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Vol.1 Issue:1
October 13, 2017

Hello Friend, welcome to the first edition of the new Brendan Sailing Quarterly Newsletter!

James P. Muldoon

Welcome to the inaugural issue of  Brendan Sailing's Quarterly Newsletter. Here, we will provide the Brendan Community with updates, news stories, spotlights, and articles to further expand Brendan's imprint in Maryland and beyond.

For over 33 years, the Brendan Sailing Program has been promoting self-confidence and self-esteem in youth with learning differences through the sport of sailing. Through our program we have been able to help hundreds of students achieve success that, they otherwise may not have achieved.

As we attempt to grow and adapt to the modern world, please use this newsletter as a tool for the latest updates and information regarding all things Brendan Sailing. Please
let us know about your experience and submit any suggestions to further enhance our future newsletters. 

Also, don't forget to visit our recently renovated Brendan website for any additional information and more updates regarding the program at

On behalf of myself, our President Joanne Dorval, and Executive Director Charlie Arms, we hope you enjoy the Brendan Sailing Program's newsletter, and thank you for your continued generous support.


James P. Muldoon
Chairman, Brendan Corporation

In this Issue...

● Summer 2017 Graduation

● Brendan featured on 1430 Annapolis - The Boat Show

Charlie Arms joins US Sailing National Faculty

Instructor & Camper Spotlight

Introducing...the Brendan Alumni Program

Jay Leno on his Dyslexia

ADHD and Entrepreneurship

Brendan Sailing Program 2017 Graduation

St. Mary's City, MD (July 28, 2017) - The Brendan Camp Season came to an official close on Friday, July 28 with the completion of Brendan Sailing Program's St. Mary's overnight camp. As is tradition with every Brendan Sailing Program, the last day is dedicated to a Parent Sail during which Brendan students can show off the sailing skills they learned throughout the course of the camp with their parents! 

Upon the conclusion of the Parent Sail, the students and parents then gathered at the Daugherty-Palmer Commons on the campus of St. Mary's College for the annual Brendan Graduation Ceremony. Here each student in attendance was recognized for his/her accomplishments throughout the Program and given a certificate of completion along with an official Brendan Sailing Program sack-pack to commemorate their success. 

For more information about the Brendan Sailing Graduation and the 2017 season please visit 
Brendan Corporation featured on The Boat Show  (WNAV 1430 Annapolis)

Annapolis, MD (August 2, 2017) - President of Brendan Sailing Program, Joanne Dorval, and Executive Director Charlie Arms took some time with Captain Rick Franke on Annapolis' own 1430 WNAV to discuss all things Brendan, including the implementation of the recently completed USCG grant funded National On-Water Standards in the Brendan Sailing Program's sailing curriculum, Brendan's partnership with Spirit of America boating, and the implementation of the power and human propelled craft boating domains in the Brendan St. Mary's program!

Click Here for audio interview highlights!
Photo: From Right to Left: Brendan Sailing President Joanne Dorval, Brendan Executive Director Charlie Arms, Host Captain Rick Franke, and  Co-Host Scott Anderson
Brendan Executive Director Charlie Arms Chosen for US Sailing's National Faculty for Adaptive Sailing

(August 31, 2017) - The National Faculty of US Sailing (NATFAC) is responsible for the development and refinement of the educational materials of the Training Department. This group of volunteers has gathered each year over many decades to develop the curriculum used for small sailboat, keelboat and powerboat training. This year the group is joined by the Adaptive Sailing trainers as well as seminar instructors from Race Management. Meetings take place over a four-day period in St Petersburg, Florida in October.

Charlie Arms, having served on NATFAC for all of the disciplines now joins the Adaptive Sailing group to bring the Brendan Approach to US Sailing. The synergy of bringing trainers from all over the country has sparked innovation in the training materials. “I am excited to meet with the Adaptive Sailing trainers and share what we have learned working with children with learning differences” Arms said upon receiving the invitation. “Our students require little or no accommodations to the boats or facilities hosting courses, the changes are with the instructors and the way the curriculum is presented.”

Read more about our Executive Director, Charlie Arms, on our website:

Evan McCarthy

Evan McCarthy has been involved with Brendan for the past nine years. Starting as a camper, he quickly fell in love with being on the water and participating in Brendan Sailing.

In 2017 he started his first summer as an official Brendan instructor. He is a certified US Sailing Small Boat Instructor, earning his certification right here in Annapolis. Evan has sailed five seasons for Broadneck High School's Varsity and JuniorVarsity sailing team based out of the Severn Sailing Association. When Evan was a Brendan camper, he received the "No Guts No Glory" award for the Annapolis Day Camp in 2013 for being the Brendan camper "whose example, leadership, and outstanding achievement contributed so much to the success of the Brendan Sailing Program at Annapolis Sailing School." Evan is thankful to have had the opportunity to work for Brendan and inspire those around him who possess a love for sailing.

