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February 2021
Looking Forward by Looking Back
With 2021 thankfully underway, we can start to think about how our 2020 experiences impact our modernization plans.

Pre-pandemic, talk of "digital transformation" was already gaining energy. IT impacted the heart of more companies' core business models, even in low-tech industries. Cyber-security upped the stakes even higher.

And now, the explosion of remote work has bent the arc so it's even more relevant (and urgent) to get with the future.

There are plenty of resources available to help tech leaders like you sort through it all, but there are a few good places to start, like Deloitte's "2021 Technology Industry Outlook" and InformationWeek's "10 Things IT Leaders Learned in 2020".

If your security is your concern, TechHQ has a great article on "What We Can Learn From 3 Of The Biggest Data Breaches of 2020".

Here's to 2021. 

- CM First Team
Heads up
What is Low-code and No-code?
According to KPMG, more executives are looking to low and no-code development platforms to achieve their automation goals more than ever. Virtually all of the enterprises who have implemented them have seen a positive return on their investment. CA Plex, CA 2E and LANSA engineers may have experience with low-code in their environments, but may not be familiar with it in other contexts. ZD Net has the full story.

ICYMI our article from last week
Automation: A New Frontier
Smart organizations are looking to Intelligent Automation (IA) in particular to help them deal with project roadmaps blow apart by the crisis. For many, a closer look brings some pleasant surprises: IA can transform how they do business and increase worker productivity 2x or more.

Benefits of IBM i Hosting
In this session cloud replatforming experts discussed how IBM i applications are typically being rehosted from on-premise to fully managed hybrid environments. Many customers are reporting significant security and operational benefits, at the same or reduced cost.

RPA Bots: Bogus or Benefit? Bringing RPA to IBM i/AS400
CM First and HelpSystems show you how to boost your digital transformation efforts with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Transform your IBM i processes—like automated data entry, extending single sign-on (SSO), and dynamically pulling reports—to increase productivity, eliminate errors, and save money. 

COVID-19, All Hands on Deck
The COVID-19 outbreak has created some unique challenges by ushering in an unexpected Work From Home new normal for most of us.

Read our response to the challenge, and an offer of help to our strategic partners and clients on the CM First Group blog.

Broadcom Confirms CA Plex and CA 2E Support as of January 31st, 2020.
As of January 31, 2020, Broadcom (CA) has announced that in general it will support the latest versions of CA 2E and CA Plex only. For CA 2E (Synon) that is version 8.7. For CA Plex, that is version 7.2.1.

For the full details see these links. Broadcom login is required.
  • CA Plex 7.2.1, last supported 7.2.1 (as of January 31, 2019)
  • CA 2E 8.7, last supported 8.7 (as of January 31, 2019)
Visit the Broadcom site at the links provided above for definitive info (password required).
CM First Can Help
At CM First we upgrade many CA 2E and CA Plex customers each year, and have extensive experience with the upgrade process. We also have experience working with Broadcom support and licensing and can work with you on any questions you have there.

Any questions just send us a note to, or click the button below to contact an office or request a demo.

CM First Support Portal
The CM First support portal is now online. Current customers can access tutorials and submit support tickets at
CM First Releases
CM WebClient 1.8.5 Limited support for 1.8.3
CM Matchpoint ALM 6.5, last supported 5.5
CM evolveIT11.3, last supported 10.6
CM M3 2018 Edition
CA Plex 7.2.1 , last supported 7.2.1 (as of January 31, 2019)
→ Details can be found here at Broadcom (login required)
CA 2E 8.7 , last supported 8.7 (as of January 31, 2019)
→ Details can be found here at Broadcom (login required)
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