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 ~ Part Four

by Rick Montieth

In last month’s blog we discussed the six prime factors that cause noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), the four pillars of NCDs, the role of precision medicine and analyzing the microbiome. You may read last month’s article here. This month I will discuss what I believe are the major contributors to the skyrocketing rate of NCDs and how to achieve a better microbiome balance.
Local Vendor of the Month ~ 

Joanne Schmidt has been involved with holistic health for over 25 years starting at a personal level for her family eventually leading to more formal training and certification. Her mission is to help you find your balance and start living. She is a certified holistic healthcare practitioner at Indy Natural Path, where immune building and overall physical and emotional health are at the heart of her work. Through ASYRA testing and a combination of homeopathic and other natural remedies, Joanne seeks to teach her clients how the body works and help them connect the dots to find their own individual path toward optimal health and wellness. She is certified through Trinity School of Natural Health, is a certified ASYRA / QEST4 practitioner and a digestive health specialist.

Immune Support Plus Remedy is a homeopathic remedy designed to balance specific physical and emotional issues that most are currently dealing with such as viral concerns and social isolation. It is what is referred to as an adaptogenic remedy meaning your body only takes what it needs for you specifically. Homeopathic remedies in general work well as a stand-alone protocol or in combination with other methods. In addition, Joanne believes a clean diet, exercise and good nutritional supplements are key to supporting the immune system and overall health. Sale $31.50
Featured Product

This month's featured product from our Local Vendor of the Month, Indy Natural Path, is Immune Support Plus Remedy. This is a homeopathic remedy designed to balance specific physical and emotional issues that most are currently dealing with such as viral concerns and social isolation.

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