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LibraryBub Books August 16
Life in a Box
by JoDee Neathery

This debut literary novel asks the question how much anyone would sacrifice to hide a secret. The answer reveals itself after protagonist Andee Camp inherits a box of old photographs and journals and a challenge from her mother to write a novel based on their family. In doing so, the pieces in a complicated puzzle begin to fit together and she uncovers the reality of her relationship with her parents and theirs with each other.

Neathery’s novel is full of colorful characters, some plucked off the author's family tree, as it weaves between a contemporary timeline and life in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. We meet two sets of twins born on the same day 1,700 miles apart —, one in Portland, Oregon, the other in Amarillo, Texas — whose lives connect in Southern California forming a bond lasting three quarters of a century.

Right from the beginning, [the author] built up the suspense that there was a shocking secret that would shake the core of the two families, and this suspense remained until the very end. Without even revealing anything incredible until the end, the author's meticulous writing managed to hold my attention. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1532346446
Johnny Big-Ears: The Feel-Good Friend
by John Paul Padilla

Johnny Big-Ears is just like every other 5-year-old child. When, however, he starts his first day of kindergarten, children begin to tease him because of his enormously large ears. How will Johnny face the challenges that being different presents? How will he react to being teased? 

Johnny turns out to be a winner in this endearing, thoughtful book that addresses typical childhood bullying and offers children advice on how to deal with teasing. Parents and educators can use this story to encourage children to start feeling good about themselves no matter who they are or what they look like!

This book is adorned with award-winning illustrations by Victor Ramon Mojica. It is also available in Spanish (Juanito Orejas: el amiguito de buenos sentimentos).

Fun, exciting and easy to read and the illustrations set the mood for the story really well… a must for public, school and church libraries. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Silver Medal, Children’s Picture Books, Mom's Choice Awards; Finalist, Children’s Books, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; Award-Winning Finalist, Children’s Picture Books, USA Best Book Awards; seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Recognition for Author: Gold Medal, Children-Preschool, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, 2013

Category: Children’s


I'll Run till the Sun Goes Down:
a memoir about depression and discovering art

by David Sandum

David Sandum appeared to have it all — a beautiful young family and a promising career ahead as a business consultant. His life started veering off course, however, and upon returning to his native Scandinavia, he fell into an inexplicable, deep depression. 

This book is a searingly honest account of David’s struggle to overcome his crippling mental illness. After years of hopeless despair, bleak hospitalizations and shattered dreams, he is finally saved by his art. The paintbrush becomes his lifeline. Filled with the work of artists who have inspired him as well as samples of his own drawings and paintings, this memoir offers both a compelling read and a visual story of David’s courageous battle with depression.

This is a ground-breaking book that is visually stunning, psychologically hard-hitting, and emotionally mesmerizing... — US Review of Books

Honors: Winner, First Horizon Award, Eric Hoffer Book Awards; Winner, President’s Choice Award, Southwest Book Design and Production Awards; seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-0985581527

Queen of Hearts
by Sheryl Wright

When the producers of the new TV reality show, Queen of Hearts, receive a last minute cancellation by one of the show’s contestants, they know their show is in jeopardy of never airing at all. Desperate for a solution, they set out to convince helicopter pilot Ally Parker to join her cousin Pam on the program. Ally reluctantly agrees, but only after being assured that she’ll be eliminated in the first round.

Erin Bogner isn’t looking for love either. Convinced by her employer to be a secret plant on the show, Erin’s job is to weed out the contestants only looking for money and help Pam find true love. Erin has no interest in anything beyond making her employer happy.

But things seem to change for everyone once the game begins. Ally finds herself meeting a contestant that stirs something deep inside. And Erin discovers it may be difficult to fulfill her mission of helping her employer at any cost.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Recognition for Author: Winner, Gay Fiction, Florida Book Festival Awards, 2016

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1642470192

Don’t Let Go
by Sheryl Wright

Unemployed university professor Tyler Marsh is pounding the pavement looking for a job. Disillusioned with academia, she’s dumbed down her resume in a desperate attempt to get her foot in the door somewhere — anywhere! When Buffalo’s leading marine engineering firm offers her a low-level placement as a personal assistant, she’s sure it can’t get any worse, until she meets the woman she will be working for.

Chief Innovation Officer and wounded veteran Georgie DiNamico doesn't want an assistant or anyone else bothering her. She has her work, her dog and her nightmares to keep her company. Heir-apparent to her family’s engineering firm, a head injury suffered in Afghanistan has left her feeling too broken for anything else. She has no use for the helper that her family insists she hire. But when Tyler’s resumé lands on her desk, along with a company background check listing the advanced degrees she omitted, Georgie sees an opportunity to add a researcher to her R&D team.

