Ways to stay social and give back during social distancing.
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April is Volunteer Month Your gift to support volunteer training 
will be used immediately to train a volunteer to start a new SMART meeting. 
Thank you for supporting self-empowered recovery!
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Volunteer Month
The JP (John Pol) Schneider SMART Volunteer Fund: 
Helping Other Help Themselves
SMART celebrates Volunteer Month each April to honor the thousands of volunteers who work year-round to provide self-empowering recovery support in their communities. It is also an opportunity for us to recruit new volunteers to make SMART meetings available in more communities across the country.

This year we are honored and grateful for the many generous memorial gifts from the family and friends of JP (John Pol) Schneider.

JP was looking forward to becoming a certified addictions counselor in his quest to help others. His family and friends are honoring his memory by supporting SMART volunteers who are just as passionate about helping people with their addiction recovery as JP was.

Triple Your Impact! The JP (John Pol) SMART Volunteer Fund will be matching donations made between now and the end of the fundraiser with a 2:1 contribution. Your gift of $35 will be tripled by the match to $105 which will provide a scholarship for a new volunteer.  Your gift of $100 will be tripled to provide scholarships for three new volunteers.  

Click here to support volunteer training.  

Thank you for empowering others to recover from addiction.

 How to Find a SMART Recovery Online Meeting
The SMART Recovery staff and volunteers have been working to process requests to move face-to-face meetings online as quickly as possible. We thank everyone for their support and patience during this challenging time.

If you regularly attend a SMART Recovery face-to-face meeting, or are looking to start attending but are unsure about the status of any meeting, please watch this helpful video. It will guide you on how to use the website to locate a  meeting and check its status. If the meeting has moved online, this video will help you find the link to access it via Zoom Video Conferencing. The video also gives you step-by-step instructions for registering for the SMART Recovery Online Community (or SROL) and finding even more online meetings.
 The Importance of Staying Social During COVID-19
Staying socially connected is a key factor in recovery. Although we have to deal with physical distancing for the time being, that doesn't mean social isolation, too. Here are some tips on how to stay social during COVID-19 and succeed in your recovery.
How to Adapt the DEADS Tools for Family & Friends
“Why are liquor stores considered essential?” asked Cara during a recent Zoom meeting for Family & Friends. This mother of a two- and a three-year old who, because of the COVID-19 restrictions, is now working from home, looked exhausted during the call. “It’s been a horrible week,” she said, describing her days of trying to perform her job while caring for her rambunctious toddlers alone. Her husband still had to work outside their home, and when he came home, he often had beer or another alcoholic beverage with him. 

Continue reading how Ellen Kolton, MPH, a SMART Recovery Family & Friends Facilitator adapts the D. (Delay) E. (Escape) A. (Accept) D. (Distract) S. (Substitute) tool that Cara and others use to avoid backsliding into the range of unproductive behaviors that lead to conflict. 

A Video Summary of SMART's Growing Media Presence 
SMART Recovery is grateful to provide help to those struggling with addiction. We’re pleased to offer a rapidly increasing number of online meetings and hope the news coverage that has been generated is able to reach more people who need them.  

A Study of the Effectiveness of SMART Recovery
with Dr. Sarah Zemore
The results speak for themselves. Alternative treatment programs are as effective as traditional 12-step programs for alcohol recovery. These results have been identified thanks to Dr. Sarah Zemore’s 2018 research project, “A longitudinal study of the comparative efficacy of Women for Sobriety, LifeRing, SMART Recovery, and 12-step groups for those with AUD,” published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

The findings were positive and confirmed that the same level of involvement has the same level of benefit no matter which program is used: people have a choice of treatment. This research has set the foundation for future studies.

Dr. Zemore is the Senior Scientist, Center Associate Director, and Training Grant Director for the Alcohol Research Group in Emeryville, California. She is also the 2019 SMART Recovery Science Award recipient. In this podcast she talks with SMART Recovery about her project, the findings, and what it means for the future of alternative treatment options.
You can find this podcast interview on: 
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