Subject: Newsletter Brofman Foundation - May 2021 - Happiness comes from within

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May 2021
Happiness comes from within

This month we invite you to take some time,
look around
enjoy details,
everything that helps experience
happiness coming from within.
Zoom open guided meditation Wednesday May 5 - 6pm (Paris Time)
The Brofman Foundation team invites you to another Zoom meditation scheduled for next week.
Each month meditation is a real success and we have a lot of great feedback.
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Date : Wednesday May 5, 2021
Time :  06:00 PM Paris (05:00 PM London)

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We have Zoom meditations on a regular basis and you can check the links on our Facebook page.
Classes May and June
GREECE - Eretria - 19-23 May - Level 1 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle

PORTUGAL - Lisbon - 22-23 May - Vision Class with Anne-Birte Christensen -

PORTUGAL - Madeira - 29-3O May - Body Mirror Class with Anne-Birte Christensen

GERMANY - Berlin - 29/30 May - Vision Workshop with Philippe Hannetelle 

GREECE - Athens - 12/13 June - Body Mirror System Class with Annick Brofman

GREECE - Thessaloniki - 12/13 June - Body Mirror System Class with Philippe Hannetelle

 PORTUGAL Lisbon - 26-27th June - Body Mirror System Class with Annick Brofman

GREECE - Eretria - 30 June/4 July - Level 2 Healing Intensive with Philippe Hannetelle

 Happiness comes from within
Recently I went for a long walk along a nearby stream. Even if it’s not far from my home I hadn’t been there before. I started by the sea and followed the stream inland. Here in Scandinavia it’s springtime and it’s if nature is exploding, each day a new species of flower comes out and the trees are turning from grey to green. I followed the stream, it lead me through a meadow where the bumble bee was buzzing and the lark was singing and through the forest where the woodpecker chopped on the trees. It was magic.

 When I at lunchtime sat down in a lightening to eat my lunch pack, I found myself with a big smile on my face, feeling peaceful – and HAPPY. I just felt being one with everything.
It reminded me of that happiness is not something that we need to seek in the outer world, outside ourselves, not something that we can chase thinking that we’ll achieve it when we get the right job, find the perfect partner or live in the most fashionable part of the city. Happiness is right here, now, when we choose to quiet down our mind, to relax, to be present in our body and be present with what is, without judgement.

For the last year I’ve seen more people than ever before out in nature, staying there for a longer time, seeming to be more relaxed, and many are having a smile on their face. One of the good side effects of the pandemic, I would say. I hope so much that many will bring this experience, this more relaxed, peaceful and happy way of being into their daily life, when the world opens up again.
Be happy!

Much love 
A little inspiration
Marie-Lili had always adored her neighbor Ali. He was different from the others, he was passionate. His profession was a banana farmer and as he spent all his time with his banana trees, Marie-Lili had nicknamed him Ali of the bananas.

Ali looked after his trees day and night, so his world was shrinking. Ali's eyes were so focused on his passion that they too narrowed. Marie-Lili had gradually shared Ali's passion.

The day after their meeting, Marie-Lili had wanted to eat bananas even though she had hated them since birth. Now Marie-Lili understood why.

Today, Marie-Lili wanted to share her adventures with Ali of the bananas. When she arrived, Ali said, “Your eyes are so big, Marie-Lili. Mine are so narrow, so small. Help me make them bigger. "

Then, remembering her various meetings, Marie-Lili showed Ali the land on which his banana trees grew. She showed him the roots of his banana trees which descend deep into the earth. She showed him the food of the earth which goes up in the roots. She showed him the food that goes up in the tree, in the trunk, in the branches, in the leaves, in the bananas. She showed him the sky above the bananas.

She showed him the sun ripening the bananas. She showed him the lakes that create clouds, that create rain. She showed him the other trees, the other fruits and the other farmers. She showed him the stars, the planets, the Universe.

By the time he was done seeing, Ali had wide eyes. He loved his banana trees and his bananas even more and he loved the world he was a part of.

"Marie-Lili from Paradise" Annick Brofman copyright 1999
The symptom of the month : Cataract
A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. It is associated with the person having decided that they have nothing to look forward to, so we can look at what was happening in the person’s life that stimulated that decision.

If the cataract is in the Male Eye (Right eye in right-handed people), we would ask if there was a sense of separation from a male at that time, with the person deciding that they have nothing to look forward to regarding having a male in their life. If it is the Female Eye that is affected, we would ask about the person deciding they have nothing to look forward to regarding having a female in their life.

When both eyes have been affected, we can say that the person made a general decision about having nothing to look forward to.

The possibility exists that if the person can change that decision, the symptoms related to that decision may be released, with the possibility of vision being restored.
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