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Hi all! I hope all of you are well and doing OK with the continuing stressors surrounding this dang ol’ virus. Of course all of us have other shadoobie that piles up on us just as a part of life, but doesn’t it all feel worse this year? I know you’ve answered yes. This month is supposed to be dedicated to Gratefulness, which can serve us well when we’re down. I’m grateful that as the flowers have faded, blazing colors have lit up our neighborhood in the past few weeks. I’m deeply grateful for the love I’ve shared with loved ones who have passed this year. I'm grateful to be in the 29th year of marriage with someone that's also my business partner. We’re so grateful for our clever and hardworking staff, that really have busted their butts and risen to the occasion with this new, ever-changing (and far more difficult) business model we’ve had to adopt.
 We’re of course extremely grateful for you, our amazing Green Dog community, that keeps us smiling by voicing your support for our continuing struggle to balance safety for our employees and our customers while still getting you what you need. 
Something that always blows us away is the realization that so many of our customers have been so loyal to us for so many years. It’s such an honor for us to be a part of your pet’s life, and sometimes when we’re very lucky, throughout their entire lives. You’ve brought us your tiny babies, sometimes before they’ve even gone to your house for the first time. We see them so often that they drag you up the street to visit.(Giving them all of those treats is all part of our nefarious plan). Having done this for 16 years, we are always in awe of the fact that many of our very first regulars are still our customers and our friends. We’ve enjoyed the happy times in your pet’s life with you and done our best to support you during the challenging times. When these pets pass, it hurts our hearts too, but we are so grateful for all of the years of friendship that we got to share with them.
 It’s an even greater honor when after our lifelong friend passes, another is invited in, and their people proudly bring this new love in for us to share. That photo above is Ollie, a little Frenchton baby that’s lucky enough to land with two of the nicest mommies right down the street. Maybe Petey had a hand (paw?) in getting you here. It sure seems like a good fit, and we can’t wait to get to know you better, Ollie! Thank you all for bringing us your “Covid babies” - they’ve helped to buoy our spirits through this whole kick-in-the-teeth year.

I'm sure that many of you heard what the Governor said about it being time to dial it back again due to the rapidly rising numbers in Multnomah County. 

Starting Tuesday, we will be entirely relying on Curbside pickup for our sales for at least two weeks, perhaps four, depending on the numbers.

We know it will be painful for us, and for you, but we’re committed to two things:
1) Protecting our employees from exposure. The CDC right now says people should avoid spending more than 15 minutes within 6 feet of other people in a 24 hour period. We see 60-90 humans every day, many of them who have trouble keeping distance. We have 3 employees with serious immune compromise, One of them who has a partner with a serious case of Cystic Fibrosis is needing to leave due to rising numbers unless we can restrict the numbers of people she’s exposed to. She only recently rejoined us due to improvements in the case numbers in MultCo, but if he is ever infected…. And two other employees have immune compromised systems themselves, one with specific orders from her doctor to not work here during business hours. We’d be able to have her work during daylight hours if we do curbside now, which would sure be a help to us during this change.

2) Helping you get everything you need! First, you don’t have to stock up - we’ll be open for our regular hours. If you know what you’re after, just email us at and we’ll put it all together for you and call you for payment. Then you can just stroll up to the front doors and we’ll hand it to you, or if you need to, you can roll up on the curb and we’ll pop it right into your trunk. Think of curbside as a luxury service, like you’re fancy! Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what the name of things are - we can look in your history to find the item if you’ve bought it before, or we can talk about it when we call you. If you wished you could pick out your own stuffed toy, we could shoot you a photo of your choices. You’ll also be able to come to the front door and ask us for what you need (though there may be a line), and we can even bring products to you to choose from. We can take your credit card or cash there and bring back your items and receipt.
We can always come outside and discuss your nutrition/behavior issues with you there. We can take your puppy inside and adjust their harness fit and give her back to you (unless she’s too cute to give up…). I can use my Facebook messaging feature to show you things in real time as we talk on the phone, so I could bring you on a tour of all of the collars we carry, etc. We plan on taking photos of holiday items as they come in to share with you on social media, and we’re already working on a low tech “catalog” of different categories of products, where you could email us and we’d send you the PDF document with photos and prices of your choices. Right now, we already have a catalog for training treat pouches, one for light-up collars and leashes for nighttime safety and one for car seat covers. Just ask us and we'll send them along to you. We’ll be relying on social media to show you products we sell that you might like to choose from (like chews, treats and toys), as food sales don’t keep our lights on. ;) Yesterday we started setting up a window display for Christmas Toys! We've never done that due to all of the indoor space we needed to use - We can't wait to see it all finished and show you online!
We’re also looking into a creative way to work out a Holiday Secret Sale for you!(for those of you new to this newsletter, we’d normally have storewide Secret Sales every few months just for our newsletter subscribers, but we can’t cram lots of people into the store or handle the volume of that sort of demand. We have an idea for Xmas though…stay tuned!

Please email us at instead of calling if you can, as our phone lines already get tied up right now, and we expect they’ll be really ringing off the hook after this change. We'll be checking our email frequently!

We know this won't last forever! Help us out and we'll get through this.Thank you, friends!


Just a reminder, especially in fall when our heater vents become a favorite place for pets to be cozy: Your pet’s dangling ID tags can become stuck in heater vents (or in their crates). It’s safest to remove their collars when they’re in the house so as to minimize the chances of getting that tag stuck somewhere it shouldn’t.

