Subject: News & Views - January 2020

New Video: Unconditional Self Acceptance (USA), and much more.
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January 2020
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Unconditional Self Acceptance (USA)
This week we released a new Tips & Tools for Recovery that Works video on the topic of Unconditional Self Acceptance (USA)

USA is an important exercise because, as anyone in recovery knows, addiction to any substance or behavior generates a host of emotions, many of them quite negative, that can undermine your feelings of self-worth. 

When your self-worth takes a hit, remember one of the core values of SMART Recovery: YOU ARE NOT YOUR BEHAVIOR.

11 Tips and Ways to Deal with Urges and Cravings to Drink
(These can be helpful in dealing with urges to use other drugs, too)
While there is no magic bullet to stop urges to drink or cravings for alcohol, there are ways to manage and reduce urges or cravings to drink.

In this article, our friends at CheckUp & Choices provide 11 empirically validated ways to help you manage urges and cravings


Looking for a way to track your urges and cravings? Be sure to check out the CheckUp & Choices online app. The program provides an urge tracker, which is a great way to monitor and manage your urges as they come and go. And, you’ll be able to see your progress in dealing with them as they lessen over time.

Grieving a Living Loved One 
Helpful Info for Family & Friends of Someone with Addiction
Someone dies. Life ends. Death is final. Grief begins. Bereavement is often a long, slow, and, of course, sad process.

But what about grieving someone who is still alive? Someone whose life is ruled by addictive behavior, leaving their loved ones helpless? This kind of grief may be easily recognized by people who find their lives dominated by the addictive behaviors of people they love.

Explore the grief a concerned significant other may feel for a loved one with an addiction in this article, provided by Ellen Kolton, MPH, a SMART Family & Friends meeting facilitator. 

Interested in Becoming a 
SMART Recovery Meeting Facilitator?
Download this helpful e-book to learn more! 
Are you interested in becoming a SMART Recovery facilitator? 

Being a SMART facilitator is an important and rewarding volunteer position. By becoming a facilitator, you support:
  • Providing free face-to-face and online mutual-support meetings 
  • Providing forums for learning about and discussing addictive behaviors 
  • Advocating for choice in help for recovery from addictive behaviors
To help you decide whether the SMART approach would be a good fit for your volunteer efforts, we encourage you to download the first chapter of our Facilitator’s manual: Becoming a SMART Facilitator.

Meeting Facilitator Spotlight
Dan Hostetler of Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center
Dan Hostetler, Executive Director of Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center in Chicago, IL, reflects on his experiences as a SMART Recovery meeting Facilitator. Dan invites you to join our ever-growing and worldwide team of volunteers to help people learn to help themselves.

You'll not only be helping others Discover the Power of Choice, you'll also experience the rewarding and enduring satisfaction that comes with being of service to others as a SMART Recovery volunteer!

If you are a meeting Facilitator and would like to be featured in our next Facilitator Spotlight Video, please email us at

Our 2019 Reflection on SMART Recovery
A Year of Development, Evolution, and Growth
During our 2019 Silver Anniversary year, we completed our greatest decade of growth and an outstanding year. Leading SMART all the way are our thousands of volunteers who save and renew lives at meetings around the world.

Click here to view a short 2-minute video that shows some of the highlights from 2019. 

Or, click here to read a more detailed summary from Board President Bill Greer and Executive Director Mark Ruth, covering just some of the outstanding activities and events that either took place in 2019 or are underway in 2020. 

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