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Founded in 1972 by Roy Eugene Davis

Welcome to the April edition of the Center for Spiritual Awareness email newsletter including inspiration from Roy Eugene Davis and news about CSA ministry activities.

An Enlivening Power is Nurturing the Universe and We Can Learn to Cooperate with It.
– Roy Eugene Davis


The laws of life can teach us to live in harmony with nature and all aspects of life. When we know what the laws are, and conduct ourselves in accord with them, we experience lasting happiness, good health, and perfect harmony.
      – Paramahansa Yogananda

The laws of life which determine how its processes occur can be understood by examining the relationships and interactions of relative phenomena when specific conditions exist. From God to the material realm, they ensure that all causes produce corresponding effects. Because the laws of life are universal, whenever an event or circumstance occurs, we can be certain of the existence of a corresponding cause.

When we know the causes of events and circumstances that we experience, we can determine our own fate: what will definitely happen in the near or distant future because of the mental and emotional states, states of consciousness, and actions we choose and allow to prevail. God’s grace is also a natural law that restores order to disordered circumstances. 

The entire universe is pervaded by the impulses of grace which empower evolution and are supportive of all living things. Grace empowers and supports us when we are receptive and responsive to it.

You can live in tune with the Infinite by being aware of the Power that nurtures the universe, learning the laws by which its purposes are accomplished, and willingly cooperating with them.

• Do you enjoy living?
• Are you sincerely interested in learning how to live in tune with the Infinite and in unfolding your innate, spiritual potential?
• Are you using your knowledge and functional abilities as effectively as you can—or are you struggling to survive, adapting to the views and behaviors of others because it is convenient to do so, or merely passively existing?
• Is everything you do, including your work, profession, or service that you render of real value to you, to others, and the planet?
– Roy Eugene Davis
Seven Lessons in Conscious Living
Lesson Two
Reminders for
Challenging Times 
from Roy Eugene Davis.
Includes a 15 Minute 
Guided Meditation.
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CSA Online

CSA ministry services have moved online for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
When authorities inform us that it is again safe to travel and come together in groups without danger of infection or transmission we will resume programs at CSA Headquarters. Until that time we ask you to join us, lending you support and consciousness, as we carry on through the CSA Ministry online. You can also invite your like-minded friends to join us. There is no charge, and no registration necessary. Visit the CSA web site often for new audio and video programs featuring Mr. Davis, ministry news, and schedule updates.
To join a session enter in your browser. You will be directed to download the “Zoom” program. This only needs to be done the first time you join a meeting. After that the link will automatically take you to the meeting. You will be asked for a password: 957607
Please arrive at the session 5 minutes early so we can begin on time.

Sunday Services
Morning meditation will be conducted each Sunday at 11 a.m. Eastern time.

CSA retreats April - May

Following is the schedule of CSA Online Retreats for April and May.

Morning Program

Each week day begins at 10 a.m. Eastern time with a meditation lasting for 45 minutes to an hour led by CSA Senior Minister Ron Lindahn. After the meditation Ron will offer commentary on aspects of the Kriya Yoga approach to spiritual awakening based on the teachings of Roy Eugene Davis. He will also answer questions.

Each week day afternoon at 2 p.m. Eastern time there will be a silent half hour meditation. Following the meditation on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we will have a one hour workshop led by a CSA Minister. On Thursdays and Fridays a link to a video of Mr. Davis will be provided.

Afternoon Schedule 2 p.m. Eastern Time

Monday, April 6 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, April 7 - Workshop: Marty Wuttke
Wednesday, April 8 - Workshop: Ryan Strong
Thursday, April 9 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, April 10 - Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video

Monday, April 13 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, April 14 - Workshop: Phil McLemore
Wednesday, April 15 - Workshop: Katherine Geddes-Lovkay
Thursday, April 16 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, April 17 - Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video

Monday, May 4 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, May 5 - Workshop: Marty Wuttke
Wednesday, May 6 - Workshop: Ryan Strong
Thursday, May 7 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, May 8 -  Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video

Monday, May 11 - Meditation: Leode Franklin
Tuesday, May 12 - Workshop: Leode Franklin
Wednesday, May 13 -  Workshop: Michael Gadway
Thursday, May 14 - Meditation: Kathleen Rehling, and video
Friday, May 15 - Meditation: Pascale Chambers, and video 

Beyond Fear

As the global COVID-19 pandemic spreads, Earth’s immune system has been activated. When an individual becomes ill the innate response of the body is to shut down all non-essential operations, one becomes weak as resources are focused on internal defenses: listening to the signaling reports of cytokines and antibodies, sending out the front line troops, white blood cells, to engage with the invading pathogen, and raising the internal temperature of the body to inhibit its spread. 

