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June 2021
Change your thoughts to change the world

This month we invite you 
to remember
that everything begins in your consciousness,
that you have the power to soften 
your home, your city, your planet,
to consciously choose
trust, joy, love and unity.
Change your thoughts to change the world.
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The era of air
This is an intense time. How can we perceive this situation as a process of evolution of human consciousness?
And if it is indeed an evolution, what can we do individually and collectively to encourage this evolution?
Are there cycles that we can observe in our evolution?
Do the chakras, wheels or vortexes of energy have something to reveal in this context?

Each chakra is associated with aspects of our consciousness, a group of nerves and an endocrine gland and therefore with particular organs and functions, a color, a meaning, a vibration (musical note), and an element.
In the model that we use within the Brofman Foundation, we associate the 7 main chakras with the 7 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Its Inner, Inner Light.
Some of these elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, and Air are associated with the 12 zodiacal constellations.
- Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
- Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
- Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
- Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
We will come back to these associations in more details.

Does human consciousness evolve cyclically?

Plato had already notified the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. This is a very slow change in direction of the Earth's axis of rotation.
From then on, he had already quantified a global cycle of precession of the equinoxes of 25,920 years. This cycle divided into 12 gives us eras of 2 160 years.

One of the effects of this cycle is that the location of the sun in the sky during the spring equinox changes places and slowly slides past the 12 constellations of the zodiac.

In accordance with the observation of the sky, we are leaving the Pisces era and gradually entering the Aquarius era.

By which observations can we make these associations between the eras, the elements, the aspects of consciousness and the chakras?

In our map of human consciousness, we link certain aspects of consciousness to each chakra and each of them is associated with an element.
These elements can be organized according to their density, from the most dense to the most subtle. In other words, from the most "Yin" to the most "Yang". Yin is associated with the feminine, the bottom, the shade, the densest ... The "Yang" is associated with the masculine, the top, the light, the least dense ...
The most Yin relative element, the most dense, is the Earth. It is thus with the first chakra, at the level of the perineum that we associate this element. In a decreasing order of density, come then Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Inner Sound respectively associated with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th chakras.
The 7th element, the most Yang, the less dense is the Inner Light. It is associated with the 7th chakra, located at the top of the head, closest to the sky.
What we can remember for the rest of this article is that the 3rd chakra is associated with the element Fire and that the 4th chakra is associated with Air.

Let's remember that the sign of Pisces is associated with the element Water.
We associate the age of Pisces with the Fire element, the 3rd chakra, and aspects of consciousness such as freedom, power, control, personality.
The sign of Aquarius is associated with the element Air.
The Aquarian age is associated with the element Air, the 4th chakra. Perceptions of love, relationships with people close to the heart are the aspects of consciousness associated with this chakra.

In summary, if we look at the two elements present in each era, we see:
- Pisces Era: Water and Fire.
- Aquarius Era: Air and Air.

According to the associations we have proposed, the last time this Air/Air configuration occurred between a zodiac sign and the heart chakra, it was almost 60,000 years ago...
That is to say 2 complete cycles of precession of the equinoxes which correspond to two times 25,920 years + 3 eras of 2,160 years.

To answer this, let's first observe the human behaviors and the aspects of consciousness mainly concerned that we can find during the Piscean and Aquarian eras.

The Era of Pisces

For the 2,160 years prior to the current period, on a collective level, what predominated on the planet and what caught our attention, were power games, control between the civilizations, divisions of territories, the will to develop power, for example with gunpowder. For centuries, the use of gunpowder and its power have had a determining global and geostrategic role during the geostrategic role during the big naval wars and on the ground. Nuclear power represents another stage in the development of power, it is widely involved in the games of power. In these contexts, where power and control are in motion, the question of the position of freedom can appear. Remember that the aspects of consciousness associated with the yellow chakra are freedom, power, control...

Elements :
We can observe that the elements Water (activities on the seas and oceans, use of steam, dams...) and Fire (powder, coal, nuclear...) correspond respectively to the era of Pisces and to the aspects of consciousness of the yellow chakra. These two elements were at the heart of the changes changes during the last 2,160 years.
It is also interesting to note that the symptoms that attracted much attention during the Pisces era affected for example the skin with leprosy. People could be disfigured and then hide their faces out of shame or guilt. The plague was also a major collective symptom. In its bubonic form, it creates muscle pain and fever reflecting a sense of helplessness and anger.

