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Newsletter 11/2020

The CBFP Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Honorable Dr Christian Ruck, paid a working visit to the DRC from 07 to 14 October 2020 and to Cameroon from 15 to 22 October 2020.

From 19 to 22 October 2020 - Yaoundé - The Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Honorable Dr Christian Ruck is visiting Cameroon as part of his first sub-regional tour.

The meeting of the West Bloc Coordination Platform will hold on 26 January 2021. Such was the conclusion of the meeting of partners and countries of the West Bloc Coordination Platform for monitoring the implementation of the N’Djaména Declaration.

22 October 2020, Yaoundé: The CBFP Facilitation team headed by the CBFP Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Honourable Dr Christian Ruck visited the COMIFAC executive secretariat in Yaoundé, for a discussion and work meeting.

Tuesday, 20 October 2020: The CBFP Facilitator of the Republic of Germany, the Honorable Dr Christian RUCK and the Permanent Secretary of OCFSA, Dr Ibrahim LINJOUOM, met for a working session at the offices of the German Regional Cooperation in Cameroon.

Monday, 19 October 2020, Hotel La Falaise, Yaoundé - the CBFP Facilitation team led by the Honorable Dr. Christian RUCK, the CBFP Facilitator of the Federal Republic of Germany held discussions with civil society.

A roadmap to develop national energy policy and clean cooking marks the launch of a key reform for the partnership between CAFI and the DRC. The people of the DRC heavily rely on wood energy as cooking energy.

The Congo Basin Climate Commission (CBCC) is launching a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) for the selection of a Development Bank in charge of opening and managing a "Blue Fund for the Congo Basin" financing line.

Yaoundé, Cameroon, 29 October 2020 - In order to encourage informed decision-making for sustainable forest management, conservation and responsible use of biodiversity in Central Africa, the Observatory of Central African Forests (OFAC), a technical unit of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC), has set up a new analysis platform with key indicators of regional, national and local policy trends and their impacts on forest ecosystems.

All ATIBT members, regardless of their status, are reminded that they can become partners of the brand simply as members of the Association.Created in November 2017 at the initiative of the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT), and with the support of AFD and KfW, Fair&Precious is a collective and collaborative brand.

GENEVA, 7 October 2020 – Revising the operating procedures of the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) is an endeavour that started earlier this year and has just received valuable recommendations from a new report by Transparency International (TI). Acknowledging the work achieved on transparency and integrity while identifying areas for improvement, the report released today by TI provides useful input into the process.

Within the framework of the realization of its projects, the ATIBT and its partners present you a directory guide to accompany the forest companies in the assembly of plantation project.

The UNCCD Executive Secretary Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw held a virtual meeting with the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Nicaragua Ms. Sumaya  Castillo, the Executive Secretary of the Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD) Mr. Salvador Nieto, and the special envoy for LAC, Mr. Edgar Gutierrez, to discuss a future cooperation cooperation agreement and review land restoration activities in the region.

Gabon is pursuing a low-carbon development strategy that optimizes economic goals while preserving forests and their ecosystems. The country has therefore committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within 2025 through sustainable land-use. Tackling forest degradation, often a result of illegal logging, is essential to reducing Gabon's carbon emissions, as such degradation accounts for 50-80% of the country's total emissions.

The Evolving War on Illegal Wildlife Trade - IISD

IHC Interholco - Diverse, interdependent, together: an ALLIANCE to safeguard the future of Africa's forests
Final Reports: United Nations Biodiversity Summit

To read: Regulation on the social contract clause agreement forest concession in DRC; New partners for the brand Fair&Precious; Interholco, member of ATIBT publishes sustainability report….

This white paper aims to provide Northern and Southern Development partners and decision- makers with a better understanding of: a) why spillover of disease from wildlife to humans occurs, and why these zoonotic disease outbreaks can spread and become epidemics and pandemics such as COVID-19; b) what they can do to prevent, detect and respond to future spillover events, with a special focus on priority interventions at the human–wildlife–livestock interfaces.

Within the framework of the FLEGT-Certification program of ATIBT, the UFIGA requested and directed the realization of a review of the situation of the VPA FLEGT process in Gabon in order to contribute to an effective resumption of negotiations of the VPA FLEGT process.

The session will interactively present the different tools available for policymakers, researchers, NGOs, donors, private sector and students working in the region to obtain information related to biodiversity and forest management.

This policy brief provides decision-makers with a set of actionable recommendations1 that can be implemented to prevent future epidemics caused by the spillover of diseases from wildlife and wild meat.

