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This is Peter Nolan again from Instant Business Intelligence!

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I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas period!

And I wish you a happy new year!

I wish you health, happiness and prosperity, in that order!

Now we enter a new decade, the new "Roaring 20s".

We shall see what the future brings us this decade!

Moving Along To Business

I will be a little more active in sending out emails to you this year.

This is because interest in SeETL is picking up.

Since I made SeETL available for free with the source code a number of consulting companies have decided to use it in their consulting businesses.

The number one reason being it reduces their costs.

With SeETL you can reduce your cost of developing and running ETL systems by up to 50% over the two leading products, DataStage and Informatica. 

Over the years I was selling SeETL as a licensed product the #1 objection raised was:

"What you are saying you can do is not possible, I think you faked the demonstration."

The second most popular objection was:

"We are not going to run our ETL system, which is very important to us, using the software developed by just one man and installed in just a few accounts."

Both these objections are no longer valid.

The source code is public so the functionality is public. 

In terms of support? 

Now that we have SQL Support for Multi-Level Fact Tables the vast majority of the ETL system is ansi-SQL.

For multi-level dimension tables we still recommend the use of the old C++ code. It is rock solid and there are simply no bugs left in it.

SeETL has it's own scheduler which has proven itself day in day out for nearly 17 years. I wrote it in 2003.

So the concern that SeETL is software written by just one man and "where can I get support for that?"

The source code is C++ for the run time and VB.Net for the design time.

You can find people to support that code very easily if you do not wish to get your support from me or my business partners.

In the end?

The final word is that if you are still using DataStage and Informatica as your ETL software?

You are paying too much.

Sure, it might be your "company standard" in very large companies and as an ex-IBMer I understand "company standards".

But ETL systems cost a lot of money to develop and support, especially in DataStage and Informatica.

If you stick with these products over the next decade you will pay a LOT more money than you would have paid if you moved to SeETL. 

Just To Demonstrate What I Mean

I was pretty busy in the October-November period when we designed and built a new data warehouse for a company that uses a popular ERP. The ERP has thousands of installations world wide.

In just 6 weeks elapsed time we were able to build the staging area with more than 650 tables and 14,000 fields AND the data warehouse with nearly 150 tables and 2,500 fields mapped from the staging area in to the data warehouse. 

This six weeks included the time it took to figure out how the ERP worked because it was a "black box" to our customer.

We did all this with SeETL rebranded for the consulting company.

Now our consulting company customer has a finished product.

This is a BI Solution for an ERP with more than 3,000 installations.

All done in less than 3 months, start to finish. Amazing really.

We leveraged our BI4ALL Data Models as part of the project.

I have worked in BI long enough to know that being able to map 650+ tables with more than 14,000 fields from an ERP to a staging area and then forward the most important 2,500 fields to the data warehouse in just SIX elapsed weeks is amazing.

Only SeETL in skilled hands can do that.

If the ETL software was DataStage or Informatica that six weeks would have been MUCH longer.

But don't take my word for it. 

All the source code for SeETL is on the link below and you can evaluate it for your self. Ok?

As I said at the top.

I will be more active in emailing you this year because there will be more to talk about and more information to share with you as we have more interest in SeETL and BI4ALL. 

Once again...Happy New Year!

One last point. Since I am no longer welcome on linkedin?

Please share this post with all your colleagues who build data warehouses for a living. They will want to know!

Thanks for reading! 

I wish you a great day!

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PS. You can download our open source and free #SeETL Software from here. This is the software I wrote to be able to deliver data warehouses faster, cheaper, better than anyone else. 

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