Having met Evan as a shy first-year camper and seeing him grow into a certified full instructor, we are blessed to have him as a part of our team. He's ready to share his skill and love for sailing with the Brendan campers of today and tomorrow!
For more Information...

For More Information about our other instructors, the curriculum, or information about the Brendan Program, please visit our website HERE for more details!

Frankie Fallon
Age: 14
Rockville, MD
Years Attended Brendan:
Baltimore Lab Swimming Club & video games with friends
Fun Fact:
Has a twin sister, Nora

Frankie first became a part of the Brendan Sailing Family in 2013, when he was 10 years old, and has been a fixture at the Brendan Sailing Camp ever since. His parents, Frank and Kate Fallon, learned of Brendan in 2012 from a sales clerk in an Annapolis clothing store whose son had also attended the program. The following summer in 2013, they signed Frankie up for one of Brendan's Annapolis camp sessions. He enjoyed the camp so much that the following year his parents signed him up for both Annapolis program sessions and expressed interest in the overnight camp at St. Mary's College of Maryland. He ended up attending all three of Brendan's Camp opportunities, and has been attending both Annapolis sessions and the St. Mary's session ever since.

What Frankie enjoys most about the Brendan Sailing Program is the camaraderie that the campers share. He looks forward to the daily sailing ventures at the Annapolis camp, and enjoys the freedom of being out on the water. He is proud to show off his sailing skills at the annual Brendan Parent Sail on the last day of each camp, and even pointed out this year to his Dad that he was the captain and his father needed to listen to him!

At the St. Mary’s overnight camp, he enjoys staying in the college dorms, and the sense of independence the experience provides. This year he was allowed the opportunity to learn how to properly use a motorized inflatable boat, as well as earn his Maryland Boating Safety Certificate, which he is very proud. Other camp activities he enjoyed included rock climbing, campfire and kickball. Through his experience at the camp he has acquired a sense of being helpful to others, and he has been inspired to volunteer at the Special Olympics, as well as aid new Brendan campers. Frankie is an outstanding asset to the Brendan Program, and we look forward to his continued participation and leadership at our Brendan Camp Sessions!

See more Brendan Campers in action by visiting our Gallery page:

Brendan Alumni Information Wanted!

Have you participated in the Brendan Sailing Program in the past? 

If so, we'd love to connect with you to get an update on how you are doing, and how Brendan has helped you in your adult life. We will be highlighting Brendan Alumni in this section of future Newsletters, and we would love for as many as possible in the Brendan Family to be recognized for all their accomplishments in their post-Brendan lives! Please go to our website and fill out the the information for a chance to be recognized in our next Newsletter!
For more Information...

 Please go to our website link below, and fill out the information for a chance to be highlighted in our next Brendan Quarterly Newsletter.

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Jay Leno Opens Up about his Dyslexia, Noting that 'With Every Disadvantage, There is An Advantage' 
By: Heather Cichowski - A Plus.

(May 31, 2017) - ‘Dyslexia is "a learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling." Characteristics can include challenges with verbal proffessing speed, phonological awareness, and verbal memory. It is estimated that one in 10 people have dyslexia, which equates to over 40 million American adults, yet only about 2 million realize they are dyslexic. That is because it's a "hidden" condition that does not present itself in a way that others clearly do. This often stops people from seeking help and, consequently, reaching their full potential.

In his video, Leno explains how when he was a kid, the "cure" for dyslexia was a slap in the face and being told to "smarten up."
He elaborates how his mom's advice on how he would have to work twice as hard as the rest of the kids to get something became a concept that he applied to all aspects of life, and it helped him succeed. As he spent more time and worked harder, Leno says that this helped him.’

Click HERE to continue reading and view video.

Photo Credit: Video - Jay Leno talks to his younger self about Dyslexia by: Child Mind Institute

Learning Differences Articles:

How Embracing my ADHD makes me a better Entrepreneur

See HERE for our full list of articles related to learning differences!
Jay Leno opens up about his Dyslexia

How Embracing my ADHD Makes Me a Better Entrepreneur

By: Stephen Constantine - Guest Writer. 

(August 24, 2017) - 'Many people wish they had superhuman powers to deal with life's problems. When you’re an entrepreneur, focus and concentration are seen as critical to success. So, if like me, you have ADHD, it can seem like you’re on the back foot from the get go.
However, if you’re determined to succeed, there are many ways you can embrace the condition and use its quirks to your advantage; in life and in business.

The commonly held perception of ADHD as a “disorder” is incorrect. Many of history’s greats were known to have overactive minds -- Picasso, Van Gogh, Rodin -- and imagine how different the world would be without Henry Ford, Bill Gates and Andrew Carnegie's unique visions.’

Click HERE to continue the article.

Photo Credit: Bliznetsov/Getty Images

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