Finding the Right Policy Mix to Safeguard our Climate - blogs.imf
World Bank Annual report 2020: Supporting countries in unprecedented times
How to Make Climate Risk Insurance Better Meet the Needs of the Vulnerable? – IISD
ATIBT takes a new stand against the illegal timber trade

We planted about 8,000 trees within a 20ha area in an effort to restore degraded forest within the agricultural zone in DSPA. Funding for this restoration project was provided by the Peter and Luise Hager Foundation (Peter und Luise Hager- Stiftung) through WWF Germany. We also maintained previously planted trees.

Bonn, Germany/Laxenburg Austria – UNCCD and the International institute of applied systems analysis (IIASA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 30 September 2020 to promote the application of integrated system analyses in support of science, technology and UNCCD implementation. This MoU builds on shared priorities and strategic vision of both institutions to advance transformational changes that help achieve sustainable development goals, in particularly SDG15.3 on Land degradation Neutrality.

A High-level Roundtable on Climate Action, convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, showcased high-impact climate solutions and targets by governments, the finance sector, and civil society.

Around 40 kilometers south-west of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, native and exotic trees stand side by side on 8 hectares of the Suba Forest. Surrounded by tall junipers and idyllic mountains, this group of seed orchards is just one of many that serve as incubators for the country’s impressive landscape restoration efforts.

From action on climate, biodiversity, health, gender equality and more, world leaders, academics, young activists and others turned their attention to the United Nations in September with the need to work together for a sustainable future a common refrain.
Leaders Stress Importance of Transparency and Trust in Pandemic Recovery Efforts – IISD
Brief Explores the Role of the Governance in Protecting Global Biodiversity –IISD
National workshop on certification and traceability in the DRC in Kinshasa. – ATIBT
Global Center on Adaptation Sets Up Regional Home in Africa– IISD

5 October 2020, Rome – FAO has launched a new publication highlighting the major achievements of the FAO Forestry Programme in helping improve lives and livelihoods while making forestry more productive and sustainable.

The first UN Biodiversity Summit highlighted the urgency of action at the highest levels in support of a post-2020 global biodiversity framework that contributes to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and places the global community on a path towards “living in harmony with nature” – the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity.

The choice is simple: accept devastating wildfires, extreme weather, species loss, and disease outbreaks or secure a sustainable future at a fraction of the cost.

The aim of new guidelines published by ITTO on 5 October 2020 is to help stakeholders—from policymakers to foresters and farmers—in restoring degraded landscapes, thereby providing vital goods and ecosystem services and creating sustainable rural livelihoods and employment.

5 October 2020, Rome - Transformational change is needed in the way we manage our forests and their biodiversity, produce and consume our foods and interact with nature, if we want to build back better after the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This was the key message of a speech delivered today by FAO Director-General QU Dongyu at the 25th session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO).

Our forest elephant dung-based distance-sampling survey of the 5,260 km2 World Heritage Dja Faunal Reserve (DFR) in Cameroon systematically covered 298.2 km of line transects with a further 1,681.4 km covered as recces. The population estimates of 0.042 individuals/km2 (CV: 19.4%; 95% CI: 0.029–0.061) and 219 individuals (95% CI: 150–319) confirmed a significant decline over recent years.

...A possible pathway to overcome this barrier involves eliciting mental models behind policy decisions to allow better representation of human agency, changing perspectives to better understand divergent points of view, and refining strategies through explicit theories of change. Games can help decision makers in all of these tasks.

Read: FLEGT-IP and FLEGT-REDD Project Workshop SPIB - ATIBT "Traceability and Forest Certification of Wood"; ATIBT welcomes its new member Francisco Mourao; FSC Publishes The Revised National Forest Stewardship Standard of Cameroon.

To read: Calling all employees of UN Global Compact companies; UN steps up for seafarers as global supply chain slows; Thailand plans 998 sustainability projects by 2030...

Guterres and other speakers at the Summit, held in a socially distanced UN Headquarters with Heads of State and Government and Ministers joining virtually, expressed concern that none of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets will be met by the 2020 deadline.

“When different players – be they an individual, organization, business or government – take action bound by a common cause, we are all energized, and our vision is brought that much closer to reality.”

This book addresses this gap and also highlights how there are significant, demonstrable differences in masculinities from forest to forest.

France, Germany and UK among more than 60 countries promising to put wildlife and climate at heart of post-Covid recovery plans. World leaders have pledged to clamp down on pollution, embrace sustainable economic systems and eliminate the dumping of plastic waste in oceans by the middle of the century as part of “meaningful action” to halt the destruction of nature on Earth.

