Subject: Business Leaders as the Key to address Climate Change: Kamalaya Conversation with Philippe Joubert

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Letter from John Stewart

Since dreaming Kamalaya Karina and I have always envisioned that our business should also be a forum for discussions of important topics for humanity. With this in mind, we have just recently introduced Kamalaya Conversations, informal gatherings on topics that look beyond the individual, topics of significance for our global community.

On 19th August we proudly welcomed global business leader and sustainability expert Philippe Joubert as our first guest speaker. Philippe, who has visited Kamalaya many times, talked about the fact that nature is no longer unlimited and free and why business plays a key role in tackling climate change. It was truly inspiring!

While we as individuals as well as governments must contribute to the solution, Philippe made it clear that business leaders are the crucial agents in driving a green economy. He shared insights how he helps board members and other business leaders to understand the true impact climate risks pose not only on a human level, but also on an economic level and how he supports them in developing a new business model acknowledging the fact that nature cannot be considered any longer as unlimited and free.

For anyone who wasn’t able to be part of the conversation here at Kamalaya last month, we have recorded a dialogue between Philippe and I which beautifully captures the heart of what was discussed during the public conversation: click here

One excellent source for news and updates on the matter is also Philippe’s twitter stream:

I hope you may feel inspired to become part of the conversation and this way part of the solution.

Good Health and Kindness

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