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Unmasking The Idol (1986)
Starring Ian Hunter and William T Hicks

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
Director: Worth Keeter
Writers: Phil Behrens (screenplay), Robert P. Eaton (story)

Stars: Ian Hunter, William T Hicks, Charles K Bibby, Boon The Baboon, Ronald Campbell, Shakti Chen
Filming locations include Shelby, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.
Like its sequel, the Order of the Black Eagle, Unmasking the Idol stars superspy Duncan Jax and his pet baboon. Unlike in the sequel, Duncan - who is a middle-aged white guy with a receding hairline - is not only a superspy, but the "world's greatest ninja." No, seriously.
It's the '80s, so ninjas. Duncan Jax is a ninja, and when Boon is being harassed by a gang of toughs, Jax uses a telephone booth to change into his ninja suit and defend his pet baboon, who's holding his own (Boon knows kung-fu). Jax dispatches the ruffians with some impressing flying kicks in slow motion.
Jax also has his own version of Q, a cringe-inducing stereotype named Sato. Sporting a Master Wu mustache and beard, Sato works at Jax's headquarters. In his lair, Jax is met by his M analogue, an older British gent who feels like Ian Fleming by way of Quentin Crisp. This fellow, never removing his perfectly askew fedora, gives Jax his mission - sneak into an impenetrable fortress and retrieve a priceless fortune in gold. Jax declines, but when he learns the fortress is led by Goldtooth, the man responsible for the death of his parents, the mission becomes both personal and feature-length. Soon we're introduced to Goldtooth's associate, Scarlet Leader, in a scene you really need to watch.
Order this rarely-seen and hard-to-find classic today for the low price of $5.99.
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Keir Dullea

John Payne

Yvonne De Carlo

Charlton Heston

Tony Curtis

Gary Cooper

Cliff Robertson

Arline Judge

Kay Francis

Thelma Todd

Doris Kenyon

George Montgomery

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