Subject: TRIOPTICS - Image quality testing of endoscopes

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May 20, 2020
ImageMaster® ENDO PRO
Image quality testing of endoscopes
In the production of medical endoscopes, reliable control of the imaging quality is essential. The ImageMaster® ENDO PRO with its fully automated, software-controlled measuring process ensures efficient and operator-independent quality control in the production of rigid endoscopes. All relevant parameters are measured in a single process.

OptiCentric® with LensAlign
Automated alignment of micro lenses
OptiCentric® with LensAlign 2D Advanced enables the automated cementing of micro lenses. The coaxial alignment aligns all optical surfaces to the same axis and achieves an accuracy of better than 2 µm. Through software control and automation of the entire measurement and alignment process, the system secures operator-independent production quality.

Centering apertures
The automated alignment of lenses with OptiCentric® and the LensAlign module has proven itself especially in the field of micro lenses. Often not only the alignment of the individual lenses to each other is decisive for the imaging quality, but also the centration of the aperture. Through further development of the algorithm, the OptiCentric® 9 software can now precisely determine the alignment of the aperture. Based on this information, the OptiCentric® then automatically aligns the aperture to the optical or mechanical axis of the lens system.

Your sales engineer
Nicole Prell

For two years now Nicole Prell has been responsible for the product groups OptiCentric® und OptiSurf® at TRIOPTICS in Wedel in her position as sales engineer. With her background as an industrial engineer (M.Sc.) she is responsible for the global market and supports our local partners.

Sven Sassning

The sales engineer Sven Sassning is responsible for the product groups ImageMaster® R&D and AR/VR. He has been with TRIOPTICS for nine years and has a strong technical background due to his experience as development engineer for ImageMaster® systems.

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