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November 2020
Inside This Issue:
Veterans Month Welcome
Veterans Month
Thank You to Those Who Serve Our Country
November is Veteran's Month, a time to honor those who are currently or have served our country.  

Abraham Lincoln said, "to care for those who have borne the battle and for their families and survivors." This is SMART Recovery's privilege.

In this special edition, SMART recognizes several individuals and shares information for recovery dedicated to veterans.  
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The "About Veterans" Video
Research shows that an alarming number of veterans returning from military deployment and combat suffer from addiction. The traumatic experiences encountered on the battlefield can overwhelm coping skills and cause mental health conditions.

Veterans who have begun to address their challenges are uniquely qualified to help other veterans. In partnership with Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals across the country, SMART meetings offer veterans the help they need in a safe and supportive environment.

Click here to learn more about the SMART Veterans programs
NEW SMART Recovery Online Meeting
Veterans & First Responders SROL Meeting
SMART Recovery is happy to announce the newest SMART Recovery Online (SROL) weekly meeting for Veterans and First Responders started Tuesday, November 10 at 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. (EST).

To find the meeting, go to 
Veterans Share Their Stores
Nick Goodwin's Podcast and Spotlight Video
Nick Goodwin is a SMART Recovery facilitator and co-facilitator of the new Veterans and First Responders meeting. He is a former Infantry Officer, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. He proudly served his country, but his reintegration into civilian life had its challenges. Watch and listen as Nick explains how his local VA hospital helped him overcome his alcohol use disorder by introducing him to SMART Recovery.

You can find this video on:
Mike Hooper's Podcast and Spotlight Video
Mike Hooper is SMART Recovery's State Outreach Director for Ohio and co-facilitator of the new Veterans and First Responders meeting.  He is a former Army Specialist in the 2nd/113th 42nd Infantry Division.  While serving, he was secretly battling a substance use disorder. Upon his discharge, he sought help from the VA office. There he found SMART Recovery. Listen and watch as Mike talks about overcoming challenges and choosing his path to recovery.  
You can find this video on:
The "Been There, Done That" Connection Podcast
Les Waite is a veteran and clinical psychologist at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, New York. His struggles with addiction led him to SMART Recovery. Now, he uses the SMART tools daily in his practice for veterans.

In this podcast, Les talks about:
  • Serving in the military during the first Gulf War
  • Why the VA hospitals’ programs dovetail beautifully with SMART’s teachings
  • His “been there, done that” connection with patients
  • Reconnecting veterans to their own values using the hierarchy of values tool
  • His post-COVID goals of launching more SMART meetings for veterans and in his community
  • And much more
Additional Tools and Resources
The Veterans "Muscle Memory" Tools
Through my journey with SMART Recovery, I have seen certain tools hold immediate weight with the participants of the Veteran and First Responder communities frequenting my meetings. One of the defining reasons why these particular tools ring true to so many of them right away, I believe, is the fact that these tools have the ability to be used in a practical manner almost immediately.

The tools I am including have been proven to not only be useful in a number of different life scenarios (not just addiction related) but can also be used with little to no experience in recovery. Veterans and First Responders adhere quickly to this type of methodology due to our training being similar in many regards. They are expected to comprehend many different training aspects with minimal instruction as these techniques are meant to be used in strenuous situations where cognitive thinking may be impaired. As a result, participants are forced to rely on instinctual reaction or “muscle memory”, so to speak. The following tools can be regarded as the “muscle memory” tools of SMART Recovery as they are easily learned and can be utilized and practiced almost immediately upon assimilation.

Continue reading as Mike Hooper, a veteran and SMART Recovery State Outreach Director for Ohio, shares the tools most helpful for Veterans and First Responders.
Updated Veterans Webpage
The Veterans webpage has been updated with new resources available, including a downloadable PDF about SMART Recovery for Veterans. 
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