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The Wicked Lady (1945)
Starring Margaret Lockwood and James Mason

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
Director: Leslie Arliss
Writers: Magdalen King-Hall (novel), Leslie Arliss (screenplay)

Stars: Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Patricia Roc, Griffith Jones, Michael Rennie, Felix Aylmer, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Francis Lister
Filming locations included Blickling Hall in Norfolk, England.
Valerie White was originally cast in the role of highwayman Capt. Jerry Jackson's doxy. The actress developed appendicitis and Jean Kent took over the part. The first scene in which the character appears, Lockwood breaks into the room and Mason's in bed with her; we only actually see her back, and it is White's back we see.
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The Kibitzer (1930)

Stars: Harry Green, Mary Brian, Neil Hamilton

In this comedy, a Yiddish fellow cannot keep from kibitzing into other people's lives. Trouble ensues when he is mistakenly given a huge fortune in stocks that he can spend any way he pleases. At the same time, his daughter has fallen in love with an impoverished, but good hearted boy. When the kibitzer suggests he bet all his money on a dog of a racehorse, the lad does it. Against all odds, the horse wins, and suddenly the young man is quite wealthy. One day the stock bottoms out and the advice giver finds himself financially ruined. Fortunately, his brother comes to the rescue when he is asked in English whether or not he wants to sell the other's stock. The only English he knew was "Yes, sure, certainly."
Grumpy (1930)

Stars: Cyril Maude, Phillips Holmes, Frances Dade

George Cukor received his first film directorial credit for Grumpy, though he was contractually bound to share billing with Broadway director Cyril Gardner. Cyril Maude recreates his stage role as a cranky retired lawyer with the requisite 14-carat heart. The lawyer's daughter (Frances Dade) has a boyfriend who is accused of stealing a valuable diamond. Setting his nightcap and pacing around his living room in his pajamas, "Grumpy" solves the case. Adapted from the play by Horace Hodges and Thomas Percival, Grumpy was previously filmed in 1923 with Theodore Roberts in the title role.
You Made Me Love You (1933)

Stars: Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd, John Loder

In this musical-comedy, a good-hearted composer sees a beautiful woman at a traffic light and is inspired to write a song. They then fall in love. She is a feisty, untamed sort and soon after the wedding, the fireworks begin as they constantly bicker. At one point their rows become so violent that they nearly destroy a house. The plot is based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.
Dangerous Paradise (1930)

Stars: Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen, Warner Oland

Joseph Conrad's novel Victory inspired some of this South Sea drama. Alma (Nancy Carroll), a violinist hired to play at an island resort, is pressured to make herself available to its male visitors. She flees and hides in a skiff belonging to the reclusive Heyst (Richard Arlen), who is said to have hidden a stash of gold. The men in pursuit of Alma -- and of Heyst's gold -- force a confrontation with Heyst and they all wind up dead or arrested; Heyst, who actually has no gold, winds up with Alma.
The Mighty (1929)

Stars: George Bancroft, Esther Ralston, Warner Oland

In this melodrama set during WW I, a gangster joins the army and is promoted to major. He then returns from war torn Europe to tell a family that their beloved son had died in his arms during a battle. The major then falls in love with the late soldier's sister and decides to accept a position in town as the new police commissioner.

Beg, Borrow Or Steal (1937)

Stars: Frank Morgan, Florence Rice, John Beal

In this entertaining comedy, an American expatriate lives in Paris and fancies himself a clever con artist. Getting cocky, he invites his wife and daughter to join him. The daughter is about to marry and he promises her an exquisite French chalet. Now he must quickly find one before she arrives lest he end up with egg upon his face.
Keir Dullea

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