 The other option (especially for door dashers that might squeak out and so need an ID tag on them at all times) is the Boomerang pet tag. It’s a stainless steel tag that fits right onto your dog's collar, without dangling! It can fit a good amount of information, and lays flush against your dog’s neck. No jingling! It gets sent right to your house within a few days of purchase. ($10.99)


Fall weather means wet and muddy dogs. Car Seat covers are the way to go! Our favorite is Ruff Wear’s “Dirtbag” Seat Cover. Ruff Wear makes the best, most durable gear and they really stand by their products. This waterproof cover shields vehicle seats from the remnants of dog adventures. Their convertible design can be installed in a traditional or hammock configuration (like in the photo) and maintains access to the seatbelts. Secure attachments keep the cover in place. Tear-resistant, waterproof and comfortable non-slip fabric keeps dogs stable during the ride. Easy to fit and remove, cleans with a shake, or is machine washable (it's not bulky, so it fits right into the washer without any fuss. Fits the backseat of most passenger vehicles. Dimensions: 55 X 63.
a review: “Awesome seat cover. Fits perfect. Durable. Washes easy. Great color that doesn’t get too hot in heat and love the storage pocket to keep bowls and leashes”.

***We have a few other choices for seat covers at different price points - we’re experimenting with little PDF “catalogs” of products that we carry with descriptions, photos and pricing. Email us and ask us for the Car Seat Catalog!


We are so excited to be carrying Green Juju’s amazing freeze dried treats, packed with meat and veggies. I’m telling you - we have a lot of high value treats, but these are really well loved by more dogs than is usual for a new treat. The palatability is incredible, and our rep told us that other stores have reported that cats are all over these too! Like their other products, they have figured out ways to make the nutritive power of veggies be accessible to carnivores and also taste delicious! They use all organic ingredients, and the treats are made right in Seattle. They’re available in small and large bags.
The flavors are "Wild Caught Salmon with blueberries and cabbage" ($9.99/$19.99) , "Grass Fed Beef Organs with carrots and beets" ($9.99/$19.99), "Grass Fed Bison Organs with dark leafy greens" ($11.99/$22.99), and a straight "Freeze Dried Bison Liver" ($12.99). 
What? You don’t know about Green Juju’s other products? They make an incredible finely macerated vegetable mix that looks like pesto that you can mix into your dog’s food to add amazing amounts of valuable antioxidants and a broad spectrum of nutrients. Being so finely minced means that it’s actually digestible for dogs, as they don’t have the ability to break down cellulose (that’s why carrots and green beans come out looking the same as they went in!) The fine mince breaks down those cell walls and releases the nutrients. Check out their website here

These were popular when we last had them! Made by P.L.A.Y. - a great B-Corp company that mostly makes toys, but their crate pads and beds are really nice. We love to support B-corp companies, as it isn’t easy to achieve membership status in this this sustainability certification program. It means they’re behaving really responsibly on all levels of business, from sourcing to employee management. These lovely striped cotton crate pads are colored with non toxic dyes, and the stuffing is certified nontoxic, made from post consumer recycled plastic. The solid gray and purple polyester pads are also certified nontoxic and are the softest material you’ll ever feel. (30”/36”/42” $54/$68/$104)

A Big Sky Blanket® is the perfect throw to protect couches, chair or car interiors from dander and dirt. Made with smooth faux suede on one side and a silky soft fabric on the other. Keep your home looking stylish and eliminate unwanted pet fur from furniture by using this luxurious new blanket wherever your pet chooses to lay its head. They’re durable, machine washable and dryer safe (gets softer after each wash) Oeko-Tex® Certified safe textiles, made in the USA. West Paw (another B-Corp company) guarantees their stuff! If you are unhappy with the performance of one of their products, their Love It Guarantee entitles you to a one-time refund or replacement. We have two sizes in stock : 56X73 and 38X56 and will be ordering more very soon. If you like one that you see on their website that we don’t have, let us know soon and we’ll get it for you. The big ones are likely big enough to cover your bed!
The Feral Cat Coalition is holding its annual cat food donation drive.The food is given to volunteers who spend time trapping feral cats and transporting them to FCC for spay and neuter procedures to control their population.Feeding feral cats is not only a humane kindness, but can help them acclimate to people and become adoptable, and hopefully makes a dent in the number of small animals they would hunt. 
Please consider adding a bag of First Mate cat food to your next curbside order. The 5# bag is $8 and the 13# bag is $17 (this is our cost - we make no money on these donations)

In the words of the Beaumont Business Association, 
"Momiji was founded by two brothers in 2010 as a small establishment on Silverton Road, in Salem. Since then, their popularity for crafting pure, delicious sushi has grown. They now proudly operate 8 locations in the heart of Oregon. Their iconic Salem Roll, created by this artistic pair, sold more than 100,000 orders in 2018.
Momiji Sushi Restaurants are known for their passion for routinely creating fresh, tasty sushi everyday, huge menu and quick service. When you visit their restaurants, what you see and taste is all part of the signature Momiji experience. Their blend of traditional and ‘outside of the box’ Japanese cuisine is a welcomed addition to our Beaumont Village community. They are hiring for the Fremont store". 
(we haven't asked them about seafood sustainability yet, but we hope they know what's best to choose. ;)

- Transitional school for unhoused families seeks donations to continue important work
. The Community Transitional School, which has provided education since 1990 for children whose families are without permanent housing, is accepting donations while it continues distance-learning instruction. In a letter to parents earlier this year, the independent school outlined plans to provide delivery and pick-up of school work and meals. more here

- Amalfi’s is still outdoor seating (only) under their newly constructed tent space. No reservations needed.They've made accomodations to keep you warm, dry and safe.Don't forget a scarf and light blanket, then cozy up with your favorite Italian comfort dish and Heritage Hot Toddy! Live Music will be in full, soulful swing every Thursday (5-8 pm), Friday and Saturday (6-9 pm). website
Thank You All For Supporting Your Locally Owned Stores! 

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