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Last Train From Bombay (1952)
Starring Jon Hall and Christine Larson

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In this lively adventure, an American ambassador arrives in India as it prepares to fight a civil war. He soon learns that it is his old friend who has been insiting the conflict. Unfortunately, the troublemaker is killed, but before he expires, he tells the diplomat that a trainload of explosives is set to blow up another train carrying an important Indian prince. The assassins know the diplomat knows of the plot and he becomes their next target. At the same time, he is also accused of his pal's murder. The brave ambassador then goes on to risk his own life to save that of the prince. He does, his name is cleared, and the war is stopped.
Director: Fred F. Sears
Writers: Robert Libott (story and screenplay)

Stars: Jon Hall, Christine Larson, Lisa Ferraday, Douglas Kennedy, Michael Fox, Donna Martell, Matthew Boulton
The film was devised to cash in on the then-current dispute between India and Pakistan. Filming started 11 March 1952.
It's interesting, but not even remotely historically accurate because the various Indian princes in both India and what later became Pakistan were bought off one by one by Lord Mountbatten as part of the eventual British departure from India. With one exception, the guy running Kashmir and that's been a sore subject between both countries for decades now. In 1952 no one would care if some rich nawab got blown up in a train accident, he's just another rich guy and Hindu, Moslem, Parsee, Sikh, and Christian really couldn't have cared.
Being the "hunk" that he is, looking like he weighs up to 300 pounds, Martin is not only surprisingly agile and acrobatic, with his movie double doing all the stunt work for him, he's also a big hit with the ladies in the movie who just can't get-in spite of how big he is- enough of him! The husky and bursting out of his clothes Martin later gets involved with American tourist Mary Anne Palmer, Christine Larson, as well as local bar girl Charlene, Lisa Farraday, who are key in his attempt in preventing the terrorists in succeeding in their bloody mission.
There's still a number of surprises coming Martins as well as the audiences' way especially who's really behind the plot to murder the Newob and his daughter! That all has to do with what size shoe the terrorist leader is wearing! Still Martin ends up saving the day the nation-India-and the royal family of the Newob of Junipur by him stopping the terrorist from carrying out their plan in just the nick of time. That's by Martin getting to and detonating the explosive charge meant for the Gundar to Luckow Special before the train could get to it first!
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The Terror (1938)

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A Colt Is My Passport (1967)

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An early example of a "vanity" production, this feature-length documentary is comprised of glorified home movies taken by film star Douglas Fairbanks Sr. during a trip to the Orient in the company of several friends. Fairbanks doesn't exactly take us around the world, though he does offer fascinating glimpses of Japan, China, Siam and India, with a smattering of the Philippines. Very little is shown here that hasn't been seen in dozens of other travelogues; on the other hand, how many travelogues could boast shots of the middle-aged Fairbanks, still in fine fettle, performing the same athletic feats that had won him fame 15 years earlier. The audiences is apprised of Fairbanks' progress through the use of maps and a rather expensive "pointer" (actually one of Fairbank's custom-made golf clubs). Originally released as Around the World in 80 Minutes with Douglas Fairbanks, the film was released through United Artists, which Fairbanks had helped form back in 1919.
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