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The Gallery is open
It is fun when dreams come true, my photography gallery in Bedminster, NJ is open! I had a wonderful grand opening party and it was great to get the support of family and friends, especially Robin, my wife. Many thanks to good friend and fellow photographer Walter Choroszewski for making some photos of the event. I especially like the one of me and Robin, so I'm sharing that with you. Plus his wife Susan made some great brownies that were quickly devoured.

I've hired Susie Fang to be my gallery manager, she is handling much of the marketing and will be in the gallery most of the time. We are in a good location, although there isn't much foot traffic so we need to get the word out about the gallery. It will be a constant effort.

The gallery will be open Wednesdays through Sundays. Stop by when you are in the area at 2493 Lamington Rd, Bedminster, NJ. 
2021: Vietnam, Croatia and Peru

Yikes, we're talking about 2021 already! It will be here before we know it, which is ok because I'm planning some great trips. Of course there will be at least one excursion to Iceland but I'm also planning on workshops in Vietnam in March, Croatia and Slovenia in May and then to Peru in Nov. The Vietnam workshop is set for March 10-24, 2021 to the northern and central part of the country. I'm working with fellow photographer Sarah McGhargan on these trips. She travels extensively and has been to Vietnam several times, is a partner in a Peru travel company and just got back from Croatia. She handles the logistics and makes sure everything is extensively planned and puts up with my nitpicking of the details. Above is her photo from Vietnam she made earlier this year. We are still working on final details of the Croatia and Peru trips but they should be posted on my website in the next couple of weeks. 
Vermont foliage was amazing this year
Since we got our Woodstock, Vermont, house 13 years ago I've spent a ton of time chasing the fall foliage. This year was about as good as it gets. I did two workshops and the foliage was spectacular. There are years when we get some deeper reds but the oranges and yellows were out everywhere. If you want to see some crazy colors, check out my blog post.
Iceland stays in my head
If you're keeping score, and I'm sure all of you are, I've been to Iceland five times in the last two years and I'm going back in February for another workshop and again in August. There's a pretty good reason I keep going back, the place is magnificent! People keep asking if I like summer or winter better and I answer YES!!! It is so different each season and I've had several people go with me in both seasons and they have trouble deciding which they like best. An interesting thing about winter is that it isn't as cold as you would think. We stay along the coast where ocean water keeps the temperature pretty moderate. It will probably be colder in New York than Reykjavik when we are there. The highs are in the 30's and low in the 20's each night. Everyone needs to see it at least once. I still have openings for both the winter workshop and summer workshop.
The Next Step
As I talk to more and more photographers I'm realizing how important post processing of digital images has become. It is no longer good enough to shoot good photos, you have to be able to make the most of them in the computer. Lightroom has been the standard for processing and for good reason. It is powerful, it does many of the things I used to do in Photoshop but I can do it much faster in Lightroom. I can't imagine not using Lightroom to make my photos pop and to also be able to quickly find my files. I'm doing a workshop called Lightroom, The Next Step on Nov. 19. It will emanate from my gallery in NJ and will also be live online using a high quality video conferencing service. If you attend online you'll see everything on my computer screen and will be able to talk and ask questions. It is as good as being there in person except you don't get any M&Ms! Get more info
Upcoming workshops

• Nov 2 Bucks County Autumn Workshop, New Hope, PA SOLD OUT
• Nov 3 Bucks County Autumn Workshop, New Hope, PA SOLD OUT
• Nov. 16 Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City SOLD OUT
• Nov. 19  Lightroom, the Next Step, Bedminster, NJ or live online
• Dec. 9, Bald Eagles at Conowingo, Havre de Grace, MD
•Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2020 Vermont Winter Wonderland Photo Workshop Woodstock, VT
• Feb. 16-22, 2020 Iceland Aurora and Ice Caves Reykjavik, Iceland
• March 14-22, 2020 Cuba Photo Workshop Havana, Cuba - SOLD OUT
• May 31-June 4, 2020 Acadia National Park Photo Workshop Bar Harbor, Maine
• Dec. 9-15, 2020 Total Solar Eclipse, Villarrica, Chile
• March 10-24, 2021 Vietnam Photography Workshop, Hanoi, Vietnam
• May 2021, Croatia and Slovenia
• Nov. 2021, Peru
Personal coaching
If you want to improve your photography, learn more about your camera, get a better handle on Lightroom or Photoshop, or need help with your photo business, then I can help you with one-on-one mentoring that is customized to fit your needs. Read more..

Visit the gallery
Stop by and see me and my work
2493 Lamington Rd, Bedminster, NJ 07921

Properly hanging a photo

Now that I am a big time photo gallery owner (chuckle), I've come to realize that many people don't properly hang their photos. It becomes especially apparent when I deliver and install a big print. When I look around houses I see that art on the wall is usually hanging too high. The standard height for museums is to have the center of the art 57 inches off the floor. If you closely look at galleries you'll see they don't think about getting the top or the bottom of art on the same line, they are concerned with the center. Now hanging in a home or office is a bit different, you don't want to hang your photo so low it is partially hidden by a couch. But you want to keep that art behind the couch as low as possible, don't have it a foot about the furniture. 
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