Subject: New North Industry News 11-20-2020

Partner Events & Announcements
2020 Energy Innovation Grant - Now Open!

The Energy Innovation Grant Program covers a wide variety of energy related projects that reduce energy consumption and support renewable energy and energy storage, energy efficiency and demand response, electric and renewable natural gas (RNG) vehicles and infrastructure, or comprehensive energy planning.

Applications are due at 12:00pm CDT on January 22, 2021!​ See the Application Instructions below ​for details on how to apply using our Electronic Records Filing System!

How the pandemic is impacting Wisconsin manufacturers’ supply chains

Among the many challenges posed by COVID-19, the pandemic has disrupted supply chains, in some cases making it difficult for Wisconsin manufacturers to get the parts they need for their products. WEDC’s latest manufacturing industry update provides insights into how companies throughout the U.S. are responding to these challenges, including bringing their supply chains closer to home.

Hear from Wisconsin leaders sharing their vision for IIoT in Wisconsin as part of WEDC’s virtual trade venture to Germany.   Watch Now

What should you do if you have a positive test or an outbreak in your facility?

WEDC’s International Market Access Grants can help you navigate the challenges of bringing your products to the global marketplace. Learn More
The Once and Future Workforce

The past decade has been one of tremendous change. Workforce demographics shifted substantially, with five generations in the workforce, a decline in working-age and an increase in the focus on equality for all workers as it relates to pay and treatment. And as the workforce evolved, so did worker expectations—with calls for companies to do more to help improve individuals’ lives, address societal problems, mitigate technology’s unintended consequences, and act equitably and ethically.

Our speaker will teach you:

• How to articulate and accept the changes

• What are the new principles of workforce

• How the workforce has transformed

Wed, November 25, 2020, 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM CST

Wisconsin Clean Cities Virtual Annual Stakeholder Meeting

December 3, 2020, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. CST

Register now for the Wisconsin Clean Cities Annual Stakeholder Meeting. Our meeting is going virtual this year and we’re excited to bring you all of the aspects of the event you know and love in a virtual platform.

Hear from Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes! Wisconsin Clean Cities is thrilled to welcome Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes as a guest speaker at our virtual event. Lt. Gov. Barnes serves as chairman of Gov. Tony Evers’ Task Force on Climate Change.

for WSBC Virtual Conference 2020! 
December 8 and 9 from 11 AM to 5 PM Daily 

The theme this year is Sustainable Futures – Leveraging this Moment in Time and focuses both on the current state of sustainability and how businesses are leveraging this moment to rethink, reimagine, redesign for sustainable futures. The Virtual Conference will bring us back to the basics of the triple bottom line to explore how the business community can evolve to get the people, planet, profit, and prosperity model right, leveraging this moment in time to help build sustainable futures.

There are four tracks within two themed days, which are:
• Leadership Path: Profit. People. (Day 1 – Tuesday, December 8, 11-5)
• Professional Path: Persuasion. Planet. (Day 2 – Wednesday, December 9, 11-5)

There will be a series of back to back live sessions, as well as pre-recorded content available around each day’s theme and tracks. For 13 years WSBC has brought thought leaders and influencers together to help shape the sustainable business conversation in Wisconsin. This year, you too can be part of the learning, idea sharing and networking, all from the comfort of your desk!  

December Programs
  • • December 8-10, 2020 – The Contracting Academy - The Contracting Academy (TCA) is an opportunity for businesses to grow their technical knowledge of contracting with the State of Wisconsin, Federal Government and Government Prime contractors. The series of workshops will benefit established businesses looking to grow and develop their government sales. TCA is being presented by WPI and WEDC in conjunction with Marketplace 2020.

  • December 8-10, 2020 – Virtual Marketplace 2020 – Governor’s Conference on Diverse Business Development The conference serves businesses of all sizes, with a special focus on helping small business get connected with resources and knowledge. In this year’s virtual format, the conference will allow companies more time to connect and network through virtual workshops, panel discussions, buyer meetings and much more. At the conference, minority, woman, veteran, small and LGBTQ-owned businesses can learn from and connect with resource providers, government representatives, corporate buyers and business professionals to lay the framework to develop new partnerships and new contracts. Marketplace is presented by WEDC and partners from throughout Wisconsin.
Cyber Friday Web Series @ 11:00 am - Noon

BREW 2.0


As a late-stage water tech startup, you need access to experts, funding and, most importantly, connections to grow. The Water Council’s BREW 2.0–short for Business, Research and Entrepreneurship in Water—is an intensive two-week virtual post-accelerator program with one mission: to help you build the skills and connections you need to scale and grow.


BREW 2.0 is our next-gen accelerator program designed specifically to help promising water tech innovators to continue to build momentum on their path to market adoption success. Held twice a year and open to up to 10 participants, the two-week virtual experience focuses on pro-led sales and growth programs, a pitch opportunity and access to customer connections. After the program wraps, participants have access to ongoing training opportunities and other resources to continue their growth trajectory to go up, up, up!


In many ways, this age of Covid has delighted technology providers. With the accelerated adoption of technology to support our communications now, we are living the inflection point of consumption and generation of new data. So much has moved online. Step change to more and more automation becomes smaller each time. As we come to expect new levels of autonomy in our personal lives, makers are called on to innovate. Counter acting the sad news of the day with a purpose gives us, as leaders the opportunity to step up, to inspire and lead our workforce through these difficult times with a positive vision of growth and innovation. People want to feel part of a bigger mission, especially since it’s been so hard for us at home. There is a strong correlation between leaders who tap into this brotherhood of mission and companies who excel in their field. This becomes especially evident during the times we live in now. Leaders who take advantage of disruption in times of trouble emerge light years ahead of their competitors, often creating whole new markets with the technology they create.

The Connected Systems Institute at UWM, is doing its part to inspire this kind of leadership. The Executive Workshop Series has been designed for these thoughtful leaders. Anyone seeking ideas and inspiration on how to navigate these times amongst the continued challenges of supply chain disruption, challenges in data transparency will enjoy interacting with other executives at the table. These sessions are led by thought leaders and executives from the world largest companies. They will kick off in January of 2021 via online sessions. Anyone interested in any of the Events going on at the CSI can find registration details here.

Introducing the Connecting with Industry Leaders Series
December 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Digital Transformation
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