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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books May 13
Break through to Yes:
unlocking the possible within a culture of collaboration

by David B. Savage

Most industry or department heads know and understand the importance of collaboration, but many lack direction on how to accomplish it. In this book, which now appears in a revised edition, they have a definitive resource to build a collaborative culture that empowers breakthrough thinking for all associated with their organization.

The author has been leading teams in business for forty years. During that time, he has seen repeated failures that arose through conflict, misunderstanding, misalignment of the organization and its leadership, lost productivity, wasted time and wasted resources, all of which damage the success of the organization.

With this book, he helps leaders and their teams find success through leadership, negotiation, conflict management and most importantly, collaboration. Filled with hundreds of leaders’ perspectives on collaboration, he is doing what he advises others to do by sharing their diverse and influential voices in this step-by-step book to collaborative enlightenment.

Highly readable, informative and well organized, this insightful work acts as a short-form textbook on the best practices in collaboration. — Kirkus

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Category: Business

ISBN: 978-5454036898

The Story of the Rag:
the night a sheriff, states attorney and posse stole the news

by Ken Rossignol

In the course of less than a year, a small-town Maryland newspaper, which was run on a shoestring, was featured on the front page of two major newspapers and on network news. This was all due to it covering the news with loud flashy headlines that ‘shouted’ the news rather than boring its readers to tears. In short, the news made news.

That was just the beginning. Before long, the newspaper would be the target of an organized effort by a county sheriff and his deputies and a candidate for states attorney to clean the paper off newsstands the night before an election. What resulted was a landmark First Amendment case that brought about a change in the law.

The story of St. Mary's Today is one of advocacy journalism coming to a community where the press wasn’t known for acting that way.

Ken Rossignol has perfected the art of producing a cautionary tale on freedom of the press as well as dedication to the reported word. — Goodreads

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Category: History

ISBN: 978-1466331167

(Book One of the Ear Wax Max series)

by Alisdair Baird

When Max and his best friend Sam thought there could be nothing worse than going to school, Filmore Middle School closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It did not seem to be a problem at first. No school means no homework, right?

They are forced to adapt to a new reality and a new school routine from home. Was going to school really so bad? Having no escape from family and homework, Max and Sam have to come up with a way to have fun and survive their quarantined life. They have to figure out how to stay calm and to stay positive.

Join the two best friends in their daily struggles and laugh along as they learn how to deal with them.

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Category: Children’s

ISBN: 979-8738788611

Life Is Crying:
chemical dependency power screams louder than the pain of tears

by Benzena Brown with Niesha Battle and Sadeja Griffin

Chemical dependency can be an innocent curiosity leading to disaster. It is like a sharp blade that stabs the mind/brain.

Chemical dependency is classified as an addiction and a mental disorder. Addiction provides a thrilling sensational pleasure. It leads to repetitive use, inflicting pain, suffering, agony and intense craving.

Rehabilitation is support for recovery with an emphasis on personal development. The challenge of addiction may seem like a spinning top failing to fall on its side, however help is available.

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Category: Health & Fitness

ISBN: 978-1641119849

The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon:
Cheyenne spirits

(Book One of the Dead Horse Canyon series)

by Marcha Fox and Pete Risingsun

In 1865, a drunken hoard of silver miners raided a Cheyenne village while the tribe’s warriors hunted buffalo. A small band of young braves, who were not yet old enough to join the hunt, escaped and rode for help. Their efforts failed when they were discovered by the raiders, who ran them over a cliff along with all the tribe's horses. When the warriors returned and found the devastation, the tribe’s medicine man, Black Cloud, pronounced a curse on the site.

A century and a half later, a scandalous top-secret project is under construction in the same Colorado wilderness. Bryan Reynolds discovers that its roots lie in the same greed, corruption and exploitation of the earth that precipitated the curse.

Before Reynolds can expose what he’s found, however, he's killed in a suspicious accident that his wife miraculously survives. Her memory of where they were or what they'd discovered has vanished. Neither Sara nor Reynolds’s lifelong Cheyenne friend Charlie Littlewolf will rest until they find out what he discovered that resulted in his untimely death. Will they solve the mystery or end up dead as well?