In the same way our planet is shutting down, more than half of its 7.5 billion people are on lockdown, or mandated self-quarantine, socially distancing, limiting travel, meeting, and interaction. The rest may, of necessity, soon be joining them. Infrastructure is compromised, getting resources delivered to where they are needed becomes increasingly difficult. Economies are chaotic. As energy is diverted to survival, many individuals are unable to see how they can continue to function. Money is a convenient and concentrated means of exchanging energy. With workplaces closing, and jobs on hold, for some, energy is no longer readily available.

Another effect of the immune response for an individual is brain fog. Because resources are redirected to vital functions the brain is somewhat deprived of energy and thinking becomes fragmented and blurred. Today many people are suffering more from the effects of this brain fog, than from the actual virus. Its main symptom is fear.

Fear comes in many different flavors: worry, anxiety, terror, alarm, panic, dread, and more. Fear is supported by: attachment, aversion, ego, and ignorance.
  • Attachment is the impulse to try to recreate pleasurable circumstances and events of the past and to cling to things, relationships, and places that we identify with. We can never have the exact same experience as before - each experience is unique and unrepeatable - and yet there can be a compulsive tendency to try to do so. Thoughts of loss result in fear.
  • Aversion is the impulse to avoid that which has been perceived as having caused pain and suffering in the past. Often judgments about the causes of pain-producing experiences have been misperceived, and what was once avoided is now embraced. Thoughts of repeating that which has been unpleasant result in fear. 
  • Ego is the sensation of separation, feeling incomplete, or needing something: things, relationships, respect, belonging, connection with God or a higher power. Feeling separate leaves one in fear of survival, of extinction.
  • Ignorance is the underlying cause of all suffering. Ignorance of our true nature as immortal spiritual beings and expressions of the pure essence of ultimate Reality, results in ego. Ego compels us to seek pleasure and avoid pain in order to attempt to feel whole and complete, and results in the fear of ceasing to exist.  
In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali offers a solution to suffering. In Chapter 2 verse 2 he says that Kriya Yoga is practiced to experience our true essence of being and relieve our suffering. The practice is simple: 
  • Pay close attention to how we are thinking, feeling, and acting.
  • Based on our observations make wise choices to change, to do what is useful and avoid the non-useful.
  • Develop a feeling of connection with all life, to feel our connection with one another, with the environment, the planet, the solar system, and the universe.
We need not fear the virus, but be extra vigilant and aware of pre-existing conditions, immune challenges, and those who are older. Because it is so infectious we need to isolate somewhat to avoid its inadvertent spread to those who are susceptible. Also fear of the future, economic, environmental, and social considerations are keeping some people awake at night. And that this may persist for many months may increase anxiety.

In these challenging times it is even more important for us to remain spiritually grounded, with the full awareness that we are divine expressions of the pure essence of ultimate Reality. This life in any form is a gift and grace. Each day we awaken, we breathe, we love our family, our neighbors, and our spiritual friends. Every precious moment is an opportunity to be fully awake, to be Self-realized, to be fearless and to trust the Universe to support and nourish us at all times. We can allow our innate wisdom to prevail, rising above ignorance, ego, aversion, attraction and fear. We can be fully present and responsive to real needs as they arise.

No one can know what will happen in the coming months, but everyone can imagine. To imagine is a great and very powerful gift. Future events and circumstances begin with imaginings today. Our mind is a wave on the ocean of cosmic mind, inseparable. What we believe, the patterns we hold in mind, become blueprints the universe will use to manifest through. We are creating the future now. The question is, do we create from fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt? Do we create a world that is more closed, paranoid, isolated and isolating, separate, and separating? 

Or do we rise to the occasion and envision a future where we have learned some valuable lessons: where we are aware of how interconnected everyone in the world really is; where we create more meaningful ways of remaining connected and caring for one another; where we provide an infrastructure, with early warnings and systems in place to detect and thwart the next possible pandemic, real or imagined, before it can become a problem? 
–Ron Lindahn
Sunday, April 5
Kriya Yoga Class
Live Webinar

On the first Sunday of each month CSA is offering a live broadcast at 2 p.m. Eastern time. 
These classes are based on Mr. Davis' book Seven Lessons in Conscious Living. At the end of the program Mr. Lindahn will answer questions from those viewing. After the event the program will be available to view on the CSA YouTube channel.

Available to everyone free of charge. 

Click the link to view the program live
or to set a reminder. 
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