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vol.8 2018.08 August
This month we will be introducing is Japan’s Tomita farm in Furano. In every July-August, you can see an endless field of lavenders. It’s almost as if we can feel the scent just by seeing the photo. You can taste a lavender colored ice cream so please visit once. You can also see flowers bloomed in a rainbow pattern along with lavenders and the surroundings include wine shops, cheese stores, so feel the village’s atmosphere while looking around.
In this August, you can see news on the Stickyleaf_cherry blossom products’ appearance in the show “Alleyway Restaurants”, Seoul University Society (UnivExpo) sponsor news, AIESEC speaker invitation speech sponsor news, VegaBooks sponsor news, Korean University Association MICE society S.O.M’s 15th MICE forum sponsor news, 37th, 38th, and 39th appree writers news, minglem illustrator's stickynotes launch news, Kotale, Bibu, Biya, Wanyi illustrator's stickynotes launch news. 

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01 Korea broadcasting news
In May 25, on Baek Jongwon’s Alleyway Restaurants which was aired on SBS, appree’s sticky leaf_cherryblossom showed up in the Chiyeolhan Bora Restaurant operated by Hwang Chiyeol and Nam Bora. The customers have written comments in the sticky leaf_cherryblossom placed in each table and stuck them beautifully on the windows. The restaurant became even brighter as cherry blossoms have bloomed beautifully in the pretty Bora and Chiyeol characters drawn on the windows. We can see that someone had great sense to attach cherry blossoms in the eyes of the puppy. 

Alleyway Restaurants is a project started to rejuvenate alleyway commercial districts and Baek Jongwon shares various knowhows of business throughout this show. Other than actual restaurants under operation, celebrities are directly operating the shops to participate in rejuvenating the districts. In the Chiyeolhan Bora Restaurant episode filmed in Haebangchon’s new market, you can see the celebrities greeting customers with drinks with unique names such as Borato, Chiyeoladia, Boaade. We hope that good projects like these continue so that they can help us feel the fun of finding out hidden good restaurants and grow together with our friends, and neighbors around us. 
02 Domestic support news
01. Last May 19~20, Appree has participated in the 2018 Univ Expo which opened in the Gwanghwamoon square. This event was proceeded with branches of AIESEC in Seoul University, Korea University, Catholic university, IGC, Dongdeok Women’s Unviersity gathering with a concept called ‘Solution Oriented’ to think WHY the problems have occurred and HOW this problem can be solved and lastly, WHAT as a young adult they should actually act out and ponder upon the easily bypassed problems of the past and write down the things that they can do now on Sticky leaf_birch and Sticky leaf_daisy to have a tree decoration event..

Univ Expo, as the biggest university life expo in Korea had around 80 booth with themes such as add education, add the world, add passion, add healing in 2018. You can also learn about various society activities through hearing explanations necessary to people in their 20s such as medical related information like washing hands education, job hunting related information etc. Univ Expo opens every May-June in the Gwanghwamoon square so those who could not participate this year, please participate next year and make good memories and receive good information. 

02. In June, Appree has participated in the AIESEC speaker invitation speech. AIESEC is the biggest student governed organization in the world where around 100,000 university students are active from over 2400 in 127 coutnries. This time, a ‘Invitational speech for Korean young university students’ has opened to realize the potentials and develop leadership of Korean students in Seogang University. This event was proceeded with themes such as travel, love, and self esteem and travel artist Yim Taek and Bae Jeongwon center head from Happy Sex Culture Center has participated. Anyone who is interested can participate so please check the next event schedules.

03. Vegabooks and appree, which will publish the new book of Masuda Muneaki to be launched in August have participated as well. Masuda Muneaki is well known to Korean readers as well through books such as ‘A place to design taste’, or ‘Tsutaya book store’. He is a successful business man who is gaining the most attention in Japan now but as his book truthfully portrays his life where he is worrying about success, failure, and decisions constantly so it is being loved by many right now. Vegabooks, as a company which trusts in the ‘Fresh strengths of words’ is publishing books with contents that may be helpful to our everyday lives such as ‘Easy and convenient baby food’. 

