Subject: Awakening your Essential Self by choosing Harmony with Nature

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Letter from Karina Stewart

To bring people into harmony with nature is the very essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Inspired by nature, we look at the human body as a set of elements that are in constant motion, relying upon each other for growth and control, generation and containment. Just as rain will promote and nourish the wood of the tree and fire will transform that tree back into the earth, so too do these phases and cycles occur within our bodies.

Chinese Medicine has explored these concepts for thousands of years, and has developed many methods of bringing us into harmony with our environment in order to improve wellbeing. As the dominant element of summertime is fire, we should cultivate more calm, so as to not stir up the already vigorous energy of this season. During the colder months, the water element is dominant. It is time to keep warm, for rest and introspection.

To ground yourself in nature is a wonderful souce of calm, as testified by many recent studies showing the correlation between regular contact with green spaces and increased wellbeing and happiness. We just have to make time to enjoy it. Even a 30 minute walk every day can make a difference.

Practice – Stillness Meditation

Another beautiful way to reconnect with your natural rhythm is to practice meditation. The quiet moments found during such practices will aid in reflection and self knowledge, and the regulation of the breath will help to keep the heart at ease. The below meditation practice can guide you to find stillness through awareness.

Please sit in a comfortable posture. Keep your arms loose and relaxed by your side.
• Close your eyes. Gently slow down the movements of your body try to be as still as possible. Feel the energy flow and sensations in your body. (1 minute)
• Bring your attention to your breathing and slow it down gently. (1 minute)
• Observe the thought process in you. If your thoughts are racing, become aware of them. They will slow down automatically. (1 minute)
• Open your eyes. Observe people and nature around you. Slow down your activity (drinking a glass of water or tea. Do not engage in browsing or reading books. If you are distracted too much, just be with eyes closed and follow your breath). Feel the sensory inputs and experience them with attention. (2 minutes).

You can repeat this exercise when you feel stressed, tired or when you have a break during the day.

“Awakening your Essential Self” Retreat
5-13 August and 23 September – 1 October 2017

Our forthcoming Awakening your Essential Self Retreats offer a unique opportunity to work closely with Kamalaya co-founder Karina Stewart, who will personally facilitate two group retreats later this year.

As Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and with over 30 years of experience in the Asian healing and spiritual traditions, Karina’s approach to integral health and life-renewal inspires people to discover themselves in new and heartening ways. She says: “Similar to a profound and liberating exhale, we will together go through a process of clearing and letting go, on a physical level, but also on an emotional one and through a more subtle journey of mind and consciousness. It’s a path of releasing old ways of thinking and experiencing life in order to better access our core essential self - an experience of oneself and of life from a renewed and inspired perspective.”

To hear more about her retreats, we invite you to watch this short video or visit our website for more information.

Kamalaya Recipe: Thai Cabbage Roll with Tahini Dip

A light and healthy delight from the Kamalaya menu, our Thai Cabbage Rolls are made with simple ingredients that are easy to find anywhere in the world.

Packed with vitamin C and nutrients such as sulphur, cabbage has vital anti-oxidant properties. In this dish, the leaves encase a medley of tasty fresh vegetables, mushrooms, sesame seeds and herbs, together creating a wonderful blood building tonic.

For recipe and cooking demo, please click here

Global Wellness Day 2017 at Kamalaya

On the occasion of the Global Wellness Day on Saturday 10th June, Kamalaya will be hosting some special talks and wellness-inspired activities throughout the day.

This year’s activities, which are open for guests and local residents of Koh Samui alike, include a talk on “Finding Happiness in a Digital World” hosted by one of Kamalaya’s Meditation & Life Enhancement Mentors. We live in times of great connectivity. While we have the ability to reach people and experiences across the world, we become less able to focus on those around us or find time for ourselves. In this workshop we discuss ways to find balance between the two. Also in the day's line-up, one of Kamalaya's Naturopaths is inviting guests for a workshop on mood enhancing food; and trainers of Kamalaya’s own Lotus Academy will teach ancient Thai self healing techniques.

Australian Luxury Travel Magazine names Kamalaya
“Best Overseas Health & Wellness Property 2017”

We are pleased to share with you the fantastic news that Kamalaya was again named “Best Overseas Health & Wellness Property” by the Australian Luxury Travel Magazine this month.

After being recognised in the magazine’s Gold List Awards in 2014 and 2016, this is the third time readers of Australia’s premier travel and lifestyle magazine nominated Kamalaya in the magazine’s annual poll. Their “Gold List” is one of the most comprehensive luxury travel surveys undertaken in Australia and among the country’s leading travel awards. We are honoured and delighted to see such appreciation from our Australian guests and thank everyone who voted for us.

Visiting Practitioners

Tim Stoneman

7 - 27 June
Hypnotherapist and
Energy Healer

Yutaka Homma

23 June - 6 July

Mariko Hiyama

15 - 31 July
Facial Reflex Therapy

Jacopo Valli

24 July - 10 August
Readings of the Unconscious on the evolutionary path

Planning to Visit?
Seasonal Promotion – valid until 31st October 2017

Kamalaya is delighted to offer a Seasonal Promotion with a 5% discount on all published room rates on stays of seven nights or more, from 1st May to 31st October 2017.

As well as lower seasonal rates, repeat guests will continue to receive the extra benefit of one free night for any return visit of four nights or more. This can also be combined with the Seasonal Promotion.

For more details please click here

Offers are also available through your preferred travel partner.
We look forward to welcoming you soon!
Please call +66 (0) 77 429 800 or email us at for reservations and inquiries or Skype us (kamalaya-kohsamui) to speak to your wellness travel specialist.

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