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Melissa is Senior Vice President
Healthcare Banking with KeyBank.
THANK YOU! During Limb Loss Awareness Month (LLAM), we were able to support individuals with limb differences. LLAM developed into something bigger than just supporting individuals through the month of April. April became a month about supporting individuals who were in desperate need during this crisis of COVID-19. Thanks to your help in April, The Limb Preservation Foundation helped cover the costs of rent for two patients undergoing limb treatment at this time. You make a difference!

Scholarship Spotlight: Hunter Treschl Story
Colorado Springs native Hunter Treschl is no stranger to the Limb Preservation Foundation community. Hunter’s experience began in 2015 when he was swimming off of the coast of North Carolina during a family trip when a seven foot bull shark came up from behind him and attacked him. Hunter ended up losing his left arm.

Hunter received a $2,500 Extremity Scholarship from LPF for the 2019 season. He currently attends Grinnell College in Iowa, and was studying abroad in Italy when the COVID-19 outbreak hit. “Other than missing Rome, school is going well. I've been learning to cook while in quarantine.” He continues to keep a positive, strong attitude.

Along with being a multiyear scholarship recipient, Hunter was instrumental in launching Project Reach, a program that advocates for other individuals with limb differences to share their own stories. 

We will receive funding from the Student Council at Northeast Elementary School in Brighton, Colorado.  After a competitive selection process, LPF was selected for a donation through the Spark Change program. The student council sponsor, Jeffery Dodd, explained, "Spark Change is through Young American, a program that teaches kids about banking and fundraising".  We thank the Student Council at Northeast Elementary School for supporting our organization to help individuals with limb differences. 
THANK YOU for making a difference through hope, help and possibilities for the limb-risk community.  
With warm regards and gratitude, 
Marcy Rubic
Executive Director
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