Body Parts:
The skin, muscular system, and face are associated with the yellow chakra. The theme of anger may also be related to this chakra.
The Pisces era (Water), from this point of view, would therefore be linked to the yellow chakra (Fire). The global attention and motivation forces tended to be housed in this area of the consciousness, by creating experiences to clarify, harmonize and balance the aspects of consciousness associated with: freedom - control - power – personality.

The Era of Aquarius

Apart from the current world situation to which we will return in a few lines, what observations can we make since the entry into this era?

From the conquest of the waters, we have moved on to the conquest of the air. From the first flight of Clement Ader in 1890 until today, the relationship with the air space has made considerable progress in its evolution. This is visible in civil or military aviation, and more recently with drones and their various uses. Mankind has also largely developed technologies based on the use of compressed air in a wide range of professions and tools. We could also note the entertainment, sports or the growing popularity of wellness techniques based on the element Air. Air is on the rise...

Body parts:
And what are the symptoms that we can observe globally since this progressive entry into the Aquarian age? AIDS, HIV, bird flu, H1N1 and... Covid-19. These symptoms affect the immune system. This one is controlled by the heart chakra and the parts of the consciousness associated with it are the perceptions of love and what happens within us in the relationships with relationships with people close to the heart.

At this time, the global attitude of humans tends to point to places on the planet where things are happening in a malignant way. Sometimes what locally might seem organic may not be organic to the whole. And these malignant processes are being made more and more visible, encouraged by the speed of information. So we can deal with them globally.
We begin to function as an immune system. Just like our physical body, when a part of it is threatened, the whole organism mobilizes to do something about it.

The Era of Aquarius is therefore associated with the heart chakra.The attention of the collective consciousness will be drawn more and more to observe what is happening in the area of relationships with people close to the heart, about perceptions of love, compassion, acceptance, to "relate" in a healthy way with others. Thus, during the era of Aquarius, we will create experiences to harmonize this area of consciousness and adjust our motivation forces towards the consciousness aspects of the heart chakra. Ideally, we will create gentle experiences for this evolution.

With the current events and the world situation that we have been experiencing for more than a year, in which even airplanes have been flying less, we can observe that the Air element, the aspects of consciousness associated with the heart chakra and the parts or functions of the body that are related to it, have been the center of collective attention.

Let us remember that we are associating the heart chakra with the immune system which is, at this time, a central subject. We also connect the lungs to the heart chakra.

One of the predominant symptoms of the current virus is coughing. And when we cough, the relationship with air changes. This relationship with air also changes with masks.

The sense associated with the heart chakra is touch, which is also the center of attention. Hugging people has become more occasional ...

Socially, the measures put in place meant that those close to the heart, in the same household, had to spend more time together. An occasion sometimes to adjust certain points in the relations with these people close to the heart. Within the same family, different points of view on the situation and the solutions implemented may emerge. Sometimes this can create tensions that ultimately harmonize when these people, who love each other, accept points of view that are different from their own, without actually agreeing or endorsing these other points of view ...

Definitely, this world situation encourages us to look at and harmonize our heart chakra and the aspects of consciousness associated with it: perceptions of love, relations with those close to the heart.

Why is this period so special?

The moment we are going through, in addition to its cyclical rarity (once every 58,320 years), which is linked to the passage from the Pisces era to the Aquarius era, represents a shock point in the evolution of human consciousness.

Of course, we can observe this shock point with what is happening now and the way humans are responding to the situation. And we can also observe this particular moment from the point of view of the evolutionary cycles of human consciousness.

Indeed, each chakra is also associated with a frequency. These frequencies follow an order mathematically and logically ordered of 7 vibrations represented by the musical notes.
The red chakra, located at the perineum, the most yin, the closest to the Earth, is associated with the note C.
The violet chakra, located at the top of the head, the most yang, the closest to the sky, is associated with the note B.
Between most notes there is a tone, for example between C (red chakra) and D (orange chakra) or between A (indigo chakra) and B (violet chakra).

