1st August - Healing Intensive LEVEL 1with Annick Brofman

MONTPELLIER - 20/24 October - LEVEL 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle
Everything is possible
I first became aware of the infinite possibility of the human being when I had talks with one of my maternal grandmother's nephew, Pierre Besson. He was a well-known dowser in France, working for the benefit of thousands of people, improving their health and helping them to find the way for their healing with homeopathic remedies. He was an explorer of the human conciousness and spirituality. He was living in the East of France and people were waiting very early in the morning in front of his house to have a consultation.

One month after my birth, my mother developped phlegmons in her both arms, doctors were powerless and my grandmother told her to contact him. Two weeks after she began the treatment, she was healed.

When I was in my twenties, I was visiting him several times and we had talks about the power we have as human beings. He was the coauthor of a book, written in the 50ies « Man or God », where is described the unlimited possibilities we can achieve. And he gave me some indications about spiritual classic books I could read, written by Yogananda, Spalding, Rampa among others. And he told me that I shouldn't believe everything about Rampa's story . I found later on that Spalding's story was also questionnable. However, they both help a lot of Westerners to awaken to spirituality and the inner work we need to do in order to improve our harmony and balance and how to stay healthy before any symptom reach our physical body.

In fact, never believe what someone tells you, do your own experience and see what resonates with your consciousness.

What impressed me the most as I was visiting him one day, is when he told us ( I was there with my wife at that time) that was the last time we would meet because he was going to leave his body. And some time later, as we were visiting my parents, my mother told me she received a letter from him in which he was thanking my parents and saying goodbye. As soon as we read the letter, with my wife we took the car and drove 3 hours to his town. When we arrive, the door of his appartment was slightly open, it was already strange and as we came in, members of the family were there and he was lying dead on his bed. They told us he died one hour before. So we never saw him alive again. I understood he already knew when he was going to leave his body.

I was always open to these ideas that we are unlimited beings and we can do everything. I read a lot of books about spirituality but it took me 15 years after Pierre left to find out how to put easily these philosophies in practice when I met Martin Brofman and when I heard « Everything begins in our consciousness and anything can be healed »

I jumped into this reality, I didn’t want to let the door being closed again and I became a healer and a teacher of Martin’s healing methods. Since then, I could see more and more people coming in touch with these ideas and I was able also to go deeper in my own experience. In fact, our inner universe is infinite and I am conscious that I know and I have experienced only a bit of my abilities.
We have inside of us a power we can use to change anything.

But still a lot of people find these ideas crazy, others are not interested at all, others believe we can heal some symptoms but not all and for sure, not in one healing session as we tell people.

We heard for ex that it’s dangerous to say anything can be healed. It’s given a false hope. And Martin answered that it was better to give false hope than true pessimism. It tells something how human beings program themselves with limited ideas and beliefs.
It’s interesting to see, as we are experiencing this virus period, how many people are still driven by limited ideas about themselves and put all their believes in the physical.
Our power lies in our heart, the key for being healthy is unconditional love, compassion, acceptance that are increasing the ability of our immune system to face any situation and stay in balance and in harmony.
As we move through this time, and looking at my own experience of the situation, I am obliged to go deeper in my heart to find a place where I can accept the others that are motivated by fear, lost in the physical scenario, not understanding the reason of all this creation. People see themselves as victims and find all possible reasons to continue to live this role, even when they are presented with another possibility.
We are living an extraordinary time, where we can explore deeper our consciousness and see the effects on ourselves and the others.
And just as we do within the reality of the Body Mirror System, functioning as healers, we can look at what was happening in the group consciousness before the symptom manifests, also what could be the result of the symptom, what do we learn from the symptom and how it’s helping the group consciousness to evolve, even if we have the impression the world could come to an end.

Each consciousness is in a process of evolution and they are billions of consciousness now on this planet. And for now, there is a lot of self interest, creating an unsafe world with riches and poors, violence among humans, enough weapons to destroy the life on the planet, and the constant slaugther of billions of animals. As long as we continue to go in this direction, we threaten our own existence. What we send out comes back multiplied many times. The possibility exists for destruction but mankind can realize, as more and more people open to these ideas, that we have to work for the benefit of the others, going out of our self-interest and only when we make the connection between the consciousness inside and our outer behavior does the seeming chaos becomes a discernable pattern.

Life is about the evolution of consciousness. We come in this physical reality to learn. And the lesson is about love and communication, and each of us is learning through different experiences how to respond with love and how to improve our communication skills.

We are all connected, not only among human beings but with everything that exists. And we influence everybody and every thing at each moment, so it's important to become vigilant about our perceptions, our thoughts, our words and the effects they have on us and the others.

Believe in the unlimited nature of your being and raise your perceptions to your heart, remove the judgement on yourself and others and be vigilant when you feel you are again back with perceptions of separation, come back again in your heart, spend more and more time in this space and you will feel more compassion, more acceptance for yourself and the others.

Philippe Hannetelle
Success story of the month
Since the Vision Workshop, I have never put my glasses back on for myopia, I had the help of small glasses for near vision to work.

Everything seems clearer to me and I have much more light than before, I continue my program.

A big thank-you

M.D. Switzerland
The symptom of the month : Back pain
If it is the entire back that hurts, we would look at root chakra tensions in the consciousness – tensions about the parts of the person’s life having to do with security – money, home, job, mother.

If it is a specific part of the back, we would see which chakra is involved to understand the tensions.

The sacral area (base of the spine) would point to root chakra tensions, as described above, and insecurity as a perceptual filter.

The lumbar area would point to tensions in the second chakra having to do with issues of sexuality, food, or having children.

The level of the solar plexus points to tensions concerning power, freedom, and/or issues of control. Possibility of anger not released.

The back of the heart chakra, between the shoulder blades, points to tensions in the area of relationships, possibly a sense of betrayal by a loved one.

The back of the neck points to tensions due to emotions not expressed, or something not communicated – sometimes a sense of carrying a burden.

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