Subject: February Newsletter: You Are a Superorganism!


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 ~ Part Three

by Rick Montieth

In last month’s blog we defined the microbiome and how it affects our health and its relationship to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). This month I will discuss the six prime factors that cause NCDs along with the four pillars of NCDs, the role of precision medicine and analyzing the microbiome.
Local Vendor of the Month ~ 

Our February Local Vendor of the Month is Hidden Pond Farm, artisan producers of organic, raw fermented foods from Centerville Indiana. Their tagline is “Foods That Heal” and it has become their mission. For over a decade they have been known for their delicious and nutritious ferments: sauerkraut, beet kvass, kimchi, curtido, and kombucha. But more recently, with ever greater awareness of the need for immune support, their immune-boosting food tonics – particularly SuperTonic and Elderberry Syrup - have become far and away their top sellers. Everything they do is artisan, hand-crafted, chemical-free, and you will see the word “Raw” on every jar of kraut (seven varieties). No kraut is ever heated, so it is a truly “live” food with all the living microbes and biologically active enzymes viable and active helping to populate your gut with the right flora. Besides their Kombucha drinks and Beet Kvass, a powerful liver cleanser, they also make SuperTonic, a powerful immune-booster, inflammation fighter, and cold and flu fighter. This is an ancient, highly effective folk remedy that may have originated during the Great Plagues in Europe. SuperTonic is their best-selling product which receives many reports from users saying how much it helped them fight off colds, flu and inflammation. The second big player in food tonics is their Elderberry Syrup, made by their sister company, Abington Meadows. Elderberry Syrup has been used for centuries to fight colds, flu, tonsillitis and many viral and bacterial infections. Hippocrates called elderberry his "medicine chest" because of its other benefits as well which include lowering cholesterol, improving heart disease and improving vision. For more info, go to This month try these Hidden Pond Farm products on sale: Kimchi for $8.99, SuperTonic $18.99/9oz, Elderberry Syrup $29.99/8oz
Featured Product

Our featured products are from our Local Vendor of the Month, Hidden Pond Farm, and include Kimchi, Super Tonic and Elderberry Syrup which are all on sale this month. 
Learn how these products are super immune-boosters.

NEW Products!
Check out our new products this month that include Trace Minerals Ionic Zinc, Gaia Mighty Lungs and Nadi Organic Wild Rosehip Juice.  Read all about them here...

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