How about thinking about myself in the present with one book which you can read conveniently sitting in a café for a while? We ask you to look forward to Masuda Muneaki’s new book as well.

04. In July, Appree has participated in the 15th MICE forum of the Korean university association MICE society S.O.M. Students from 17 different universities are participating in the S.O.M. to open forums with various themes every year to have valuable time to meet hands-on workers along with related information to those who are interested in MICE. In this event, which has been proceeded with the title ‘Have a MICE Trip!’, we have proceeded with a Mentor and Mentee program together with hands-on workers and stories on MICE Media convention and Incentive Tour. This MICE event held by S.O.M. is being held very year so for those who have not participated this year, please do next year and make good memories and receive information.

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03 Cooperation project news
<Appree writers> In the , Appree goes beyond using the products and shares various experiences with users. The project of , which runs through the SNS Instagram, started as an activity for those who had a lot of interest in Appree products and gave generous support. And it was a collaborative work that was made up of original works of calligraphy writers and products of Appree.

01. In May, We could complete wonderful works with Sticky leaf_Rose. We introduce the winners of gold, silver, and copper prizes among 10 works.
[gold]_ @smimproject 
[silver]_ @alra1019                                            [bronze]_ @choeun_calli 

02. In June, We could complete wonderful works with Sticky leaf_Lotus. We introduce the winners of gold, silver, and copper prizes among 6 works.
[gold]_ @woonjung_calli 
[silver]_ @ellie_15                                             [bronze]_ @calli_maedoongmom 

03. In July, We could complete wonderful works with Sticky leaf_Scallop. We introduce the winners of gold, silver, and copper prizes among 10 works.
[gold]_ @j_handlight 
[silver]_  @anmi_6210                                      [bronze]_ @yunlight414 

04. In August, We are with Sticky leaf_ Pebble to imagining Cool valley. We look forward to your love and interest.

04 Domestic New store news
We run a map of shop information for you to check offline shop information more rapidly and precisely. Please press the below button for original appree's store information.
You can meet various products of appree in Olive Young Seoul University central store from July 2018. You can see appree products in the second floor living corner in the Seoul University Central store which is 3 floors high. You can meet newly launched exclusive living products and also see the brands that were only available in department stores such as Estee Lauder, or MAC so please visit.

Olive Young(Seoul University central store)
171, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul,

05 New service news
Appree has focused for a long time on providing customized and design-specialized new promotional services by paying attention to the expectations and effects of premium customized promotions, rather than simply printing ready-made promotional items. At last, we are finally able to introduce 'attree', a premium sticky note ODM turnkey service, to dissolve our own meticulous and quality design into our products.

01. On July, we have launched an On the Table series product with minglem illustrator. minglem is currently drawing various illustrations based on daily life and travels. The artist delivers warmth to people with illustrations which give the feeling that you are looking at a fairy tale, and sometimes draws our daily lives through pen drawings. This time we have Tree products On the Table, On the Desk, and In the Carrier. We look forward to your love and interest to minglem illustrator and appree . 

02. On July, we have launched an On the Table series product with  Kotale, Bibu, Biya, Wanyi illustrators. Artist Beaver has made a whale illustration with the meaning of not trying to care or worry about the instabilities of the mind by portraying the whale as an entity which depression which stays afloat in the scenery which I wish to see or my emotional landscape. We look forward to your love and interest to Kotale, Bibu Biya, Wanyi illustrators and appree .

06 Appree's 
Sponsorship news
Sticky leaf inspired by nature makes you recall the special memories of your childhood with nature. Now, Appree has a support program for sponsoring Sticky leaf products free of charge at events and exhibitions. Please email us about the concept of the event and exhibition and the reasons you want to be sponsored. We will melt your mind with warm memories you have almost forgotten. If you want to know more about appree's Sponsorship , Please press the below button. Thanks.

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