During the progression of the sequence of musical notes, a difference appears between E (yellow chakra, Pisces era) and F (green chakra, Aquarius era). Indeed, only a half-tone exists between these two notes. . This difference in progression between the yellow chakra and the green chakra, we consider it as a shock point, a sensitive passage in terms of individual and collective evolution.

We can perceive the current period of change as one of the effects of this passage from the Pisces era to the Aquarius era. Let us remember that the themes explored during the Pisces era corresponded to the aspects of consciousness of the solar plexus chakra: freedom, control, power. While the Aquarius era is focused on the aspects of consciousness of the heart chakra: perceptions of love, relationships, people close to the heart.

The individual has an effect on the collective

Each individual consciousness is encouraged to make this passage, resolving the paradox between relationships and freedom, and make sure to have healthy relationships between humans. This should be accompanied by a shift in the motivating forces behind our actions, more oriented to heart chakra themes.

The current global difficulties can be seen as resistances to making this shift, resistances to decreasing the amount of control that humans choose to use to create more room for freedom. Thus, we learn that control and freedom should be balanced and used in the right amount.

These tensions in the collective consciousness are a mirror of each configuration of the individual consciousness that compose it.

A process of evolution. How do we want to get through it? The hard way or the easy way?

Our perceptions create our reality, we can perceive the current situation as aevolutionary process. And we can soften this evolutionary process by changingindividually. Changing for the better is an evolution.

Our power to make this transition smoother is ultimately within each of us. If individual consciousness encourage each other to nurture within themselves, with discernment, balanced perceptions of trust, joy, freedom, love, abundance and unity... Then this can be reflected in the collective consciousness.

You have your power/freedom and you can use it to move your motivation forces to the heart chakra and manifest actions that will reflect this.

In conclusion and to answer the question presented at the beginning of this article: Does human consciousness evolve cyclically?

According to these observations, the point of view would be that yes, indeed, human consciousness evolves in a cyclic way. Moreover, it would seem that these cycles are accompanied by themes of evolution.

The transition from the Pisces era to the Aquarius era implies a paradigm shift to get better and better and to evolve collectively. And if everything starts in the consciousness, this change will be more and more visible in the physical world, in proportion to what is happening in the individual consciousness that compose the group consciousness.

If you want to be in alignment with the tendency of the Aquarius era, you can take moments to observe and accept what is happening in you and around you, even if you don't agree with it or don´t support what you are observing. In this way, you are encouraging this paradigm shift.

"Love is in the air" 1978 - George Young and Harry Vanda
performed by John Paul Young.

Jérôme Gadeyne

Success story of the month
Four days of healing class where I arrived exhausted, emptied and under treatment and the past 15 days have been pure happiness since my return.
From the first day, links and connections were made between bodily sensations or symptoms and failures or moments of life. Then, 6 healings to discover or rediscover oneself as a healer but also to see that everything can be healed even what we did not hoped for anymore. And what a return! Despite the stress I felt as I walked through the door between bad memories and fear of going back to the life before, I went from surprise to surprise tasting new perceptions, new impressions, new resources and talents, new bodily, sensory and emotional faculties. Like a rebirth, I enjoy life with new flavors, new senses, a new body and forgetting the treatments and
of a past too heavy to bear. Like a reset or a reconnection to the essentials which allowed me to make new projects with confidence and to find my loved ones by starting again on
new bases where love and the essential have erased fears and basely material concerns.
Thank you very much for guiding and accompanying me towards this new life and for helping me to reveal myself to myself. I now have an incredible feeling of freedom and a feeling
that everything is possible!
E.DF. France
The symptom of the month : Bronchial pneumonia
Bronchial pneumonia involves inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to infection. As with any kind of pneumonia, the symptoms include cough, rapid breathing, chest pain, and shortness of breath. Symptoms affecting the lungs reflect tensions in the heart chakra, thus tensions with someone close to the person’s heart – a parent, partner, sibling or offspring. The heart chakra is associated with the element of air, and a person’s relationship with air reflects their relationship with love. Inflammation implies anger. Coughing is seen as the person pushing away the air, difficulty letting in the love from the person with whom there has been tension. When there is fever, it reflects anger. When headaches are involved, it reflects crown chakra tensions and a sense of separation from someone. Weakness would reflect a sense of powerlessness in the situation with whom there has been tension.

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