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Song Of India (1949)
Starring Sabu and Gail Russell

Beautiful print and will play in all DVD players.
East Indian actor Sabu goes through his usual paces in Columbia's Song of India. Sabu plays Ramdar, prince of a jungle tribe, who comes into conflict with Indian maharajah Gopal (Turhan Bey). At the behest of the British government, Gopal has been trapping wild animals and selling them to zoos. Ramdar finds this offensive, and does his utmost to free the jungle beasts and undermine Gopal's activities. Leading lady Gail Russell plays Princess Tara, Gopal's beloved, whom Ramdar kidnaps and holds hostage to keep the maharajah at bay. Appropriately, the film's musical score is adapted from Rimsky-Korsakov's "Song of India." Original prints were released in Sepiatone.
Director: Albert S. Rogell
Writers: Jerome Odlum (story), Art Arthur

Stars: Sabu, Gail Russell, Turhan Bey, Anthony Caruso, Aminta Dyne, Fritz Leiber, Trevor Bardette, Robert Barrat
Marilyn Cooper was called in to replace Gail Russell, who was taken ill. This led to Cooper meeting her future husband, Sabu.
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A Tale Of Two Mice (1945)

Stars: Mel Blanc, Tedd Pierce
Babitt and Catstello return; their goal: steal the cheese the cat is guarding. Schemes include sneaking past a sleeping cat (Catstello chickens out), a miniature airplane, and a platform on a rope-and-pulley system.
A Ticklish Affair (1963)

Stars: Shirley Jones, Gig Young, Red Buttons

This light romantic comedy finds a young widow with three young boys investigated by the Navy. Amy Martin (Shirley Jones) has a curious child who inadvertently sends out a distress signal in Morse code by the blinds on his upstairs bedroom window. Commander Weedon (Gig Young) and crew observe the signal from their ship and investigate. The commander falls for the young mother and proposes marriage. Amy is reluctant to have her family live out of a suitcase and initially declines. Gramps (Edgar Buchanan) tries to bring her on board to sail the sea of love with the commander, but it's the youngest son Alex (Billy Mumy) who flies high an hits the mark as Cupid. Alex sets sail with some helium balloons and floats out over the ocean. The commander must save the boy and return him to his mother, creating another opportunity for his mother to be captured by the romantic suitor. Red Buttons and Carolyn Jones also find romance in this feature directed by George Sidney.
A Very Private Affair (1962)

Stars: Brigitte Bardot, Marcello Mastroianni, Nicolas Bataille

Louis Malle directed this drama about the toll fame takes upon a women pursuing a May-December romance. Jill (Brigitte Bardot) is a lovely 18-year-old girl who lives with her mother on a comfortable estate in Lake Geneva. Jill has dreams of some day becoming a ballet dancer, but her immediate concerns often focus upon Fabio (Marcello Mastroianna), a attractive older man who publishes a magazine and has married one of Jill's closest friends, Carla (Ursula Kubler). In time, Jill decides Fabio will never love her, and she runs away to Paris to study dance. While her career in ballet never pans out, she becomes an immediate success as a fashion model, and goes on to become a top film star. Five years after leaving home, Jill has become weary of fame, and comes home to her mother's home to rest. Jill discovers that Fabio and Carla have divorced, and he now takes a very keen interest in her. While stardom has now made Jill desirable to Fabio, it also attracts the attention of the world's press when word gets out that the screen goddess is dating a man almost fifteen years her senior.
A Wicked Woman (1934)

Stars: Mady Christians, Jean Parker, Charles Bickford

Helen Hayes reportedly turned down the opportunity to play the title role in this melodrama about self-sacrificing motherhood; the opportunity instead went to Viennese import Mady Christians. After killing her abusive husband (Paul Harvey) in self-defense, downtrodden Naomi Trice (Christians) dusts herself off and moves to another city with her four young children, vowing to pay for her crime when the youngsters are old enough to make their own way in life. Years later, Naomi is not only the proprietor of a successful dress designing business but is also courted by a kind newspaper editor, Pat Naylor (Charles Bickford). But when her oldest son Curtis (William Henry) is badly hurt in a fight with his sister's unsympathetic boyfriend (a very young Robert Taylor), Naomi vows to live up to her old promise if only he will pull through. The young man recovers and Naomi goes on trial for the murder of her husband but refuses to allow her children to give crucial testimony that may lead to an acquittal.
Tony Curtis

William Holden

Keir Dullea

Burt Lancaster

Margaret Field

John Payne

Carolyn Jones

Cary Grant

Yvonne DeCarlo

Diana Wynyard

Linda Darnell

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