Tyler quickly realizes Georgie is not the damaged goods everyone sees. Thoughtful, forthcoming and generous is Tyler’s first impression of her would-be boss and it alleviates much of her trepidation. She recognizes something special in Georgie, garnering trust, loyalty and something more…something Tyler hasn’t thought about for a very, very long time.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Recognition for Author: Winner, Gay Fiction, Florida Book Festival Awards, 2016

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1594935091

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
by Kate Kort

She feels watched. It's nothing new, but the feeling is amplified when the streets are busy. That hum in her head is now a buzz.Laika desperately wishes for a new life. At 14, she’s hardened and independent, living on the streets of Southern California. She’s finally free of her volatile home but yearns for true stability.

As Graham, a waiter at a local Russian restaurant, watches Laika steal and struggle to survive, he sees there is something else going on; something dangerous; an insidious disease that gnaws at her mind and drags her deeper into a world of chaos and delusion.

This novel brings to light the often-shrouded world of paranoid schizophrenia. It also examines the socially stigmatized issues of homelessness, addiction and PTSD in the hope of fostering greater awareness and compassion.

A chilling yet moving exploration of an embattled girl’s plummet into paranoid schizophrenia while living homeless on mean city streets — Goodreads

Honors: Finalist, Literary Fiction, Best Book Awards; Finalist, Young New Adult, Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Finalist, Second Novel, Next Generation Indie Book Awards; seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1941799505

Dark Knowledge
by Clifford Browder

When young Chris Harmony learns that members of his family may have been involved in the illegal pre-Civil War slave trade, taking slaves from Africa to Cuba, he is appalled. Determined to learn the truth, he begins an investigation that takes him to a dingy waterfront saloon, to musty old maritime records that yield startling secrets, and to elegant brownstone parlors that may have been furnished by the trade. Since those once involved dread exposure, he meets denials and evasions, then threats, and a key witness is murdered.

Chris has vivid fantasies of the suffering slaves on the ships and their savage revolts. How could seemingly respectable people be involved in so abhorrent a trade, and how did they avoid exposure? And what price must Chris pay to learn the painful truth and proclaim it?

Browder definitely managed to recreate the vibe and feel of that era so that I could almost smell the salty sea air and feel myself transported to that period. The characters are very well drawn... and have their own flavor and personalities. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1681143675

Cat Facts: the pet parents A-to-Z home care encyclopedia
by Amy Shojai

This reference book answers all the questions cat owners are likely to have as they seek to be the best pet parents they can be. Why do cats act the way they do, and what cat behavior indicates illness? What holistic help and preventive care should be given? What constitutes an emergency, and how/when can owners safely treat their cats with home care and first aid?

This cat care book addresses needs from the delightful challenges of helping kittens to the sometimes distressing problems associated with elderly cats.

Honors: Winner, Dr Jim Richards Cornell Feline Health Center Veterinary Issues Award, Cat Writers’ Association; Winner, Health/Care Book, Cat Writers’ Association Muse Medallion Awards; seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

ISBN: 978-1944423025
Thriving in the Workplace with Autoimmune Disease: know your rights, resolve conflict and reduce stress
by Holly Bertone

This is the first book ever to educate individuals specifically with autoimmune disease on their rights in the workplace. The book was born out of the author’s personal and painful experience and lack of resources available specifically for individuals with autoimmune diseases. She outlines the basics of navigating FMLA, EEO, reasonable accommodations, working with your boss, and then provides much needed resources to help people find that critical balance between taking care of their health and managing their symptoms at work.

Having an autoimmune condition or any other kind of invisible illness can be isolating. People may look and act totally fine on the outside, but people feel like their insides are slowly killing them and all they ever want to do is crawl under the covers and go to sleep. It’s difficult enough for their family members to understand what they’re going through. It’s especially difficult in the workplace when your employer can’t see their condition and doesn’t understand why they are asking for flexibility or accommodations. They feel like no one understands. They feel like you have no voice.

This book is not going to tell people to give up and become a victim. The mission of this book is to empower people with knowledge so that they can rise above their illness and related challenges and thrive both at home and in the workplace.

Written with compassion… an easy book to read with clear chapters and sections that are all very informative — Goodreads

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Health & Fitness

ISBN: 978-0991158515

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 2013 2010 2007 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts (Book Three of the Easy Learning Microsoft Office How-To series)
by Amelia Griggs

This book contains bite-sized learning modules aimed at improving performance at work. It enables smarter, time-saving use of Microsoft PowerPoint that will help to increase productivity.

Topics include basics, such as creating a simple presentation, using templates, simple and fast formatting, copy/paste tricks, format painter, opening, saving, closing and printing. There are also sections on working with slides as well as backgrounds, objects, images and media. Finally, there’s detailed guidance on slide show set up and on special effects.

Full of savvy tips and secret tricks, this book can transform the hesitant user of PowerPoint into an expert overnight but will also be of benefit to people who prefer a gradual step-by-step approach to learning.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Computers & Technology

ISBN: 978-1720915027

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