Drones, dogs, ‘cocoons’ – it’s a new age for tree planting – globallandscapesforum
Global Landscapes Forum calls for Landscape Heroes nominees
Men in forests: New book shatters stereotypes – forestsnews
'Nature needs to be an integral part of all decision making' – thegef

In the lead-up to 2020, the year was being hailed as the “super year for nature” by the global science community. At last, biodiversity would be pushed to the top of policy agendas by a relay of major summits, conventions and new initiatives focused on the saving the planet’s declining variety of life.

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Special Virtual Sessions convened on Wednesday, 16 September, from 7:00-9:00 am EDT (UTC-4:00). These virtual sessions of the CBD’s Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) and Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI) provide the opportunity for the presentation of information and for statements by parties and observers.

" Welcome to our sixth report. These are challenging times. Many people are more or less forced to work from home and most meetings are online. We do our best to ensure that the current projects continue as much as possible..."

Despite the tremendous strains and related fallout from the global pandemic, private sector investors particularly those in advanced economies have ramped up their commitments this year to help contain and adapt to the effects of climate change.

The head of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) on Thursday called for a global Green New Deal in which redirected financial flows usher in an age of sustainable, post-pandemic growth that takes the heat out of dangerous planetary warming.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has achieved a milestone in its mission to progress climate action in developing countries with pledges to GCF’s first replenishment now reaching over USD 10 billion.

A high-profile group of heads of states, government ministers and UN representatives called today for global solidarity to scale up action to address the devastating impacts of climate change in developing countries amid the COVID-19 crisis.

NDC PARTNERSHIP and Page: collaborating for a green recovery – NDC PARTNERSHIP
New Guide Shows Climate Actions Are Benefiting States and Regions and Provides Blueprint for Governments to Replicate – PRWEB
Connecting Africa's environmental leaders for a greener future – THEGEF
Leaders' Pledge for Nature: World leaders commit to reversing nature loss by 2030 – THEGEF

Intensive training for young scientists demonstrates key angle of capacity development and value of investments for longer term returns. For a group of students in the Democratic Republic of Congo, university learning took on a whole new dimension when they were selected to participate in an innovative capacity development program involving the University of Kisangani (UNIKIS), Forests and Climate Change in the Congo (FCCC) and supported by scientists from CIFOR, ICRAF, CIRAD...

In contrast to other regions of the world, Africa could soon become the continent of deforestation, with DRC losing more than 1 million ha of tree cover per year. In Central Africa, small-scale agriculture is the main driver of deforestation.

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Job offers

AWF seeks to hire a Country Manager who will be responsible for providing overall leadership, strategic focus, management and accountability for AWF's programs in Cameroon. He/she will be expected to maintain strong lines of communication with several other senior management positions, particularly on program, policy, strategy, fundraising, impact and species protection programmes.

The World Wide Fund (WWF) seeks to recruit an Environmental and Social Safeguarding Coordinator who will assist in championing the development and implementation process of Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS) guidelines, framework, projects and programme as well as promote Social Policies across all programmes. In addition, he/she will support other staff regarding social screening of programmes and capacity building of WWF Kenya staff and partners.  Closing date: 18th November 2020.

WRI Africa is seeking a highly motivated, experienced, and visionary Agricultural Sustainability Expert. In this position, he/she will execute a project that aims at a broader, systemic shift toward the more widespread adoption of sustainable and regenerative agricultural technologies and practices that balance the economic, environmental, and social aspects of farming and create a resilient farming system in Ethiopia.

WCS is seeking a Regional Forests and Climate Change Lead to provide technical and program development support in the implementation of WCS's climate change and forest protection strategy in the Congo Basin. Application Deadline: 30 November 2020.

"For our DRC office, we are looking for a dynamic and committed Program Coordinator, Human Rights who will contribute to the growth of our program (financed by the German Ministry for Development Cooperation, BMZ) in Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa" . Deadline for applications: 21 November 2020.


Under the supervision of the Regional Biomonitoring Coordinator, and in close collaboration with the Congo Basin Biomonitoring Officer, the national teams and field projects, the Congo Basin Biomonitoring Intern will mainly focus on SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) approach data compilation and reporting at regional level. Deadline for applications: 20th November 2020.

This position provides support to the management of the Central Africa project portfolio to ensure that project implementing teams operate effectively, on time and according to donor requirements. The Assistant Officer - Administrative and Project Support will work closely with Project Managers, Finance, the Global Project Support Unit in Cambridge, and wider project implementation teams. He/She is a key internal contact point for implementation and reporting issues. Closing date: 22 November 2020.


The Congo Basin Climate Commission (CBCC) is launching a Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) for the selection of a Development Bank in charge of opening and managing a "Blue Fund for the Congo Basin" financing line. Complete Expression of Interest files should be sent later than January 04, 2021 at 3 p.m., Brazzaville time.

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