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The Way To The Gold (1957)
Starring Jeffrey Hunter and Sheree North

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Joe Mundy is being released from prison and an old convict, whom he has befriended, tells him the location of a stolen cache of gold. Leaving the prison, Joe is followed to Glendale, Arizona by Little Brother Williams. There Joe meets Henrietta Clifford, a waitress, who befriends him after he is badly beaten by Williams. Marshal Hannibal questions Joe, who is unable to identify his assailant. At the boarding house where Henrietta is staying, Joe meets Mrs. Williams and her sons, Little Brother and Clem. Mrs. Williams' husband had participated in the gold robbery but had been killed before he could reveal the location of the cache. Joe also encounters Uncle George, Mrs. Williams' eccentric brother. Joe and Henrietta leave town to find the gold and are followed by the marshal. The two come to a road where they find Mrs. Williams, her sons and Uncle George waiting for them with a shotgun, and order them to proceed to the gold. (But not before Joe is beaten up by Little Brother for the third time). As they come down out of the mountains they discover that the waters of Lake Mead have covered the valley in which the gold was hidden, as Hoover Dam has been built since the old convict entered the prison many years before.
Director: Robert D. Webb
Writers: Wendell Mayes (screenplay), Wilbur Daniel Steele (novel)

Stars: Jeffrey Hunter, Sheree North, Barry Sullivan, Walter Brennan, Neville Brand, Jacques Aubuchon, Rith Donnelly, Philip Ahn
This movie was originally meant to be an Elvis Presley vehicle, but Fox refused to pay the $250,000 plus 50% of the profits that Elvis' manager asked (Fox had offered $150,000 plus 50%).
Order this rarely-seen and hard-to-find classic today for the low price of $5.99.
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Before Midnight (1933)

Stars: Ralph Bellamy, June Collyer, Claude Gillingwater

In the first of Columbia Pictures' "Inspector Trent" whodunits, the inspector (Ralph Bellamy) is called in to investigate the death of Edward Arnold (William Jeffrey). Although the young doctor in charge, David Marsh (Arthur Pierson), maintains that Arnold died of natural causes, a family curse causes Trent to become suspicious. The good inspector becomes even more alarmed when the victim, who has indeed been poisoned, proves to be one John Fry, the real Arnold (Claude Gillingwater) having changed places with an old friend in order to defeat the curse. But who killed Fry? Was it the Japanese houseboy, Kono (Otto Yamaoka)? Or the family attorney (Bradley Page)? Suspicion also centers on Arnold's beautiful ward, Janet (June Collyer); Fry's widow, Mavis (Betty Blythe); and sundry other more or less sinister characters lurking about the family's cavernous Forest Lake estate. Before Midnight was followed by three additional "Inspector Trent" mysteries: One Is Guilty, The Crime of Helen Stanley, and Girl in Danger, all released in 1934 and starring the affable Ralph Bellamy.
Sensation (1936)

Stars: John Lodge, Diana Churchill, Francis Lister

Future Connecticut governor John Lodge stars in the British crime drama Sensation. Lodge plays a hotshot reporter who devotion to his job is messing up his private life. Despite warnings from his girl friend that she'll walk out if he follows up one more hot scoop, Lodge tries to flush out the murderer of a waitress. A packet of incriminating love letters is the "maguffin" in this one. Based on a play by Basil Dean and George Munro, Sensation packs an awful lot of story in its 54 minutes.
A Penny A Peep (1934)

Stars: Leo Donnelly, Fred Harper, Gertrude Mudge

A family goes to a penny arcade where they watch some old-time picture shows.
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)

Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney

Sidney Lumet's thriller concerning two brothers who hatch a plan to rob their parent's jewelry store. When the job goes awry, the entire family is set on a collision course with tragedy. Andy (Hoffman) is an overextended broker in desperate need of some cash. His brother, Hank (Hawke), isn't much better off, so when Andy hatches a plan to rob their parent's modest jewelry store, it seems like a foolproof way to make a quick buck. But Andy's trophy wife, Gina (Tomei), is secretly sleeping with libidinous younger brother Hank, and when the robbery proves a complete disaster it isn't long before loyalties start to shift. Now Andy and Hank's father, Charles (Finney), is determined to make the unidentified robbers pay for their crime. What's a father to do when he discovers that the ones he loves have become his worst enemies?
The Midshipmaid (1932)

Stars: Jessie Matthews, A.W. Baskcomb, Basil Sydney

Sir Percy Newbiggin visits the fleet to find ways to economize naval expenditures. Daughter Celia tags along, and organizes a morale-boosting show utilizing ship-board talent. Her fiance shows up, and romantic complications ensue.
Before Winter Comes (1968)

Stars: David Niven, Topol, Anna Karina

In this bitter drama that takes place in the immediate aftermath of World War II, British Major Giles Burnside (David Niven) is assigned to a Austrian refugee camp, his orders to send the masses of displaced civilians to either the Russian or the American zone. Burnside is a by-the-books commander but has trouble making himself understood in the gaggle of different languages. But one of the refugees, Janovic, (Topol), is energetic and can speak many languages and Burnside hires him as his interpreter. Janovic quickly conveys Burnsides's directives and gets the way station running efficiently. Janovic even has time to romance a lovely innkeeper, Maria (Anna Karina). But Janovic's love for Maria hits a brick wall when he finds that she is carrying on an illicit affair with Burnside. As the remaining refugees are being dispatched to the different zones of occupation, Janovic is found to be a Russian deserter who must be returned to the Russian mainland to be executed. Burnside offers to help him escape, but Janovic can't decide whether to trust Burnside or not.
Keir Dullea

John Payne

Yvonne De Carlo

Charlton Heston

Tony Curtis

Gary Cooper

Cliff Robertson

Arline Judge

Kay Francis

Thelma Todd

Doris Kenyon

George Montgomery

Marie Windsor

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