Infused with a sense of danger, the intricate plot and dramatic storyline create a breathtaking and intense story. — Readers’ Favorite

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Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1733418607

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Cocooning Lifestyle:
enjoying happy and safe times at home

by Tess Jansen

What does cocooning mean? Who invented cocooning? What are the benefits and pleasures of a cocooning lifestyle for me? This book provides answers to those questions.

A cocooning lifestyle is a great help in times when people want to stay safely and happily at home. This book shows the benefits of cocooning and gives ideas on how to spend a great time at home, and enjoy the benefits of de-stressing and of using additional time and freedom.

Cocooning does not mean to be alone or even lonely, the author explains. Even though this can be part of it, there are still many ways to connect to other people.

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Category: Health, Family & Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-5454036898

The Mourning Report
by Caitlin Garvey

Two years after her mother’s death from breast cancer, the author, then 20 years old, was admitted to a psychiatric facility after a suicide attempt. A therapist diagnosed her with major depression and anxiety, and she spent time as an inpatient. Years later, still suffering from grief and depression, Caitlin decided to embark on a grief journey , interviewing the people involved in her mother’s dying process.

She met a hospice nurse, a priest, an estate planner, a hairstylist and a funeral director, and listened to their perspectives. If she figured out how they could function after being so close to her mother’s death, she thought that maybe she could learn how to navigate her own life.

Each chapter of the book is centered on a single interview and the memories, anxieties and reflections that it stimulated. It asks what it means to move on.

Raw with edges of true honesty… The Mourning Report is able to put you in the center of what it feels like to lose someone too soon... — Readers’ Favorite

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Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-1947003835

From the Garden into Eternity:
your choice

by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

This book describes man’s journey from creation, through life and into eternity (after death). It is short and simple with supporting Bible verses.

The author talks about God’s love, and explains man’s sin and how that sin created a separation between God and man. The book concludes with the good news that through faith in Jesus Christ, the God-man relationship is restored in this life, and continues into Heaven.

This book helps people determine where they are in the journey of life and where God wants them to be. The author clearly sets out the steps to follow — repentance and belief.

The tone is instructive... a very short, quick and easy read. — Goodreads

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Category: Religion and Spirituality

ISBN: 978-1947445253

A Literary Smorgasbord:
memoir, fiction and poetry

by Migel Jayasinghe

In this book, the author gives access to his life, thoughts and feelings. His broad range of experiences are expressed as memoir, poetry and fiction. He has lived and worked in Asia (Sri Lanka), Africa (Zambia) and Europe (the United Kingdom). Emigrating to Britain at the age of 26, he was able to acquire a higher education, which enabled him to gain chartered status as an occupational psychologist.

In “Rudderless Living”, the author paints a succinct autobiographical picture of the main events of his nomadic life. In “Overland”, he describes not only a trio’s trip by car from Cambridge to Mumbai, but also refers to important background events in the author’s life.

There’s a wide variety of real-life events, as well as futuristic fables, in this collection.

Jayasinghe, without a doubt, is comfortable with all genres and hands readers a wonderful mixture of texts. — Literary Titan

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Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1543494785

The Throwaway Girls of Olympia
by Ian Totten

Sheriff Alan O’Tool has a problem. Someone is murdering the young women in the small town of Olympia, Iowa.

Something about this spate of killings, however, has the sheriff troubled. The victims look too much like his late daughter Amy for his liking. With a nagging ex-wife wanting to sell their old house and a son refusing to get a job to support himself, he’s at his wit’s end.

When his senator friend involves an FBI agent, O’Tool thinks it’s just to point him in the right direction. As the case progresses, he realizes his kind of on-the-street police work is disappearing, and the agent, who has a more scientific approach, represents the future. With the summer heating up and the body count rising, both men suspect they’ll never catch the faceless killer leaving young women on the side of the road like bags of trash.

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Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1702431446

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