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Journey Beyond Three Seas (1957)
Starring Oleg Strizhenov and Nargis

Beautiful color print with English subtitles and will play in all DVD players.
The film is based on travelogues of XV century Russian traveler Afanasy Nikitin called "A journey beyond the three seas."
Directors: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Vasili Pronin
Writers: Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, Mariya Smirnova

Stars: Oleg Strizhenov, Prithviraj Kapoor, Balraj Sahni, Nargis, Padmini
Cannes Film Festival 1958

Palme d'Or
Khwaja Ahmad Abbas
Vasili Pronin

Filmfare Awards 1958

Filmfare Award Best Art Director
M.R. Achrekar
Made during the high time of Indo-Russian amity, Pardesi is an Indo-Soviet film co-production between the state-owned "Mosfilm Studio" and Khwaja Ahmad Abbas's, "Naya Sansar International" production house.
The film has music by Anil Biswas, and it had some memorable hits such as Rasiya Re Man Basiya Re, by Meena Kapoor, Na Dir Dim, by Lata Mangeshkar and was danced to by Padmini.
The film tells the story of Afanasy Nikitin (Oleg Strizhenov), a 15th-century, Russian trader who travelled to India (1466-1472), and falls in love with an Indian girl, Champa (Nargis Dutt).
Afanasy Nikitin was a horse trader from Tver in Russia, who came to India in the late 15th century, having started off from Tver in 1466. His travels took him down the Volga River, through Persia, and then via dhow to India. He is believed to have disembarked in present-day Maharashtra; over the years that followed, he travelled through a large part of peninsular India, including Bidar and Vijaynagar. He died in 1472 in Smolensk, on his way home; his travelogue of India, however, endures: entitled Khozhdenie Za Tri Moray (‘The Journey Beyond Three Seas’), it describes in detail all that Nikitin saw of what was to him a wild, exotic land like nothing he knew.
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